Others Unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City

Others Unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy [Reading] ➬ Others Unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy ➳ Stephen Jones – Thomashillier.co.uk In Others Unknown Stephen Jones Timothy McVeigh's lawyer in his trial for the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Office Building in Oklahoma City provides the fullest possible account of the worst act of terr In Others Unknown Stephen Jones Timothy McVeigh's Timothy McVeigh Epub Ú lawyer in his trial for Others Unknown: ePUB ½ the bombing of the Murrah Office Building in Oklahoma City provides the Unknown: Timothy McVeigh Kindle Ò fullest possible account of the worst act of terrorism in American history In Unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the PDF \ a complete revision of his hardcover Jones tells for the first time the whole story of his investigation of the case including what he was told by McVeigh and what he learned about others involved in the conspiracy His account differs significantly from the tale McVeigh is telling as he faces execution for his crimes In interviews with Buffalo News journalists reported in their recently released book American TerroristReganbooks April McVeigh claims total responsibility for the bombing saying It was my choice and my control to hit that building when it was full In Others Unknown Jones sets the record straight saying what he could not say when he first wrote this book before McVeigh effectively waived attorney client privilege that based on what he learned as McVeigh's counsel Jones knows that the bombing was a conspiracy and that McVeigh was not its mastermind I'm not trying to say he was innocent He has exaggerated his guilt to protect others He played a role but he was a foot soldier a mule not the general says Jones I know it did not happen the way he tells it in his book Jones reports in detail what McVeigh told him as the case progressed; explains why McVeigh did not plead guilty; and shows McVeigh's real role in the conspiracy and how he obstructed his Unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the PDF \ own defense This is the definitive historical record of a heinous act of murderous rage; an account indispensable to understanding what happened And says PublicAffairs CEO and publisher Peter Osnos We think it's important that Tim McVeigh not be given the final word.

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  1. Stephen Stephen says:

    A long time ago I read the first edition of this book I have spent several years trying to get my hands on this updated newer edition I wanted the opportunity to read the additional information resulting from the waiver of attorneyclient privilegeWhy did this book matter to me and why read it over 20 years after the event? I grew up in Oklahoma I took my Civil Service exam to become a Federal employee in the Murrah Building in 1994 The author Stephen Jones was from my hometown Enid OK and was my mentor for Constitutional debate in 1988 1990 I read now with the knowledge that this is no longer the worst act of terrorism in US history However when it happened it was like no other tragedy before it I understood the need to find a person to punish Unfortunately I feel that we let worse people get away in an effort to mete out our vengeance on Tim McVeighDo I feel that Tim McVeigh was guilty? Yes I believe he was among a large group who planned and executed the terrorist attack on OKC I also believe that he was not given a truly fair trial due to DOJ insistence on making him seem to be a lone wolf killer with only a loose set of accomplicesBased on the information uncovered during the investigation and trial it is apparent that our Department of Justice has secrets and hidden agendas that made it impossible for anyone to really know what happened in the planning and execution of the OKC bombing It is also apparent that the DOJ is ok with obstructing the legal rights of the accused if it fits the goals of their secret agendaThat poses a problem for any citizen who believes in our Constitution and the concepts of freedom and liberty I am not usually one to get in any sort of uproar about what the government does This book helped to open my eyes to some despicable practices No wonder Americans are flocking to revolutionary figures like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders No wonder third party candidates are a real draw in 2016the things the government did wrong in the OKC bombing case have continued without endI know it is an old book and a tragedy that has been surpassed by worsebut I really hope that everyone in the USA takes the opportunity to read this

