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Cheerleader 7: College Fresh Spring [BOOKS] ✫ Cheerleader 7: College Fresh Spring By Daring Diane – College, Fresh Spring,
Word Count: Almost ,

The seventh book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a freshman in college during his spring semester at the University of Mic College, Fresh Spring, Word Count: College Fresh MOBI ó Almost , The seventh book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a freshman in Cheerleader 7: PDF \ college during his spring semester at the University of Michigan whose life is not going totally as planned If you want to 7: College Fresh PDF Å understand everything, reading the previous six books is the only way The books follow Lee and his best friend Darby, a girl As a freshman in high school, Lee became involved in a girls cheerleading program as an advisor and trainer where he was reluctantly introduced to crossdressing Lee found that he enjoyed the softer side of clothing Circumstances forced Lee to wear a feminine wardrobe in and situations Spoiler alert [if you have not read the other books] Throughout high school, Lee dated women, participated in cheerleading, was the starting shortstop on the baseball team for four years and wore women’s underwear and outer clothes virtually all the time in his senior year He and his friends accomplished a lot Lee ended up being the head cheerleader Over time, his best friend, Darby, learned of Lee’s preferences for certain feminine attire Lee is attending college and dressing % of the time as a female student He is active in Cheerleading and has been asked to pledge several sororities on campus He and his best friend Darby are now a couple although they do not tell everyone on campus Lee is living in a girl’s dormitory with other cheerleaders Lee and his friends are preparing for collegiate competition cheerleading while personally, he and Darby need to decide how to handle all the invitations from sororities Later in the semester, Lee and Darby plan to play baseball They have done a lot of modeling and surely there will be requests for their services This story deals with a reluctant crossdresser who tries not to sacrifice his manhood while enjoying his unusual choice in clothing This book tries to deal with crossdressing as part of a real life Given the ages of the characters, the story does not involve explicit sex Young adult readers should be comfortable reading this book ********** The Cheerleader series follows Lee Corcoran as he grows, matures, and experiences life from prehigh school through college The main characters in this story will be recurring in other installments in the series Enjoy Daring Diane Concepts: Cheerleading, Romance, Coming of Age, Young Love, Dating, Sororities, Bullying, Sports, CrossDressing, etc.

10 thoughts on “Cheerleader 7: College Fresh Spring

  1. Colin H. Cook Colin H. Cook says:

    Keep them comming

    As an old geezer (72) who really loves this series, I would recommend it to anyone. As a former teacher, it is a definite read for teens and up.

  2. John delamore John delamore says:

    Lee and Darby

    The series is really enthralling and the love between Lee and Darby is there for all to see. I also must point to the parents of Lee for all their support and encouragement. Just another great read.

  3. Anne Mouse Anne Mouse says:

    Highly enjoyable new part

    The continuing story of the college exploits of Lee and Darby was almost perfect. This part seasons the continuation of their cheer leading and then their move to baseball, not forgetting another modelling assignment in spring break.

  4. Darrell H. Stewart Darrell H. Stewart says:

    Another wonderful chapter

    As stated earlier an excellent ❤ graber. Well done through and detailed. Hard to put down and better second time through .Would recommend

  5. Salty Salty says:

    Love this series !!!

  6. Sarah Sarah says:


    This amazing series continues with more drama and love for this amazing couple ,the outfit sound wonderful a cross dressers dream

  7. S.A. Hopkins S.A. Hopkins says:

    Cheer for Lee and Darby

    Another amazing chapter in the story of Lee and Darby, in fact the only downside to finishing this book is that now I have to wait for the next one (please let it be out soon)

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