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Kristy in Charge (The Baby-Sitters Club, #122) ➵ [Reading] ➷ Kristy in Charge (The Baby-Sitters Club, #122) By Ann M. Martin ➪ – Back to school brings an exciting new challenge for Kristy She's been selected to be a teacher for a week Team teaching a gym class with her arch rival Cary Retlin Kristy learns a few lessons she neve Back to school brings an exciting new challenge for Kristy She's been selected to be a teacher for a week Team teaching a gym class with her arch rival Cary Retlin Kristy learns a few lessons she never knew she needed.

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  1. Shira Shira says:

    this is my first time reading this bookin this book by ghostwriter Suzanne Weyn sms is offering a new program where students can sign up to guest teach three sessions of a class for extra credit kristy jumps at the chance to be in charge and show the teachers how they can improve their teaching because she’s kristy and genuinely thinks she knows about teaching than adult teachers do hoo boy she gets assigned to a gym class with a real hardass teacher and she has to work with cary retlin on a soccer unit since both classes were supposed to be taught soccer together she doesn’t write a lesson plan even though that’s part of the assignment and tries to run the class off the cuff but finds that it descends into chaos uickly she assumes cary is to blame so writes a strict lesson plan without him but it unsurprisingly sucks kristy and cary get so annoyed at each other that when each coaches a team in soccer the teams start a huge brawl egged on by kristy and cary’s competitiveness that results in some not so minor injuries one kid might have broken a bone etc they get in horrible trouble but get it together in the end when kristy suggests a passathon for the third day the kids just pass the ball to each other and having to work together makes them not hate each other any apparently ooookay anyway mal also does the guest teaching program but she is assigned to kristy and mary anne’s 8th grade english class she is panicky and accidentally breaks some chalk which goes flying across the room leading to everyone in the 8th grade and subseuently the whole school calling her spaz girl this sets in motion the mallory plotline for the rest of the series where she gets so badly bullied that she ends up switching schools in The All New Mallory Pike the babysitting subplot is that vanessa pike inspired by the guest teaching program forces her siblings into poetry lessons they didn’t ask for and don’t want she blackmails them by saying she'll tell on them about various bad things they've done if they don’t stay for her lessons finally abby talks vanessa through how to teach by making her think of her favorite teachers who would always tell her to try new things and would be warm not blackmailing jerks so then the sibs want to write poetry because vanessa has stopped being a jerk to themhighlights when she first hears about the guest teaching program kristy asks is mr taylor's job available he's the principal classic kristy in training kristy learns about lesson planning and thinks it's awesome she wants to make the bsc members create and submit lesson plans for their babysitting hooooo boy she's out kristying herself in this one nicely done suzanne weyn re blackmailing her siblings stacey tells vanessa that's not okay and that teachers don't behave that way vanessa astutely notes that teachers say i'll report you to the principal or your parents will be getting a note about this which is totally blackmailing she has a point vanessa says spelling was made up by people who wrote words in ways to confuse everyone and claud is on board with this logic ms walden the gym teacher kristy is guest teaching for says that teachers sometimes have to work together even if they don't like each other and kristy is blown away because she thought all teachers were one cohesive unit suzanne weyn really nailed the preadolescentadolescent misunderstanding of how adults operate kristy wears umbros to teach I had to look this up but apparently they're soccer shorts and jessica biel really loves them and tries to get the kids to do high kicks for their warmup but can't demonstrate because her shorts are too loose and short and would show her underwear hahahahahahahaha and she makes fun of claudia and stacey for their impractical fashion decisions the pike sibs get so fed up that they literally handcuff vanessa behind the couch and gag her WOWlowlightsnitpicks they say something about how mal might get assigned to teach algebra and she writes a poem about it the value of x what could it be this I'll say don't ask me but why does mal know what algebra is already I didn't take algebra until 8th grade and I was in the higherhonors math classes I doubt I knew about variables in 6th grade in her application kristy says that she wants to show teachers how classes should be run it's weird to me that they still accept her into this program since it’s clearly not intended for the power mad but oh well kristy narrates something about alan gray sounding like igor speaking to dracula do they mean igor speaking to dr frankenstein apparently igor is dracula’s assistant in the van helsing movies but otherwise he’s always dr frankenstein’s assistant walden asks kristy for her lesson plan kristy says she didn't think gym teachers did them walden says that if she had done one maybe the class would have gone better kristy implies cary is the only person to blame for the class going poorly oooookay I'm not sure why kristy and cary are to blame for kids getting into a huge brawl the real teachers were there too why didn't they stop it how in the world does the english teacher mal is guest teaching for not stop her kids from relentlessly bullying mal at the end they ask kristy and cary to coach a soccer game after ONE successful teaching session which happens two days after the brawl that sent a kid to the hospital shyeah rightclaud outfit Today she was wearing a long sleeved white T shirt on which she'd painted a bald man's head from a side view All the lines were sharp not natural at all His nose was purple his eyes were orange and his skin was green Jagged yellow lines like lightning bolts sizzled around his headkristy's attempt to look like a gym teacher I wore plaid pleated shorts and a white short sleeve polo shirt Over the weekend I'd woven a blue and white lanyard and attached a whistle to it I wore it around my neck like the other gym teachers did I'd even gone over my sneakers with some white shoe polish so that they'd be super white like Ms Walden's sneakerssnacks in claudia’s room popcorn ns ring dings ns

