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    This was an okay book It had a different view on astrology.

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    Received through FirstReadsI haven t read an astrology book for quite some time, and found this to be a nice, updated take on the subject It was not too heavy, contained a good deal of humor, and was altogether an enjoyable read This only goes over the sun signs, so if you want a in depth take on your chart, look elsewhere Well done, in that it didn t drag on at all, was never boring each section was just the right length The sign specific texts were especially amusing.

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    First of all this book is just about SUN signs It starts out saying what a sun sign is,and the different modes and elements And then a little about the moon and Saturn returns and mercury retrogrades and rising signs If you have no knowledge of astrology I believe this would just confuse you rather then help I felt like I was reading of a fiction book rather then an astrology book I did not feel like it was a guide at all Every chapter starts out a different sun sign and tells about someone famous I don t feel like you can explain a sun sign using a celebrity because there lives are nothing like an ordinary every day sun sign Also it seamed to me the authors were taking there own perception of people they know as certain sun sign and making that all about that particular sign People are not made up just by sun sign alone and I felt like most of this book was not accurate at all All in all I was disappointed and don t feel its worth reading if your trying to learn astrology and its sun sign meanings.

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    Astro Poets is an entertaining look at the Zodiac It s a huge gap in my knowledge, and this book starts with a thorough and engaging description of the zodiac signs, explaining things like ascendant sign, moon signs, and how signs relate to elements After the introduction, chapters are dedicated to each sign This is when it starts to really get fun They describe the personality traits associated with each sign, and how they get along with other signs They cover relationships in the workplace, romance, and friendships There are text message conversations in each chapter modeled on how a person will chat based on their sign These texts feel hysterically accurate and was the first thing I shared with friends This title is already making rounds at my workplace Thank you Flatiron Books for an ARC copy of Astro Poets.

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    I m a big fan of Astro Poets on Twitter, so I had high expectations for this book And it exceeded them This is such an engaging, approachable, and modern guide to astrology Dimitrov and Lasky s voices are so strong and delightfully entertaining Reading their overviews of the signs is like talking about the stars over coffee with your coolest hippie friend The book starts with a general guide to astrology and their approach, then lays out a chapter on each sign, including compatibility, style, texting habits, a suggested playlist, and If you think astrology is garbage, then sure, you re not going to enjoy this book But if you re open to learning about the signs and how they relate to each other, I highly recommend Astro Poets as the place to start Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    Although I do not believe in astrology, I do enjoy educating myself about other viewpoints that exist It was a fairly easy read but incredibly predictable This was my introduction to astrology and I knew what their claim s would be about the successive signs Also, this book was really disjointed because the two authors did not work together on all the signs Instead, they each took half of the workload That was frustrating as the information was inconsistent Also, I just didn t feel like what they were claiming was anywhere near being true based on the people I know This book just reaffirmed to me that astrology is fake GoodreadsGiveaway

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    I am not sure why I entered a giveaway for this as I am not a believer in astrology But I am going to review this book on writing style considering it a work of fiction It could have been put together better The writers have thrown in a lot of personal anecdotes so they should have titled it as something reflecting that it is their interactions predominantly carnal with the different signs The poems seem written by someone just dipping their toes into the world of poetry This is a book that I shall recycle I received this in a giveaway in return for an honest review

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    I thought this was a super fun book It was a really casual, modern and interesting look at the horoscope signs with lots of emphasis on the everyday behaviors of each sign instead of the textbook characteristics you usually get For instance, they provide examples of what texting would be like between two signs And some of them were laugh out loud funny In fact I resembled a couple of them Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an advanced copy This opinion is entirely my own.

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    4.5 stars this was an absolute delight Ive been following Astro Poets on twitter for years now, and their book definitely lives up I have fully drunk the kool aid on astrology and I have no shame Though not always perfect, astrology is so fascinating and often right I would apologize for nagging everyone around me for their birthdays and birth times over the past week, but I m not really sorry can t wait to come back to this time and again

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    Astro Poets on Twitter is my go to for all my astrological needs I m Sagittarius AF as Alex speaks to my archer on a fundamental level.This will be a must have for library zodiac collections Each section is very thoughtfully laid out with familiar elements but the Astro Poet elan for language and description.I received a free copy in exchange for a fair review.

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