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    This is a great piece of espionage fiction It was sexy and fast paced The dialogue was fierce and tangible A spy thriller romance set against the backdrop of history made for a great read It is as described In 1962, Aaron seeks to justify his Uncle Max s last wish in hunting down a Nazi, Otto Schramm, who never payed for his war crimes Otto served as a medical doctor for the Nazis, performing tortuous medical experiments on children and sending others to the gas chambers Aaron flies to Buenos Aires from Hamburg to find Otto who has been using a different identity But, after meeting Otto s daughter, Aaron is unsure if he can fulfill his quest Thematic elements War crimes is obviously a major topic, considering the subject and setting Aaron internally struggles to rectify capturing Otto How is justice served to the dead when their lives cannot be replaced How do you properly punish someone responsible for the deaths of innocent victims Does it matter how they died, once gone Can a death serve a purpose, or can it be useful Is there such thing as a useful death My technical notes The first 17% is mainly dialogue where Max is trying to convince Aaron to find the ex Nazi, Otto, and bring justice to the Jews that Otto harmed or killed by bringing Otto back to Germany for trial Aaron s actual espionage quest in action does not begin until 25% when he arrives in Buenos Aires Most of the book is energetic dialogue between the characters, the characters in spy action, or sexy time The first 15 20% it took me while to adjust to the pacing of the names of characters, because their interaction moves so quickly Otto Schramm, the Nazi criminal Aaron is chasing, is fictitious I really enjoyed the dynamic characters and the complexity of their relationships I didn t plan on reading this so quickly, but the relationships and plot were a driving force, so I finished it sooner than anticipated Thank you to NetGalley and Atria for a copy Opinions are my own More on this Joseph Kanon is the author of The Good German which was made into a movie starring George Clooney and Cate Blanchett If you are interested in reading about Nazi doctors, I highly recommend Doctors from Hell The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans It is not very long, has pictures, and is written by a journalist, so it is not a very tedious nonfiction read Doctor s From Hell review

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    Joseph Kanon s The Accomplice stirs up a hell of a historical hornet s nest It begins with a conversation between a Nazi hunting uncle and his CIA nephew The uncle, a survivor, believes that he is close to the end of his life The man he s been hunting ever since the end of the war, Otto Schramm, is believed to be dead but Max Weill is not so sure Aaron, the nephew, is reluctant to take on his uncle s mission After all, in 1962, the Nuremberg Trials are long over Some convicted Nazis have already completed their sentences In spite of Max s tenacity, its a random siting of Schramm in Hamburg of all places that breaks through Aaron s resistance Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, for review consideration.

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    I received a free publisher s advance reviewing copy.If you re interested in this book, you probably know the story of Josef Mengele, the infamous doctor who sorted new arrivals at Auschwitz and subjected many to horrific tortures Mengele escaped to South America and was never captured, eventually dying in a swimming accident Unsatisfying, right What Kanon seems to be doing here is using the fictional Otto Schramm as a Mengele stand in, but this time his death is a fake and our protagonist, Aaron Wiley born Weill , is going to track him down and bring him to some sort of justice.Aaron works for the CIA, but he s a junior agent He goes after Schramm unofficially, as an obligation to his Uncle Max, who was forced to work for Schramm at Auschwitz, where Max s young son was gassed The action of the book takes place in Buenos Aires, where Aaron tracks down Schramm and some of his Nazi friends Aaron also becomes involved with Hanna, Schramm s daughter, at first as a way of getting to Schramm, but maybe there is something there.This book reminded me a little bit of Marathon Man, the 1976 movie adapted by William Goldman from his best selling book It s a similar setup, with a young Jewish man up against a despicable and ruthless war criminal And, like Marathon Man, this is an excellent, atmospheric thriller I always have high hopes for a Joseph Kanon novel, and he delivers here.

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    As we used to say back home about a tobacco crop, Joseph Kanon s The Accomplice is fair to middlin That is, it s good Just not that good I keep waiting for him to drop another The Good German This one is about Nazi hunting in 1962, that is post Eichmann, post Hannah Arendt The plot is fairly simple on the surface, but Kanon has enough joy and juice to make it than interesting From Germany to South America, from the CIA to the Mossad and with a love story that teeters on passion, the novel engages and wraps us up in a comfy what s next Along the way we have some astute comments upon human nature such as The Jews who built that thought they were German But the Germans didn t think so The work just needed a bit soul.

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    Every time I review a book by Joseph Kanon I say the same thing he s done it again That is not to say the story is the same, but THE ACCOMPLICE is Kanon s usual historical fiction thriller with characters in situations I m sure they can t get out of but always do Presentation is always smart dialog, no long paragraphs describing scenery as in so many other novels This book is, as Kanon s books always are, excellent.Aaron Wiley feels obligated to find Otto Schramn, a doctor who performed medical experiments on Jews during World War II It is now the 1960s, and Aaron s uncle Max Weill, who has been tracking and turning in Nazis since his imprisonment at Auschwitz, has spotted Schramm in Germany but dies soon after.So Aaron deduces that Schramm has left for Buenos Aires and follows him there With assistance from a German newspaper reporter, an Israeli agent, a CIA station chief, and even Schramm s daughter, Aaron hunts for Schramm, a monster turned crazy man.