  2. Logan Hughes Logan Hughes says:

    Kristy and Mallory are emotionally scarred by a teach for a day programStoneybrook Middle School introduces an extra credit program called Teachers Of Tomorrow TOT wherein students teach classes During TOT week each volunteer student is assigned to a class where they have to prepare three lesson plans and teach three times Kristy volunteers because she thinks she can do a better job than the adults and would like to show how bad they are by her shining example She is assigned to teach a seventh grade gym class She's annoyed to have work with her nemesis Cary Retlin who is teaching the boys' gym class Despite her lofty intentions she immediately becomes a shrill whistle blowing gym teacher caricature Normally things would end there but this book takes it over the top somehow things get so bad that three kids end up in the hospital Meanwhile Mallory is assigned to teach an eighth grade English class because she is JUST SO GOOD at English that she is apparently ualified to teach a class two years above her Predictably the older students don't take her seriously she can't control the classrom and her classes become a nightmare of savage bullying to the point where I feel like I'm reading one of those hatefics where Wesley Crusher's slow death is described in exuisite detail Lingering uestions Why do the TOT volunteers have to teach 3 times It seems like the program would make sense if it was once mayyybe several times but spread out three times within one week makes no sense for anything except narrative convenience Why does the book go out of its way to point out that the students cannot choose which subject they teach I honestly don't see how anyone would ever sign up if they couldn't pick at least the subject since most students have pretty strong subject preferences Even adults get to choose what subject they teach Even as far as the book goes Kristy and Mallory both get their subject of choice so why not make it part of the plot that they could choose thatWhy do the teachersadministration blame Kristy Cary and Mallory for the disastrous but entirely predictable results of the TOT program I get that in Kristy's case this book is intended to be a lesson about hubris she thought it would be so easy but it wasn't but I feel like the teachers show alarming levels of irresponsibility by allowing things to get so out of control They don't even intervene when the classes begin to devolve into physical violence And in Mallory's case there is no lesson not even from a narrative perspective Things went exactly as she predicted she knew the eighth graders would eat her for lunch and they did She expressed her concerns to the teachers was ignored and spoiler for future books was driven out of school on a rail What did the TOT program runners think was going to happen Why is this not a Mallory book Mallory's is the far emotional storyline It honestly feels like Mallory's story is the main one and Kristy's is the B plotrunnerafterthought In fact Mallory's storyline winds up having lingering conseuences for her character that unfold over the next several books while Kristy never thinks about her time as a TOT teacher againTiming No temporal markers; during the school year I actually would have guessed that this type of program would occur late in the year maybe springtime but the previous book took place in August so I guess this must be September This seems like a highly unusual program to run in September but I guess it's highly unusual in generalRevised Timeline The school focused books are tricky now that the girls are graduated from college by my estimation Maybe this book is actually secretly showing how things go when Kristy and Mallory become teachers at an age appropriate time Kristy has gotten a classroom aide job after graduation or maybe she is student teaching while pursuing her master's in education Mallory would still be an undergrad junior at this point but let's say she's in a rigorous teacher training program and she coincidentally also finds herself in front of a classroom for the first time this semester in an unrelated experiential education program Teaching is difficult in practice than either of them expected and they commiserate; it's not until the end of the book that Kristy realizes that her rocky first year of student teaching has taught her a lot and strengthened her resolve to be a good teacher but Mallory's has been so bad that it drove her out of the profession altogether

