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Voice and Gender: Essays on Voice and Speech The Edition Of The Voice And Speech Trainers Association VASTA Journal, Editor Mandy Rees Brings Together Than Fifty Cutting Edge Articles On A Broad Range Of Current Issues In The Field Voice And Gender Explores The Relationship Between Vocal Expression And Gender Identity And The Norms Associated With Gendered Roles In The Realm Of Theatre, Men Are Often Called Upon To Play Feminine Characters Such As Romeo While Women Are Called Upon To Play Masculine Characters Such As Lady MacBeth The Text Questions Gender Norms And Examines How They May Inhibit Our Range Of Expression An Emphasis Is Placed On How The Performer And Instructor Might Overcome These Barriers In Taking On A Role Outside Of Their Own Gender Identity Gender Remains One Of The Most Misunderstood And Divisive Facets Of Human Nature Voice And Gender Challenges Readers To Reexamine The Way They Hear, Perceive, And Express The Concept Of Gender And Sexual Identity Within Their Performance As Well As In Their Own Lives Articles Are Grouped Into The Following Categories Pedagogy And Coaching Vocal Production, Voice Related Movement Studies Ethics, Standards And Practices Heightened Text, Verse And Scansion Private Studio Practice Voice And Speech Science, Vocal Health Pronunciation, Phonetics, Linguistics, Dialect Accent Studies Singing The Book Also Contains Editorials, Memorials, Letters To The Editor, Articles, Website And Book Reviews, And Selected Thesis And Dissertation Abstracts