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Nazi Saboteurs A Gripping Tale Of The Little Known Nazi Plot To Attack On American Soil, And The Brave Individuals Who Got In The WayIn , Amid A Growing German Threat, Nazi Agents Infiltrated The United States In Hopes Of Destroying American Infrastructure And Sowing Panic Throughout The Nation Nazi Saboteurs Tells The Nail Biting Tale Of This Daring Plot, Buried In History, For Young Readers For The First Time Black And White Historical Photos Throughout Paint A Picture Of A Nation On Edge, The FBI Caught Unawares, And The Incredible Capture Of Eight Dangerous Criminals A Thrilling Historical Narrative For WWII Buffs, Reluctant Readers, And Adventure Junkies

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    E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusDuring WWII, the Nazis planned sabotage attacks on a variety of US manufacturing, transportation and other locations that were crucial to the US war effort Due to human error and frailty, these were never made Seiple follows the plans of George Dasch and his compatriots in a tale that should have been made into a 1960s WWII comedy yes, this was actually a thing, youngsters starring Werner Klemperer, Roy Kinnear, and Arte Johnson Dasch was born in Germany, but lived for twenty years in the US He was disgruntled even though his parents sacrificed so that he could get a good education, the best work he could find in the US was as a waiter When the war was percolating, he decided to return to Germany and find a way to make himself useful to the government because he preferred to support Germany rather than the US in the war However, it didn t take long for him to realize that the Nazis were very evil He continued with the plans, hoping to somehow use his German connections to better his situation in the US The men who worked with him all had their own reasons for joining, but none of them trusted each other From the time the U Boat dropped them off on the coast, things went wrong They managed to bury boxes of explosives, but left a trail of evidence everywhere They were also spotted by a civil defense worker whom Dasch should have killed but didn t They managed to take a train to New York City, where they stayed in luxury hotels and went on shopping sprees and had lunch at fancy places Dasch realized that they weren t going to be able to go through with their sabotage, so tried to find a way to make things better for himself, which oddly did not involve just running off with the money to a small town in Iowa and spending his life there, which is what I would have done The comedy of errors continued Eventually, the entire group was captured and sent to trial, with six of the eight men involved being executed for being spies in a controversial move that denied them a civil trial This was important when the US had to deal with the perpetrators of 9 11.This is a fascinating book that covers a little known facet of WWII It will appeal to a number of readers, and, like all of Seiple s books, is fast paced, short, and easy to read I did get bogged down in the middle with the ways that all eight men were apprehended, but it was fun to read about their shopping sprees and antics in New York An automat We may have a lot of cool technology now, but I wish there were still automats Definitely purchasing this title

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    This detailed and infinitely readable account of how eight men tried and failed to sabotage various targets that Germany considered essential to the welfare of the United States is fascinating Not only were these sabotage efforts interesting just in being considered, but the author does a remarkable job of pointing out the human frailties that resulted in their failure Much planning, training, and recruiting went into preparing eight men with ties to the United States but loyalty to Germany to land on American soil and infiltrate the country Things went wrong from the first as the first team landed in Amagansett, New York, where its leader immediately ran into someone from the Coast Guard He decided not to kill the man and directed his crew to bury the explosives they brought with them Things went from bad to worse as the explosives were discovered, and the team s leader, George Dasch, eventually decided to turn on his compatriots, going to the FBI with his information Dasch apparently wanted to have things both ways and be seen as a hero to the United States when he was clearly a leader in the sabotage plot The fate of the men was determined by a military tribunal, and six of them were sentenced to death I was particularly saddened by how Herbert Haupt, one of the men, drew his unwitting family into the plot The author makes this story from 1942 particularly relevant by discussing how the U.S government chose to try the men involved in the Twin Towers bombings There are plenty of photographs included, and readers will be amused by how the plot fell apart due to mistrust among the would be saboteurs, and how they dithered around, buying clothing, and dining out as they tried to blend in and look like average Americans Parts of the story amused me while other elements made me think about what might have happened had their efforts succeeded.

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    In 1942, a group of German agents landed on the east coast of America, intent on spreading trouble by disabling transportation and manufacturing and other organizations important in the US war effort However, one thing after another went wrong and the mission was a failure I had no idea What an exciting read I did a lot of shaking my head at the stupidity, by both Americans and Germans I loved the details of their meals, the shopping trips, the fancy clothes and hotel stays Includes an epilogue showing how this story influenced decisions after the 9 11 attack, sources including declassified government documents, books and websites.For this and of my reviews, visit CHECK IT OUT

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    Probably 3.5 stars A very interesting read.

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    This book is very interesting and gives a detailed account of the event and the individuals involved.

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    This captivating book reads like a novel but exposes the true plot by Hitler to attack the US from within by sending saboteurs to destroy America s infrastructure and incite fear in her people.

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