  3. Ciara Ciara says:

    stoneybrook middle school continues its impressive run as world's worst middle school by introducing the teachers of tomorrow program in exchange for extra credit interested students can apply to be student teachers for a week they will have to go to two days of training submit lesson plans carry on with the curricula already being taught by the teachers for whom they are covering so it's not COMPLETELY illegal some lip service is given to the fact that public school curricula is in fact something that is overseen by a department of education kristy is of course boiling over with enthusiasm for the idea you know how she loves to boss people around she wants to be the school principal in fact but is informed that she'll have to settle for a teaching gig like everyone elsesome members of the babysitters club are excited about the project mary anne is interested as is stacey assuming that she can teach a math class abby could use the extra credit but isn't interested in taking on the extra work jessi doesn't think she has time with a new ballet class she's taking claudia of course has zero interest mallory is beyond pumped she is hoping to get assigned to an english classthe interested students are asked to suggest classes they might be interested in teaching on their applications because kristy can't be the principal she suggests something in the athletic department because she likes sports she has always gotten along well with the seventh grade girls' gym teacher ms walden but then ms walden yells at her for running in the hallway kristy starts thinking about how ms walden is kind of mean to the less athletic kids which doesn't do much to build up their interest in sports kristy thinks that she'll swoop in show ms walden that everyone can learn to love gym class if their teacher is encouraging displays a positive attitudekristy also decides that lesson plans are a great ideabut not for gym class there's so much moving around unpredictability in gym lesson plans will just get in the way she briefly contemplates forcing the other members of the babysitters club to develop babysitting plans for each of their sitting jobs i bet that would go over like a lead balloon luckily she recognizes that little kids are too unpredictable for babysitting lessons plans to be feasiblekristy is totally bummed to learn that ms walden's gym class is being combined with mr deyoung's boys' gym class which will also be led by a student teacher that student is cary retlin yay cary as we know kristy cary don't really get along that well mostly because cary is always taking the piss out of kristy kristy decides to basically ignore cary do her own thing hope he falls in lineps stacey got the math class she wanted mary anne is teaching social studies though you'd think mary anne would shy away from teaching because it involves being the center of attention mallory was assigned to an english class an EIGHTH GRADE english class she is panicked over the possibility that she won't be able to get older kids to take her seriouslykristy comes up with an alternative warm up routine for the kids complete with music she starts walking the kids through it but cary diverts everyone by starting a conga line kristy almost has an aneurysm trying to get everyone back in line following her directions but she runs out of time has to start the soccer game once again cary clowns around running away with the ball the kids run after him don't listen to kristy kristy is pissed she thinks she could have taught a truly revolutionary gym class if cary hadn't undermined herms walden asks to see kristy the next day ms walden points out that class didn't go well she asks to see kristy's lesson plan kristy admits she didn't make a lesson plan; she didn't think she had to for a gym class ms walden says she most certainly expects kristy to start making lesson plans coordinating the classes with cary she tells kristy that she can't get extra credit without the lesson plansso kristy puts together a detailed lesson plan she meets up with cary the next day in school shows it to him he points out that her lesson plan is unrealistic that she'd be working the students like they're robots his lesson plan is a lot casual kristy considers it sloppy she again decides to do her own thing ignore caryduring warm ups kristy gets upset because cary is doing the exercises off rhythm confusing the class she hands out soccer assignments breaking the kids into two teams but the kids rebel insist on forming their own teams kristy permits this then selects the tougher athletic looking team for herseal leaving the smaller skinnier kids for cary what she didn't count on is that the smaller kids all wanted to be on a team together because they take karate classes in stamford together they start pulling karate moves on kristy's team eventually a full blown knock down drag out fight ensues one girl gets a black eye a boy loses a tooth another girl breaks her arm it's a complete disaster ms walden mr deyoung tear cary kristy some new assholes tell them they have one chance to prove they can work together or they are out of the program for good kristy protests that she cary don't get along ms walden says so what do you think teachers like each other all the time they don't but they have to work together anyway kristy's mind is blown kristy comes up with the idea of a passathon for the next class the kids have to pass the soccer ball to other kids if a kid misses the person who passed to them is out she hopes this will encourage cooperation she allows cary to lead the warm ups everything goes swimmingly kristy cary call a truce that's pretty much that i guess kristy learns that teaching isn't as easy as it looksas does mallory who is so nervous teaching eighth graders that she just constantly embarrasses herself dropping papers breaking chalk freezing in the face of smart aleck remarks soon the kids are calling her spaz girl before long the nickname is all over the school there's even a scene in which mallory answers to it i don't know if that was intentional on the part of the ghostwriter or what this sets the stage for mallory's transfer to boarding school in a couple of booksin the B plot vanessa pike has caught teacher fever has started her own poetry school her students are margo nicky claire unfortunately she's a real bossy britches the kids don't want to go to her school she won't let them uit though she blackmails them with inside info she has on their various misdeeds threatening to tattle on them to mr mrs pike if they don't sit through her classes the kids finally fight back tricking her into trying on some play handcuffs then cuffing her gagging her stuffing her behind an armchair abby rescues her asks her who her favorite teacher was why vanessa reports that her favorite teacher instilled a love of learning in her because she was always nice encouraging abby asks vanessa to teach her about poetry using the methods of her favorite teacher nicky margo claire overhear the new improved vanessa pike teaching method decide to rejoin her poetry school crisis averted the best thing about this subplot is when claudia is babysitting vanessa gives a big speech about how spelling is overrated because poetry is about how words sound claudia is like yeah finally someone feels me on this claudia gets way into vanessa's poetry school because vanessa doesn't care about spelling

