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Lili on Stage ❮PDF❯ ⚡ Lili on Stage ✎ Author Rachel Isadora – Lili will capture the dreams of countless balletomanes as she arrives at the theater to prepare for her debut as a party guest in The Nutcracker The atmosphere crackles and the book delivers as much e Lili will capture the dreams of countless balletomanes as she arrives at the theater to prepare for her debut as a party guest in The Nutcracker The atmosphere crackles and the book delivers as much enchantment as the ballet itself Kirkus Reviews pointer review Text and art concentrate on the accomplished young dancers' behind the scenes activities stretching making up dressing rehearsing and waiting to go onThis romantic offering will fire the imaginations of children looking forward to the Nutcracker experience School Library Journal.

5 thoughts on “Lili on Stage

  1. Denise Denise says:

    Isadora provides a fun glimpse backstage It would be a perfect accompaniment with a trip to the ballet

  2. Donna Nadira Donna Nadira says:

    Lili on Stage is about a girl Lili who has a minor part in a ballet performance of The Nutcracker This book goes through the motion of any childhood performance being nervous being excited and being backstage The first third of the story is dedicated for the preparation of the show while the rest are about the show and afterwardsThis is a very beautiful book with flattering art and pastel watercolors that convey textile textures perfectly The emphasis on ballet plus the soft colors and boys included only for the sake of inclusion makes it hard to imagine having an engaged boy audience for this book As I am familiar with The Nutcracker I noticed that the author tries to write all of the dances in Act II in their spice name instead of the origin name except for the Arabian dance whose spice name is supposed to be “Coffee” possibly to avoid cultural debates I expect the reader to be a slightly older audience 5 7 who has learned to act according to the expected gender rolesThe book is very traditional in its perceptions and delivery but I cannot bring myself to hate it since I am partial to the beautiful illustrations of the Nutcracker ballet The traditional presentation of White girl main character has White inner circle and some orbital PC male acuaintances or main character being visually separate and easily noticeable are not a product of its times 1995 but a means to maintain the familiar I still believe that we all need some type of children’s literature revolution in order for us to stop inheriting the unkind beliefs we unconsciously have

  3. Janelle Janelle says:

    Isadora beautifully captures all the preparation awe and excitement a young dancer experiences when getting ready to perform in a ballet production of the Nutcracker Her lovely watercolor illustrations suit the theme particularly well realistically and expressively illustrating the dancers Both boy and girl dancers are portrayed and Isadora also shows racial diversity of the cast in her depiction of the performers Isadora herself was a professional dancer before she began a career in children's books Her first hand knowledge of ballet and the dancer's life is evident in every single page of this book Ballet instructors may want to read the story aloud to students before a performance because the book offers plenty of helpful advice for performers no speaking on stage hold your head high don't eat or drink while in costume Isadora provides readers with a short summary of the Nutcracker story in the beginning of the bookFull review

  4. Missy Kirtley Missy Kirtley says:

    This was a wonderful book to read to my daughter at bedtime It was calm and the pictures are beautiful There's a nice story too My daughter is only a toddler but she's really really into ballet at the moment so she was really interested in the costumes and the dances the drawings of all the children stretching and preparing for the performance of the Nutcracker Perhaps this will help us prepare her to go see an actual theatrical productionWe'll hang onto it and read it at bedtime for a while before taking it back to the library

  5. Deb Deb says:

    What Nutcracker loving child wouldn't enjoy this story?

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