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The Winter Army The Epic Story Of The US Army S Th Mountain Division, Whose Elite Soldiers Broke The Last Line Of German Defenses In Italy S Mountains In , Spearheading The Allied Advance To The Alps And Final VictoryAt The Start Of World War II, The US Army Had Two Cavalry Divisions And No Mountain Troops The German Wehrmacht, In Contrast, Had Many Well Trained And Battle Hardened Mountain Divisions, Some Of Whom By Blocked The Allied Advance In The Italian Campaign Starting From Scratch, The US Army Developed A Unique Military Fighting Force, The Th Mountain Division, Drawn From The Ranks Of Civilian Skiers, Mountaineers, And Others With Outdoor Experience The Resulting Mix Of Ivy League Students, Park Rangers, Olympic Skiers, And European Refugees Formed The First Specialized Alpine Fighting Force In US History By The Time It Deployed To Italy At The Beginning Of , This Ragtag Group Had Coalesced Into A Tight Knit Unit In The Months That Followed, At A Terrible Cost, They Spearheaded The Allied Drive In Italy To Final VictoryRanging From The Ski Slopes Of Colorado To The Towering Cliffs Of The Italian Alps, The Winter Army Is A Saga Of An Unlikely Band Of Soldiers Forged In The Heat Of Combat Into A Brotherhood Whose Legacy Lives On In US Mountain Fighters To This Day

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    3.5 starsI knew a little bit about the 10th Mountain Division s history having lived on Fort Drum when my husband was in the military, but this book certainly gave me a lot insight This book covers the time period in which the unit essentially got its start specializing in mountain and winter warfare Much of the focus of the book is on the time spent fighting in Italy during World War 2.One of the fascinating things I took away from the book was basically skiers were the ones who suggested to the government it might be a good idea to start training soldiers in other places besides warm climates It just seems like such an obvious thing but yeah up until that point the U.S military wasn t really prepared to go fight a war on difficult terrain such as mountains It was also interesting that many of the lower enlisted soldiers who joined the military with of a winter type background were experienced than the higher ups who were sent to the unit The training was absolutely demanding and excruciating And of course it wasn t helped by the fact the soldiers were given just plain old standard issue tents that weren t geared toward harsh environments Even after soldiers complained what does the government do , why order 40,000 of the darn things Pretty sad the soldiers found alternatives such as digging snow caves and igloos to be slightly better options.For me I enjoyed the small tidbits of information I picked up rather than the strategic parts of the unit s fighting in Italy It s pretty wild to find out that the ski industry really kicked into high gear after the war and the army sold off tons of ski equipment at a huge discount to civilians And even though 10th Mountain wasn t located at Fort Drum until decades later, it s nice that some of the soldiers from the World War 2 are still remembered such as John D Magrath who has a gym named after him on post.If you are a military history buff I m sure you will find this book to be well researched and a good read I m certainly glad I read it even if it wasn t the most compelling nonfiction book I have ever read Recommend if you enjoy World War 2 nonfiction or are interested in 10th Mountain Division history.I was sent an advance reader s copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Over twenty years ago I met Floyd Erickson, born in the Upper Penninsula Michigan During WWII Floyd served in the 10th Mountain Division His life altering experience under fire on Mt Belvedere was legendary everyone knew of his bargain with God which led to his becoming a well beloved patriarch of the church.I recall how Floyd, still trim, proudly donned his uniform to join his fellow soldiers at a reunion And the stories his wife Elizabeth told of how Floyd supported his large U.P family and the alteration in his character when he returned from war.Maurice Isserman quotes Floyd in his history of the 10th Mountain Division, The Winter Army, in the chapter concerning the Allied invasion of Kiska After months of training in extreme conditions, the Army was uncertain of what to do with this winter army of men trained for mountain snow and ice Their first deployment was to oust the Japanese from Kiska in the Aleutian archipelago It was a terrible night, that first one, Floyd said, recalling the twelve hour ascent carrying his gear and machine gun ammunition, then digging a foxhole in the pouring rain The Americans did not know that the Japanese army had already abandoned Kiska Nineteen mountain troopers died from friendly fire It was a demoralizing blow.Isserman narrates the history of this legendary division with details drawn from oral histories that bring the story to life.Toward the end of the war, the 10th Mountain was sent to the Italian Alps They were there to keep the German army busy Climbing the iced mountains, crossing the open Po Valley the Po River, and the final battle was horrific.Floyd saw his best friend killed in action and suffered permanent hearing loss from a blast.Isserman s book focuses on the extraordinary men, the mix of Ivy League students, park rangers, Olympic skiers, and European refugees, who formed the first specialized alpine fighting force in US history After the war, these men impacted the ski industry One became the first executive director of the Sierra Club another co found The Village Voice One co founded Nike another became a renowned historian And there was Bob Dole, US senator, and presidential candidate.And there were men like Floyd, an ardent skier from a small town with a large impoverished family, a good man whose life was dedicated to his family and church and community.I was given access to a free book by the publisher through NetGalley My review is fair and unbiased.

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    This book covers the origins of the 10th Mountain Division and it s role in fighting in Italy in World War II It was formed based on outsiders convincing the Army that it needed troops trained for warfare in the mountains versus just training in warm weather climates The first half of the book covers the establishment of the division and the second half covers their role in the battles that took place in Italy It is well documented and written in a style that is easy to read and follow Of interest is the incorporation of excerpts of letters from the individuals in the division back to home during their training and the war.I recommend this book to anyone who is a history or World War II fan and has an interest in reading about a division that has not beed extensively documented in other books on the period.I received a free Kindle copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher with the understanding that I would post a review on Net Galley, Goodreads, and my nonfiction book review blog I also posted it to my Facebook page.

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    The Winter Army is a thorough and well researched chronicle of the formation, development, and deployment of the United States Army s first specialist alpine division Formed around a core of outdoor enthusiasts skiers, climbers, and hikers the 10th Mountain Division trained a high altitude 9,500 feet base in Colorado in preparation for mountainous winter combat in WW II Though they came late to the war, left most of their winter mountain gear at home in the States, and never skied in combat, the 10th Mountain Division gave good service in a couple of intense battles late in the Italian campaign, helping to pin down and prevent the escape of Wehrmacht units that might have otherwise retreated to Austria for a last stand in the waning days of the Third Reich, or taken part in the last ditch battles against the Allied forces that were steamrolling the road to Berlin.

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    An excellent and very interesting book I have read books on different U.S Army units during World War II especially in the battles they fought in Europe and the training This is the first book I read on the United States Army 10th Mountain Division and it was outstanding This book goes in depth with the extreme training and the battle they fought in the Italian Apennines Mountains in the northern part of the country Not only did they fight the Germans, but the elements as well and suffered many casualties A interesting and enjoyable book about these men and their courage and sacrifice.

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    No story Just rambling information about everything tangentially aligned with the topic Only thing missing is the BMs each individual mentioned had.

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