[Read] ➬ Medieval England: A Social History 1250-1550 By P.J.P. Goldberg – Thomashillier.co.uk

Medieval England: A Social History 1250-1550 All Too Often The Social History Of The Middle Ages Has Been Explored As An Adjunct To High Politics This New Study Focuses On The Medieval Era S Often Overlooked Ordinary Men And Women, For Whom The Politics Of The Manor, The Vill, Or The Borough Were Often Far Real And Pressing The Book Explores The Various Structures Of Society Household, Family, Parish Or Manor And Considers The Ways In Which Ages, Gender, Maritial Status Shaped Everday Life

10 thoughts on “Medieval England: A Social History 1250-1550

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    Pretty dry, I can t say I read it cover to cover, but some fascinating insights into Medieval England Unfortunately the fascinating bits were kind of hidden amongst a load of really dull yet faithful reporting of facts.

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