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The Book of Candlelight (Secret, Book, & Scone Society, #3) In The New Secret, Book, And Scone Society Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Ellery Adams, The Rain In Miracle Springs, North Carolina, Has Been Relentless And A Flood Of Trouble Is About To Be Unleashed As The Owner Of Miracle Books, Nora Pennington Figures All The Wet Weather This Spring Is At Least Good For Business The Local Inns Are Packed With Stranded Travelers, And Among Them Nora Finds Both New Customers And A New Friend, The Sixtysomething Sheldon, Who Starts Helping Out At The Store Since A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone, Nora Rides Her Bike Over To The Flea Market One Sodden Day And Buys A Bowl From Danny, A Cherokee Potter It Ll Make A Great Present For Nora S EMT Boyfriend, But The Next Day, A Little Rain Turns Into A Lot Of Rain, And The Miracle River Overflows It Banks Amid The Wreckage Of A Collapsed Footbridge, A Body Lies Within The Churning Water Nora And The Sheriff Both Doubt The Ruling Of Accidental Drowning, And Nora Decides It S Time For The Secret, Book, And Scone Society To Spring Into Action When Another Body Turns Up, It Becomes Clearer That Danny S Death Can T Be Blamed On A Natural Disaster A Crucial Clue May Lie Within The Stone Walls Of The Inn Of Mist And Roses A Diary, Over A Century Old And Spattered With Candle Wax, That Leads Nora And Her Friends Through A Maze Of Intrigue And Onto The Trail Of A Murderer

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    This is only the third book in the series, but I already want it to continue forever So, it s obvious that I have been highly anticipating this book since I came to know the release date, and have since been stalking Netgalley for the ARC I was ecstatic when I got approved and I knew I had to read it immediately This is the kind of book where I know what I m going to get and that s exactly why I read it The writing is fast paced and things keep happening all the time, the mystery is actually pretty interesting and I couldn t guess anything at all, and it has the beautiful setting of Miracle Springs I ve probably mentioned it before on the blog, but the main character s bookstore called Miracle Books is my favorite fictional bookstore ever and I would give anything to just go and spend a whole day there Whenever I read this series, I always wish it was a real place The author creates this soothing atmosphere which is full of books, knickknacks, book lovers and just overall friendly people so it just feels nice to be back in this world This time around though, the author managed to show a bit of the gloomy side of the town and how bad weather can wreak havoc on the lives of the people, and I felt that she captured everyone s frustrations very well This series has one of my most supportive group of women I ve ever met and I loved being back with them Everyone is dealing with their own problems, which even leads to some tensions between them but when tragedy strikes, they are always there for each other Even all the men in the book, including the sheriff and his deputies are wonderful and I just love it that we have an ensemble cast who are so nice to be around with There are also a new group of characters introduced, so it s natural that some of them end up being suspects but I thought they were all written very well, with clear motivations and backstories My favorite though would have to be Sheldon, who becomes this instant grandfatherly figure helping out Nora at the bookstore and advising the others too The changes that he brought to the Miracle Books window displays felt magical I m really trying not to spoil them and I really hope he becomes a permanent fixture in the series going forward To conclude, I just want to say that if you love the cozy mystery genre, you can t miss this series It has a beautiful small town setting, a wonderful bookstore you ll wish were real, lots of talk about baked goods that ll make you hungry, an amazing group of women and an interesting mystery and last but not the least, lots and lots of book recommendations The MC calls herself a bibliotherapist, and this book series is exactly that for a cold and gloomy winter day.

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    Rain, rain, go away Springtime in Miracle Springs, North Carolina brings flooding rains and a death to solve for the four spirited amateur sleuths who call themselves the Secret, Book, and Scone Society Author Ellery Adams expertly pens the third story of this series, and I was enthralled from beginning to end.Protagonist, Nora Pennington, bookshop owner and bibliotherapist has gathered a close group of women around her June, Hester, and Estella Each woman shares their special gift of service to others and are inspiring to each other.Native American folklore plays an intricate role in this plot, especially the red cardinal believed to bring messages from the spirit world Clues are tucked into practically every chapter keeping the pace lively and the characters busy trying to solve not one, but two murders.The history mentioned is interesting and blends seamlessly with the murder mystery New character, Sheldon, is sure to become a favorite for fans of this series There are shocking scenes, tender scenes, sad scenes, happy scenes, and humor appears in the dialogue I realized who the murderer was shortly before the author reveal and explanation of motive The Book of Candlelight is everything this book lover hopes for in a cozy mystery I highly recommend the Secret, Book, and Scone Society series to mystery fans NOTE Contains a bit of bad language.I honestly reviewed a galley arc provided by Kensington Publishing Thank you.

