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  • Hardcover
  • 136 pages
  • The Brinkley Girls
  • Nell Brinkley
  • English
  • 27 March 2016
  • 9781560979708

10 thoughts on “The Brinkley Girls

  1. Meg Powers Meg Powers says:

    Oh Nell Brinkley where have you BEEN all my life?After devouring work by women about lecherous women in the 1920s mode and making it myself it is wonderful to find the real thing Okay maybe Brinkley's girls aren't exactly LECHEROUS but I can project those ideas onto Brinkley's half naked heroic jungle girl drawings and her illustrations of girls emerging from tumultuous waves their gossamer garments soaked to their skins Her illustrations are gorgeous ornamented in all the right areas amazing costume research expressive faces and incredible composition Let me gush some A huge inspiration and after growing up hugely influenced by Golden Age illustrators Aubrey Beardsley Kay Nielson Walter Crane etc it's great to find a historical female illustrator that made the kind of work I want to make

  2. Noe Noe says:

    Beautiful artwork and a soothing soft style with both pretty girls and the early 1900's euivalent of strong independent women They'd save the day protect their men and do it oh so stylishly You either wanted to be those girls or date themI found this book in my library and remember my grandmother owning some Brinkley print pages preserved in plastic about Prudence Prim as a kid She didn't have the full series and it fell to the back of my memory until recently when I saw the cover of this I do not regret my three hours just staring at the pages The illustrations are just so beautiful

  3. Dustincecil Dustincecil says:

    I found it easy to get carried away with these piles of beautiful dresses and hairA real treat

  4. John John says:

    Most people who know of graphic artists in the early part of the 20th century think of people such as Maxfield Parrish NC Wyeth Alphose Mucha and other male artists Actually there were a number of very successful women graphic artists some of whose work perseveres to now One though who has been largely forgotten was Nell Brinkley whose cartoon like but glamorous women with their wide and highly mascaraed eyes and often beautiful attire graced many of the ads products sheet music and newspapers of the era Most important were the serials stories that she illustrated and later wrote for the newspapers of the time Now while her style doesn't totally appeal to me I recognize the uality of her illustrations and the importance of her work and her success at the time This book provides numerous full page examples of the humor drama and outright joy she could infuse into her charactersWhile the book also provides brief biographical segments it could have been improved with insights into Brinkley's thoughts about and approach to her art Time and social context would also have added

  5. Kristen Northrup Kristen Northrup says:

    Very striking illustrations in a nice oversize format It would have been nice to have introductory text on Brinkley and her career but that isn't the official purpose of the book Her style was strikingly similar to manga It was particularly interesting to see the storylines and characters become increasingly shallow as she moved from WWI into the roaring 20s Clothing looks so comfortable then

  6. Aspen Mitchell Mead Aspen Mitchell Mead says:

    I flipped through this book browsing the shelves at the library because the cover caught my eye The rest of the illustrations are eye catching as well Nell Brinkley's illustrations were featured in many New York newspapers and magazines from 1913 1940 They are so colorful and fun In contrast to the prim and proper Gibson girl image of the time the Brinkley girl is fun loving independent and a symbol of feminism and suffrage Each page is a full color illustration

  7. rêveur d& rêveur d& says:

    Nell Brinkley is one of my all time favourites as is Trina Robbins This book is perfect for fans of Nell Brinkley's work Thorough and an absolute delight to read cover to cover but also just to browse through whenever you're in the moodI recommend alongside this book Nell Brinkley and the New Woman in the Early 20th Century

  8. Lauren Lauren says:

    this book is so fun to look through nell brinkley is incredibly inspiring and i love her artistic style intricate single line and colorful drawings depicting adorable women in various scenes this book lays out the serialized image stories that nell brinkley published in newspapers week to week my favourite is the series golden eyes and her hero bill nos 2 12 are fun

  9. Wayne Wayne says:

    This hardcover is a nice representation of what passed as good girl art back in the early 1900'sThe reproductions are done well and the colors jump off the pageI'm not fond of how Brinkley drew men they were either effeminate or had cheesy mustaches The richness and details of each drawing are astonishing Each painting looks likes it is ready to frame

  10. Caleb Caleb says:

    A gorgeous book of Nell Brinkley's gorgeous proto comics illustration work for newspapers I have a short review here

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The Brinkley Girls❰Read❯ ➵ The Brinkley Girls Author Nell Brinkley – For over thirty years Nell Brinkley's beautiful girls pirouetted waltzed Charlestoned vamped and shimmied their way through the pages of William Randolph Hearst's newspapers captivating the American p For over thirty years Nell Brinkley's beautiful girls pirouetted waltzed Charlestoned vamped and shimmied their way through the pages of William Randolph Hearst's newspapers captivating the American public with their innocent sexuality This sumptuously designed oversized hardcover collects Brinkley's breathtakingly spectacular exuisitely colored full page art from to Here are her earliest silent movie serial inspired adventure series Golden Eyes and Her Hero Bill; her almost too romantic series Betty and Billy and Their The Brinkley Epub / Love Through the Ages; her snappy flapper comics from the s; her pulp magazine inspired Heroines of Today Included are photos of Nell reproductions of her hitherto unpublished paintings and an informative introduction by the book's editor Trina RobbinsIn at the tender age of Nell Brinkley came to New York to draw for the Hearst syndicate Within a year she had become a household name Flo Ziegfeld dressed his dancers as Brinkley Girls in the Ziegfeld Follies Three popular songs were written about herWomen aspiring to the masses of curly hair with which Nell adorned her fetching and idealized creations could buy Nell Brinkley Hair Curlers for ten cents a card Young girls cut out and saved her drawings copied them colored them and pasted them in scrapbooks The Brinkley Girls took over from the Gibson GirlsNell Brinkley widened her scope to include pen and ink depictions of working women Brinkley used her fame to campaign for better working conditions and higher pay for women who had joined in the war effort and who were suffering economic and social dislocation due to acting on their patriotism Unlike most of her contemporaries she drew women of different races and cultures Except among a small group of avid collectors she has been unjustly forgottenuntil nowNominated for two Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Best Archival CollectionProject Strips; Best Publication Design.