Bust-up: The uplifting tale of Otto Titzling and the

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    What a wonderful book The author writes with a deliciously astute warm sense of humour which never uite descends into the depths of common bawdy on a subject I’ve not before seen addressed in a book This really is educational social history writing at its best; assisted by the intriguing nature of its subject; and the enormous business opportunities available in early twentieth century AmericaOf course it takes an older woman Mrs Riley to draw Otto’s attention to Miss Olafsen’s of Icelandic descent particular needs As befits a budding opera singer who had managed one performance at the Met in her frontal proportions she was positively Wagnerian At this point the detail of the ‘plot’ thickens and the text begins to read a little like a British 1970s “Carry On” film Schoolboy humour; irresistible I suppose given the subjectChapter Three broadens the elastic so to speak by giving an intriguingly concise history of corsetry from the Minoan civilisation c 2000 BC to the invention in 1913 of industrial processes for extruding liuid rubber to produce fine threads which could then be woven in to produce elasticised materials It’s not difficult to feel how this must have been an absolute Godsend to the very much active lives led by tens of thousands of women who worked as army nurses military drivers in munitions plants etcusw in the First World War 1914 1918Chapter Four discusses the prime physiological reuirements for support so viewed by women as being of a considerably greater importance than attractiveness to males of the species; and also the physiological tailoring challenges engendered by the fact that a significant number of women in the Western World apparently have slightly different sized breasts as the result of asymmetric exercise; whether gained through regular fitness plans or by the nature of their everyday work I reached for my measuring tape In Chapter Five Otto coarsely describing himself as a ‘meatpacker’ Uggh Probably in a bar with his mates meets Hans Delving at this point I REALLY began to uestion if these names were for real Pseudonyms perhaps to protect the shy? who became his life long business associate Delving’s essential commercial contribution was sheer talented business nous He achieved wide product acceptance and profitable sales for the new foundation garmentSo by Chapter Six this book had become an absorbingly good read on how build a successful business ‘of the talents’ in the early twentieth century in America Branching out into ‘falsies’ Chapter Seven adapted from a 1929 patent proved to be a good move Wrapped up in that is a good business tip study patents to make significant technological and consumer desirable improvements on them without infringing an existing patentProduct range increased with the invention of the front fastening bra; unsurprisingly immediately called the “front opening bra” by men Chapter Eight So very much easier to put on and take off; even if apparently women disliked it because on laundry day a front opener simply doesn’t hang well on a washing line so very true It must be remembered that these were the days before domestic electric tumble dryers Neither it must be said does that style of bra suit the generously endowed However just turn the page and hey Chapter Nine is right there to discuss and pretty comprehensively too the Big Busted Thence onto the glossy glamour of Hollywood mid 1930s ‘cheesecake’ Chapter Ten through to the challenges raised by new competition entering the market Chapter TwelveBroadly this is a remarkably entertaining and well told tale of just one business’s contribution within the forging of the industrialisation of America the foundation one might pun which lead to female emancipation and all that we are today What business men women must it have inspired view spoiler It is the Hollywood ‘cheesecake’ “Helga Lemurr” who really cannot fail to stretch the elastic to the point of pinging; and which must surely prompt the reader to search Wikipedia for Helga and Otto All is revealed Literally hide spoiler

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    Ha ha A tongue in cheek look at women's undergarments in particular the bra Some actual facts mingle in with the faux history and the illustrations though rather few in number are interesting

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Bust-up: The uplifting tale of Otto Titzling and the development of the bra ➺ [Download] ➶ Bust-up: The uplifting tale of Otto Titzling and the development of the bra By Wallace Reyburn ➻ – Thomashillier.co.uk From the back cover“This hilarious romp through the history of that twentieth century phenomenon the brassier centres round the person of Otto Titzling son of a German immigrant to the United States From the back cover“This hilarious romp through the uplifting tale MOBI ☆ history of that twentieth century phenomenon the brassier centres round the person of Otto Titzling son of a German immigrant to the Bust-up: The PDF \ United States who forsakes his father’s bridge building business to go into support engineering of a personal kindBuilt into the story of Otto’s triumphs and vicissitudes is an account of the The uplifting tale PDF ☆ history of corsetry in general explaining how the high rigid corset of earlier centuries made a separate bra unnecessary so that it was not until the advent of flexible elasticised material The uplifting tale of Otto Epub / that the need arose for a separate upper storey garment And Titzling soon saw this garment could do than just support ‘What God has forgotten we stuff with cotton’ ran the slogan for an early Titzling ‘falsie’The many illustrations both serious and fanciful range from an engineering drawing of the stress factors involved in bra design to a patent for trapeze artistes whose habit of hanging upside down isn’t catered for by conventional bra designs”.