The House of Hope and Fear Life in a Big City Hospital

The House of Hope and Fear Life in a Big City Hospital ❮Reading❯ ➿ The House of Hope and Fear Life in a Big City Hospital Author Audrey Young – Critically acclaimed author Audrey Young offers a real life Grey's Anatomy set in Seattle's big city hospital Opening with the view of an idealistic young doctor entering her first post graduate job a Critically acclaimed of Hope Kindle Ó author Audrey Young offers a real life Grey's Anatomy set in Seattle's big city hospital Opening with the view of an idealistic young doctor entering her first post graduate job at the The House PDF/EPUB ² local county hospital The House of Hope and Fear explores not only the personal journey of one doctor's life and career but also examines the health care system as a whole The county hospital setting House of Hope ePUB ✓ provides Audrey Young with a second education With clear elouent text the author chronicles attempts made to treat those tossed aside by society along with the personal and ideological shifts that accompany this daunting task House of Hope and Fear eBook Ö All of the hospital politics are detailed in a gripping account of the hospital's inner workings and a human face is expertly given to the health care crisis in America.

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  1. JulieK JulieK says:

    Hospital vignettes by a Harborview doctor I liked the patient stories and the background about the functioning of a public hospital but she got way too into the weeds about some of the daily logistics Even though the book was published less than 10 years ago I was struck by how much has changed in the American health care system since then particularly in terms of the ACA and the opioid crisis

  2. miteypen miteypen says:

    This book is of a behind the scenes look at how a large public hospital is run than it is a collection of stories about the author's interactions with various patients while she worked there The stories are here but the author doesn't mine them for the full dramatic effect that she could have The overall effect is tempered somewhat by the author's agenda which is to present the difficulties of providing health care to the poor and uninsured Since I agree with her that we need universal health care I didn't find that annoying but apparently some readers have As far as the writing goes I thought the author's analytical skills were stronger than her narrative skills That's not to say that the book was boring because it wasn't But it was clear that her strengths lie in meticulous research and thoughtful analysis rather than in pure story telling In other words this is a smart book which I happen to like I especially appreciated the Appendix where she suggests resources for those who would like to learn about issues surrounding health care today I've already put three of the books she recommends on hold at the library and I'm looking forward to delving into things like the history of public or charity hospitals uneual health care and the role of the pharmaceutical industry

  3. mel mel says:

    I devoured this book in a day it's a literal recount of my residency experience at Harborview Seattle's county hospital Right down to the the names of the outsized personalities that make Harborview what it is The author was the year ahead of me in training Read this if you want to find out what it was my training was like a no brainer clue it's nothing like gray's anatomy From running the medic one radios in the emergency room to sprinting for codes across 6 ICUs and 7 floors the anecdotes seem as familiar as if they were my own patients and some of them probably were since the patients she describes are composite sketches of freuent fliers who were familiar to everyone who worked there Also read this if you want a window into how broken our current health care system is and why we need reform reform than what's on the table

  4. Dana Dana says:

    It was interesting to note the similarities between public hospitals and public schools Teachers and doctors have similar agendas in desiring compliant studentspatients and preferring to focus on them instead of capacity and finances It was heart breaking and enlightening to see how Harborview cares for the homeless and I am intrigued by the idea of a wethouse after her description It's a good peek into public healthcare and an important platform for universal heath care

  5. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    This book was okay but not great It was like a short story group than one big story The interesting parts were learning how hospitals track the amount of work their interns perform The story also included bits and pieces of patients

  6. Rogue Reader Rogue Reader says:

    Seattle's Harborview must be an exceptional facility I love how Young has portrayed the hospital staff and physicians and wonder if its still the same how those who work so hard can maintain their empathy sympathy and compassion

  7. Cabra Cabra says:

    Not very good writing or storytelling but full of good and interesting information Glad I read it

  8. tisasday tisasday says:

    An important look about the social aspects of modern healthcare

  9. Laurie Laurie says:

    Dr Young worked at Seattle’s Harborview hospital for a time Harborview is Seattle’s only public hospital; all the rest are private for profit institutions This means that pretty much all of the indigent and uninsured emergency cases end up at Harborview the other hospitals declining to take them in even if they are a shorter ambulance ride for the patient This is the story of how Harborview manages to deal with the over crowding this can cause Harborview’s emergency department is the place where every patient no matter how poor or drug addicted will be treated with dignity and to the best of the hospital’s abilityThe author blends patient stories with descriptions of how the hospital works from the traffic control center the people who coordinate incoming ambulances and where patients end up in the hospital sometimes bunked in the cafeteria the doctors the social workers to the bean counters What emerges is a picture of a system in a lot of trouble Harborview itself is surviving financially but the other six public hospitals in the Seattle area have closed The bigger problem is why there are so many people using Harborview’s emergency services it’s mostly the homeless or those barely keeping a roof over their heads These people who live in the cold and wet and never know when or what they’ll have to eat next are at a much higher risk for illness than people fortunate than them Because they can’t afford to go to a doctor or to buy their medications they put off dealing with their health problems until they pretty much collapse It costs to treat a person in this condition than it does to keep them warm and fed but those services are scarce to nonexistent in America The most common public perception of the poor and homeless is that they deserve to be poor and homeless; that they are lazy drug addicted yes sometimes they are drug addicted less worthy members of the human race Because of this measures to give them what they need to keep healthy are very unpopular On top of this there is the problem that the uninsured pay MORE for their services than insurance does Medicare says “We will pay you X amount for this service no matter what you bill” and hospitals and doctors accept this Insurance companies do the same thing ending up paying sometimes a much smaller amount for a given service How to make up this shortfall? Well bill those without insurance The don’t have the bargaining power of Medicare or insurance companies; they can’t do anything to negotiate the cost As a member of the vast uninsured – and a person with several chronic illnesses I know well the problems with the health care system But many people remain unaware of just how large the problems with the health care system are This book is a great place to learn about it The patient stories were the most interesting parts of the book to me; some patients are followed for many months Some unexpectedly live; some unexpectedly die The patients range from drunks to the mentally ill to the average person to multimillionaires These stories are vivid and immediate and take place embedded in the business of the hospital bits Recommended

  10. Sheena Sheena says:

    The House of Hope and Fear Life in a Big City Hospital is a memoir on Dr Audrey Young’s experience at Harborview Hospital Harborview Hospital is a public hospital located in Seattle Washington where Dr Young worked as a resident doctor in the emergency department Her role in the hospital was not easy Since Harborview Hospital is a public hospital they depend on the government for funding Dr Young had to deal with indigents and uninsured emergency cases She also had t deal with patients that were declined from other hospital in the city which made her job even harder Harborview Hospital accepts patients no matter how poor they were They also accept patients that were alcohol and drug addicts Dr Young highlights the biggest problem of the hospital which was health care because they could hardly put the hospital together Harborview Hospital was the only public hospital left in Seattle because six other hospitals had closed Because Harborview Hospital accepts every patients at arrive in the emergency department there was a point where the hospital had to go on divert This was biggest challenge that Dr Young and her fellow doctors had to face “The most charity care that any other hospital in metropolitan Seattle did in 2005 was 13million” The main issue of the story was health care” pg 96 There were so many uninsured patients in Seattle that Harborview Hospital could barely put its feet upThis book was recommended to me by my friends that took the hospital course at The Johns Hopkins University and I read this book for my English class I was truly amazed on how the amount of dying people that Dr Young survived I recommend this book to the people who are looking for an inspiration from a doctor

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