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    Well Worth Reading Joseph Kanon has a proven track record for writing finely paced Cold War espionage thrillers with a flair for atmospheric detail, intriguing characters and suspenseful plotting, and his latest book, The Accomplice, definitely adds to his success As stated in the book s description, The Accomplice s plot involves a Nazi war criminal who was supposed to be dead, the rogue CIA agent on his trail and the beautiful woman connected to them both Without having to resort to a book s hero being involved in non stop fights, shootings, and car chases, Kanon has crafted another intelligent thriller that relies on emotional precision and a mastery of tone to compel the reader to turn the pages at a brisk pace in order to try to figure out whom is deceiving whom and what happens next.I highly recommend The Accomplice to fans of intelligent espionage spy suspense novels that are reminiscent of books by other current and former masters of this genre, such as John LeCarre, Len Deighton, Graham Greene, Alan Furst and Olen Steinhauer The Accomplice Net Galley

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    When Max, an Auschwitz survivor turned Nazi hunter, sees one of his former tormentors, he enlists his nephew Aaron to catch him Otto Schramm, doctor and contemporary of Mengele, sent Max s son to the gas chambers and used Max to experiment on Jewish children But there s one problem the world thinks Otto died two years earlier in a car accident.To prove Otto is still alive, Aaron goes to Buenos Aires to trail Otto s alluring daughter Hannah Of course things get complicated between them, and when the CIA and Mossad get involved, it s a race to find Otto and extradite him to stand trial With Eichmann s recent arrest still on their minds, the German expats of Buenos Aires are justifiably nervous This is my first encounter with veteran author Kanon, and I appreciated his style of writing and his characters He s really good at writing conversational dialogue, which matters here where so much of the story is the characters exchanging ideas I especially liked how Aaron had to constantly think on is feet and improvise depending on who has the best lead on Otto or determining how to get him out of Argentina once he s accosted I respected Hannah s complexity how she dealt with her father s guilt The underlying theme of serving justice was a bit heavy handed, but it was relevant This novel was intriguing, sexy, fast paced, and thought provoking I received a copy of this book via the Vine program

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    There are a handful of great spy writers John Le Carr for one, and Joseph Kanon is another It s the era of the Cold War when everyone relied on spies to ferret out the bad guys and this often involved digging up the whereabouts of Nazi criminals Max Weill will never forget Dr Otto Schramm who, like Mengele, carried out terrible experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz, was responsible for the deaths of his family, and escaped to South America after the war Dying himself, he passes the baton of the search for the Nazi on to Aaron Wiley of the CIA This is a taut, nerve wracking story of a hunt for justice If you like intelligent tension, you ll love this latest book from a consummate writer of spy thrillers.I met this book at Auntie s Bookstore in Spokane, WA

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    Sharp dialogue and well developed characters make for a briskly paced read Kanin is in fine form and delivers a compelling story His stellar reputation in the spy thriller genre continues to be well deserved, Aaron, a desk analyst for The Company takes on his dying uncle s wish to bring a Nazi war criminal hiding in Argentina to justice, Jumping from Hamburg to Buenos Aires in the army 1960s, Kanon successfully recreates the time and places his characters inhabit Credible, moving and a delight to read,

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    I won this ARC from a Goodreads giveaway Thank you to Goodreads and Atria Books for the opportunity This book seemed like a wonderful premise but it just didn t deliver for me I found it al a bit boring and the main character annoyed me He was so wishy washy It definitely wasn t the worst, but I don t think I d read it again.

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The Accomplice Gripping And Authentic Kanon S Imagination Flourishes And The Narrative Propulsion Is Clear A Thoroughly Satisfying Piece Of Entertainment That Extends A Tentacle Into Some Serious Moral Reflection The New York Times Book Review The Master Of The Genre The Washington Post Joseph Kanon Returns With A Heart Pounding And Intelligent Espionage Novel About A Nazi War Criminal Who Was Supposed To Be Dead, The Rogue CIA Agent On His Trail, And The Beautiful Woman Connected To Them BothSeventeen Years After The Fall Of The Third Reich, Max Weill Has Never Forgotten The Atrocities He Saw As A Prisoner At Auschwitz Nor The Face Of Dr Otto Schramm, A Camp Doctor Who Worked With Mengele On Appalling Experiments And Who Sent Max S Family To The Gas Chambers As The War Came To A Close, Schramm Was One Of The Many High Ranking Former Nazi Officers Who Managed To Escape Germany For New Lives In South America, Where Leaders Like Argentina S Juan Per N Gave Them Safe Harbor And New Identities With His Life Nearing Its End, Max Asks His Nephew Aaron Wiley An American CIA Desk Analyst To Complete The Task Max Never Could To Track Down Otto In Argentina, Capture Him, And Bring Him Back To Germany To Stand Trial Unable To Deny Max, Aaron Travels To Buenos Aires And Discovers A City Where Nazis Thrive In Plain Sight, Mingling With Argentine High Society He Ingratiates Himself With Otto S Alluring But Wounded Daughter, Whom He S Convinced Is Hiding Her Father Enlisting The Help Of A German Newspaper Reporter, An Israeli Agent, And The Obliging CIA Station Chief In Buenos Aires, He Hunts For Otto A Complicated Monster, Unexpectedly Human But Still Capable Of Murder If Cornered Unable To Distinguish Allies From Enemies, Aaron Will Ultimately Have To Discover Not Only Otto, But The Boundaries Of His Own Personal Morality, How Far He Is Prepared To Go To Render Justice With His Remarkable Emotional Precision And Mastery Of Tone Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review , Joseph Kanon Crafts Another Compelling And Unputdownable Thriller That Will Keep You Breathlessly Turning The Pages