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    I have book hangover.This is, hands down, my favorite new series I knew from the first book that this was going to be a special series and that feeling grew with book 2, but this book has cemented just how amazing and special this series truly is While classified a cozy mystery, this for me, is what I call a borderline cozy or a adult cozy it delves into adult themes, adult issues, secrets and the damage they can and do cause and The books do not shy away from anything and at times, what is going on around the 4 women in these books is almost as, if not than, important than the murders itself And these books do what few books have done for me as of late it makes me want to have a circle of friends like Nora has What these women have in this book is what many of us dream of women who love and support and care for us and vice versa with no questions or very few asked and with so much caring and tenderness Even a snarky old introvert such as myself craves this I don t need a huge circle which is good because I am down to 1 and should she ever take a hike I will be lost , but to have several good, caring people That is the dream And that is also what makes these books so appealing the idea that people ARE caring, WILL work together, DO love each other in spite of the spots, warts and bad tempers These books give us hope I like the respect that these women have for each other, for those they know, and for the local police They truly don t try to solve mysteries stuff just happens And Nora is quick to pass the info on to the police chief and who doesn t hope that they get together Don t get me wrong, I like Jed Think he s a great guy But he is not for Nora At all and she does try to walk away I like Sheldon A lot I was a bit discomfited at how quickly Nora trusted him and brought him into the circle and still am to be honest I like Sheldon a lot and think he is a great character, but it was just so uncharacteristic of Nora, that that part felt so off centering I am just not 100% sure about that part , but I do like the addition of him and I L O V E that the author is delving into someone who has a chronic pain issue and how that makes it nearly impossible to work a job that doesn t have some leeway I love how Sheldon is very real about his illness and how cranky he is when he is down and that all felt so very familiar It went on to reinforce just how real these books feel much than most cozies To quote my Mom It is nice to have a cozy that isn t just so silly And that is it exactly This was a good and very sad mystery I had the who figured out before the end, but not the total why and so the reveal was very good And sad Geesh The history of this country continues to haunt us and we MUST learn from our past That is absolutely shown there I certainly hope that there are of these books I just love the time I spend with these women Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is the third book in the Secret, Book, Scone Society series by Ellery Adams The series features four friends, Nora, the owner of a bookstore who specializes in bibliotherapy which involves her finding boos that will offer some comfort and possible guidance to an individual who is struggling She isn t a trained specialist, and her work involves intuition than trained psychological ideas Nora also is the primary character of the book, with strong contributions by the other members of the Society Hester, an extraordinary baker who can bake comfort scones that can help a person find healing for a variety of aches, June, who knits comfort socks which she infuses with scents designed to help heal specific problems, and Estella, owner of the local beauty parlor who is dedicated to helping women look and feel their best The society came into being when these four women realized they each had a secret in their past They shared their secrets and became a support group for each other In addition, they started dropping off anonymous comfort gifts to people who were hurting in some way.In this book, Nora encounters a talented potter, Cherokee Danny, who is later murdered Because of the pottery she purchased and the relationship she witnessed between the potter and his wife, Nora feels a strong pull to learn about who killed him and why Her investigation encompasses two new acquaintances, best friends who have purchased the local Inn and are restoring it into a BB As her investigation continues, she discovers the theme of a red bird running through places and things she encounters The red bird, or cardinal, she learns is of particular significance to Danny s family and then she finds the same bird painted on a wall in the BB, connecting it to Danny, although she doesn t know how.A side mystery is the appearance of a man in a dirty white t shirt who Nora sees standing in the rain June has also seen him, in the rain, and both of them think he wishes them harm While they report him to the sheriff s office, nothing can be done as he hasn t broken any laws Still, Nora and June believe he is dangerous to them.Throughout the book, there are references that give a sense of otherworldly to the book Nora has a missing finger which tingles when something is dangerous There is a smell of roses often as they encounter objects and information relating to the original owner of the BB, Rose These references are enough to give a slight atmosphere of supernatural, but not so much as to be invasive or cause the reader to have to suspend their reality in reading the story.While the mystery is well plotted and there is a twist at the end, I knew early on identity of the guilty Still, it was enjoyable to read to the end of the book to confirm my belief and learn how the final reveal would be accomplished.There are strong themes of family and the importance of family throughout the book, and this adds substance as well as interest to the story Personal relationships that were begun in earlier books expand, although if this is our first read in the series there is enough information to follow along without feeling lost The mystery is complete within this novel and does not require a reader to have the previous books in the series to follow the story, however reading the series in order is recommended as it provides the reader to increase their acquaintance with the recurring characters For readers who enjoy series, this is one I would recommend.My thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for providing me with an Advanced Digital Reader copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    The Book of Candlelight by Ellery Adams is the third book in the cozy Secret, Book, Scone Society series Each book of this series will contain it s own mystery that is solved so they can each be read as a standalone or in any order However, those that follow from the beginning will notice some character development carries over from book to book.The Secret, Book, Scone Society mystery series takes place in Miracle Springs, North Carolina, a small town that is known to be a place of healing Not only is there a natural hot springs and renowned spa available but many of the shopkeepers in town have their own signature way of healing visitors Nora Pennington is one of those shopkeepers being the owner of Miracle Books where she considers herself a bit of a bibliotherapist being able to talk with a customer and sense which book would help them with their own problems.Now in The Book of Candlelight the town has been dealing with a storm that just doesn t want to leave giving them a lot of flooding As Nora is making her way around town and through the storms she passes by Miracle River and sees what looks to be a body by the footbridge After the law arrives Nora discovers she knows the victim, Danny, a Cherokee potter Nora had just made a purchase from so Nora can t help but bring her Secret, Book, Scone Society ladies the news and have them help her figure out who could have done such a thing to Danny.Having read this series from the beginning what immediately stood out to me as a reader was the fact the author has to be an avid reader herself with making Nora a bibliotherapist with her own knowledge of so many different books which makes it fun to see them all mentioned Then, the next unique thing was all of the characters have their own flaws and pasts that have put them together in this healing town making this one quite the touching and emotional story Add in a solid mystery and it s a nice combination.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    I received a free copy of THE BOOK OF CANDLELIGHT Book 3 of the Secret, Book, Scone Society Series by Ellery Adams in exchange for an honest review It s raining, it s pouring, and Nora Pennington s book coffee shop business is booming Nora finds herself so busy that her book, shelf enhancer, and coffee supplies are running low When Nora ventures through the foul weather to the local flea market to restock her supply of whatnots, she purchases a pottery bowl from Cherokee Danny and his young wife The following day, Nora discovers Danny s battered corpse amongst the churning flood debris in the swollen local river Feeling compassion for Danny s young widow and questioning the circumstances surrounding Danny s death, Nora persistently works to find answers both for herself and for Danny s wife The wet weather and Nora s need for a shop assistant brings Nora several new friends from the Mist of Roses Inn As Nora gets better acquainted with her new friends, Nora develops a new worry her investigation into the murder indicates her new friends may be involved Meanwhile, someone is terrorizing Nora and her other friends, and one member of the Secret, Book, Scone Society is struggling to keep her business above water.I liked this book and enjoy this series The theme of secrets persists I recommend this book to fans of the series, to fans of Ellery Adams, and to fans of cozy mysteries featuring resort towns, small business owners, secrets, books, and small kindnesses TheBookofCandlelight NetGalley