  4. Courtney Courtney says:

    The main plot line of this book is Kristy Thomas conuers SMS as a student teacher There were two sub plots both tying into the main plota Mallory Pike faces embarrassment as a student teacher b Vanessa Pike learns the ropes of teaching as Miss Vanessa of Poetry School The moral of this book is unclear; there’s multiple a Work with your teammates b If you do something stupid it is not the end of the world c Don’t blackmail kids It’s not worth itd Teaching is hard I guess overall the BSC and their clients aren’t ready to teach yet Who knows If Ann M Martin comes back to the BSC there is a possibility that there would ever be a spinoff with the BSC as adults and Kristy could reprise her role as a gym teacher I had always envisioned Kristy as a softball coach but after I read this book Future Kristy could very well teach Meanwhile Mallory student teaches Eight Grade English and is nicknamed Spaz Girl She teaches Mary Anne’s and Kristy’s class which reassures her I would feel silly if my friends saw me in Mallory’s situationso why wouldn’t Mallory And at the Pike house Vanessa tries to teach poetry This part is so ridiculous she is basically copying SMS’s student teaching position Needless to say this part was unnecessary for AMM to include

  5. Samantha Samantha says:

    This book is or less one big set up for Mallory to go to boarding school Literally that seems like that was the only purpose to this entire stupid premise I think at one point in our school careers we had to get up in front of the entire class and present somethingteach something Only Stoneybrook Middle School would take it to the next level by having an entire program put together where kids spend three different days teaching their peers for an entire class periodNot necessarySo yes We see Mallory's Spaz Girl reputation growing and in just three books she will be leaving SMS the BSC and Stoneybrook for greener pastures

  6. Sayo Sayo says:

    As a kid my best friends sister had the whole BSC series on a book shelf in her room I thought she was so grown up And I envied this bookshelf And would often poke my head into that room just to look at itAnd when I read BSC I felt like such a grown up And while I might have still been a little too young to understand some of the issues dealt with in these books I do appreciated that Ann M Martin tackled age appropriate issues some being deeper than others but still important

  7. Jennifer Baratta Jennifer Baratta says:

    Review on wwwaudiblecom please listen to this book

  8. April April says:

    Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading Great stories about friendship and life lessons The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problemsI loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweensThe books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevantAwesome books that girls will love And the series grows with them Terrific Author

  9. Maria Camp Maria Camp says:

    Interesting concept but not the most believable story Kirsty's part of the story is better because it makes sense and addresses important ideas about dealing with people you may not like; however I feel it was exaggerated in some aspects Mallory's part just does not ring true for me I don't think she would have been that unprepared or so upset by a little name calling I think it could have been handled much better and in a way that would have felt true to her character and to the spirit of what these books should be

  10. Dana Salman Dana Salman says:

    Aha Loved it The Pike kids never cease to make me collapse into peals of laughter

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