  2. Steve Vockrodt Steve Vockrodt says:

    Stephen Jones's retelling of his arduous task of defending the lead suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing is no whodunit Rather it reads like a who else dunit Jones a court appointed defense attorney for Timothy McVeigh spends pages building a case about who else might have been involved with the bombing of the Alfred P Murrah federal building that killed 168 people — or was it 169?Those types of uestions — what's to make of the dismembered leg that was found at the bombing site that couldn't be affixed to any of the 168 known victims of the bombing — are the foundation upon which Jones's book is built Other such uestions pepper the landscape of Others Unknown Why were members of the Israeli intelligence community allowed to tour the site of the bombing before the rest of the building was destroyed when no one else not even defense attorneys were granted access? What about the mysterious Andreas Strassmeir the German neo Nazi who lived in Elohim City Okla and who received phone calls there from McVeigh in the run up of the bombing but from whom the federal government never sought to formally interview? And then there's Elohim City itself a radical extreme right wing compound in eastern Oklahoma that was teeming with government informants who supposedly warned the Feds about an impending terrorist attack? Why was Elohim City ignored by the federal government? Were investigators simply incompetent? Or was something sinister going on?Jones continually approaches bizarre circumstances about the Oklahoma City bombing but never conclusively solves any of these uestions Rather these incomplete issues surrounding the government's investigation of the bombing — which seemed hell bent on convincing the public that the bombing was the work of no one except McVeigh and Terry Nichols — paint a suggestive picture of a cast of characters involved in the deadly terrorist attack but who never endured the scrutiny of federal investigatorsBy now anyone who has paid scarcely any attention to the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing realizes the enormous likelihood that many others were involved in the bombing But precisely who else and why the government sought to keep the case confined to two angry anti government castoffs is never fully answered in the pages of Jones's bookThis of course cannot be Jones's fault On one hand he illustrates how the federal government fought viciously to keep the potentially exculpatory evidence out of the hands of defense attorneys with the help of an obliging federal judge On the other his client appears to have never given Jones the full account of what happened on and before April 19 1995Sadly the truth about Oklahoma City is likely buried in withheld evidence co conspirators who are long gone forgotten in the amber of history or kept secret in the mind of the perpetrator whom the federal government was all too willing to kill in haste following his conviction

  3. Daniel Daniel says:

    This was a good read and I finished it's 400 pages in just a couple of evenings This is not a book of 'conspiracy theories' in the way you might think the government's agencies stated that there was a conspiracy This book is a chronicle of what Timothy McVeigh's defense team went through and what they uncovered in the course of the 2 years leading up to the trial Once McVeigh had blown his attorneyclient privilege by giving interviews and attacking his lead defense team his attorney was able to reveal some details that he had previously been obligated to keep uiet on There are lots of interesting discoveries in this well written account Part of what it reveals is that there was strong compelling evidence that others besides McVeigh and Nichols were involved in the OK City bombing but that the US government abandoned their search for these 'others unknown' in the interest of getting a uicker easier conviction on McVeigh they wanted a uick trial execution so they could close the book move on rather than dragging things out They had already gotten a bloody nose and ruined reputation after Ruby Ridge and Waco and didn't want to risk failureSome of the most astounding information is the way the government repeatedly and deliberately lied falsified evidence falsified documentation threatened witnesses into either shutting up or changing their story and disobeyed court orders to turn over the reuired evidence to the defense team

  4. April April says:

    taking into consideration that the lead defense attorney wrote it the book still makes you think about what really happened how much the government covered up and how much they knew about in advance Good thinking book

  5. Austin Austin says:

    I was riveted with this tale by the court appointed Republican defense attorney assigned to defend Timothy McVeigh I have always taken the press and prosecutors for their word and assumed McVeigh was guilty as charged I am still pretty sure he was involved but everything the FBI ATF CIA and prosecutors did point to a much larger conspiracy the government was not concerned with uncovering Like the Kennedy and Martin Luther King murders it seems the federal government is much interested in sweeping their tidy little narrative under the carpet and moving on to other concerns like world domination and the military industrial complex

  6. Ashley Ashley says:

    #NCOwn in paperbackFS April 19 1995 930AM eastern daylight time Department of Justice Washington DCLS After I have paid my expenses if there are any net proceeds I will donate them to a charity or a nonprofit origination of my choosing together with a public accounting

  7. Joshua Embrey Joshua Embrey says:

    This book was written by McVeigh's court appointed public defender Stephen Jones

  8. Sheila Sheila says:

    Written by the lead attorney in the McVeigh trial This book makes a point that there could have been others unknown in this case

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