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    Wow Read this in one day Impossible to put down Loved, loved, loved this story

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    I stayed up reading this book late into the night Every time I read a book by this author, I m transported to a time and a place that seems perfect right at that moment All the ladies in the society have their own personal stories, have overcome their own tragedies, yet leave a place in their heart to help others.Nora, owner of miracle books, is still dealing with her own personal demons, yet becomes involved in a mystery that will take the reader back in time.Her best friends, Estella, June and Hester, the other ladies in their unique society, are quick to become involved, knowing that they could put themselves in harm s way.The Book of Candlelight will make you laugh and cry, it will make you angry and sad, but most of all it will make you hopeful.It will show you how friendship can get you through the toughest times and how new friends can be the best medicine.Each time I pick up a book by the wonderful Ms Adams, by the end of the story, I find myself striving to be a better person.It doesn t matter what genre of book you prefer, it will touch your heart in the most unexpected ways.

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    Another winner from Ellery Adams, the third in the Secret, Book, and Scone series Nora Pennington runs Miracle Books and always finds the right book to help her customers and friends But the rain, a constant rain finds her store benefits the bottom line for her bookstore, but leaves her worn out and the shelves at Miracle Books sadly depleted While investigating the death of a potter she met at a flea market, new folks and new problems add to the confusion You will leave this book wanting as the joys of friendship and trust are integral to the plot, and the many books cited will balloon your TBR I m already waiting for the next book, I hated for it to be over Highly recommended Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Nora Pennington owns the local book store, Miracle Books, and also has a small book club of close friends that call themselves the Secret Book Scone Society The society members know each other s darkest secrets and they also secretly help people in their community who need some support oh and they help solve local murders So it s not any surprise that Nora asks the group to help a young widow who has lost her husband and is newly pregnant Little did the society know that it would turn into a murder investigation as well.I won t recap the story as you can read what the publisher has shared What really made an impression on me is that the author touched on several topics that we don t often want to address, or at least not in politely company One was a racial slur word painted on one of the women s house The way the author had the characters address it showed the hurt not only for the victim, but her friends and local law enforcement as well None of them was going to just paint it over and let it go But the one that really warmed my heart was how she addressed the chronic illness of Sheldon, a new character who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Having both of these condition myself, I know just how painful they can be and the characters not only showed empathy, but strove to understand how it impacts Sheldon s day to day life Bravo Ellery Adams is one of my go to authors and I never miss a new release from her As with Sheldon, I read a few books as well, Books push my pain into the background I hope Sheldon is here to stay because he gives me hope and a voice.

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