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  • Paperback
  • 371 pages
  • Il faraone delle sabbie
  • Valerio Massimo Manfredi
  • Italian
  • 11 June 2015
  • 9788804470809

10 thoughts on “Il faraone delle sabbie

  1. Arun Divakar Arun Divakar says:

    There was this time when Dan Brown had been the patron saint of best selling novelists everywhere The time period between Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons had made his books sell like crazy and people everywhere were scrambling after every single thing the man had written An offshoot of his success was that anyone who wrote archaeological thrillers was now in demand and authors racked their brains about every old civilization out there Soon you had fictional professors archaeologists relic hunters mercenaries and so on trampling all over the lands of the Incas the Aztecs the Indus Valley the Persians and the Egyptians among many others Pharaoh seems to be the product of that gold rush period for in many ways it is written with a Hollywood summer blockbuster in mindThere is a kernel of a very interesting story somewhere in this book but it is like a flicker that goes by before you have even noticed it fully William Blake is a washed out archaeology professor whose career is dead in the water and he has nothing to lose while accepting a fly by night assignment with a group of thugs out in the middle of nowhere Blake however finds that he has bitten off than what he could chew and realizes that he is caught in the middle of a game where he cannot even fathom the repercussions of a wrong move He discovers a tomb and the person interred in the tomb is someone you least expect to be there This is the good part of the story and in parallel to this there is another storyline featuring the Mossad Arab terrorism Nuclear Armageddon and America saving the World again surprise surprise This plot device has been used so much that even evoking its memory is now a cliché I’ll let everything slide but you cannot expect me to take a book seriously when the commander of the US Army’s response team goes by the name of General Hooker I meanhow hard is it to think of a name for a character ? Oh and also in one of the scenes General “Hooker” and his team are pinned down by enemy fire and in walks our badass archaeology professor who tells a battle hardened commando how best to finish off a terrorist the commando obeys and guess what our professor was right There is only so much that you can suspend disbelief and beyond a point you stop caring After uite a while I crossed that line with this book Also the identity of the buried man was certainly explosive but was it good enough to bring entire nation states to a standstill ? That’s what the back jacket blurb states but then it doesn’t make that much of logical senseMy recommendation meh

  2. Ola El-Gohary Ola El-Gohary says:

    First off this is WAY far from teaching Dan Brown anything It has just lost a star for the unsuccessful comparison Secondly it's a typical orientalist view on the Middle East that is just biased against the land of war terrorism and tombs The writer has obviously been in direct contact with thr circumstances in Egypt and Palestine and has good knowledge of the Egyptians' lifestyle language as well as the Palestinians' and Israelis' But he just used such knowledge in the most expected ways of a European archeologist who is definitely in awe and disgust of the whole atmosphere and only wishes to be out of it in any ways possible Thirdly technically speaking the book lacks good characterization especially when it comes to the lone blond female figure who's perfectly objectified She's supposed to be a geologist but all she does in the novel was to be a female follower of the protagonist The only character who has some depth or the slightest struggle is Husseini Others just speak the same way and have no internal monologues worries or any humane side at all Regarding the narration it couldn't be boring The whole plot is revealed slowly through unnecessary details without a single twist or surprise The prologue was epic but after that the tempo and the tone went static Bottom line not recommended

  3. Isa Segura Isa Segura says:

    Western point of view of sociopolitical and historical context average plot poor female character development Mary Sue was never basic Mildly entertaining reading although not a recommended one

  4. Aileen Aileen says:

    I expected this to be an average read but thoroughly enjoyed it Disgraced Egyptologist William Blake is approached by a mining company to investigate an untouched tomb they've discovered whilst drilling in the Middle East He isn't told where he's going and everyone seems a little cagey The tomb turns out to be that of a pharoah but why was he buried so far from the Valley of the Kings? William begins his investigations into the identity of the pharaoh and soon realises that he's hit on something that will shake the foundations of the Christian world People in high places are plotting for his silence and he ends up in grave danger Meanwhile around him a war is raging between the Israelis and surrounding Muslim countries which adds to the dangerA cracking good read though to be honest I did wonder if the identity of someone who died over 3000 years ago would have the effect today that the book suggested I felt a little 'so what?' when I read it but I suppose it might startle someA new author to me but one I'd be prepared to read of

  5. Sotiris Karaiskos Sotiris Karaiskos says:

    The super scholar and a sexy female assistant are discovering an ancient secret that can destroy a religion Sounds familiar right? So we have here a Da Vinci Code some years before Da Vinci Code Nothing bad so far seems like an interesting story But the background to this story is a clumsy global politics war fantasy with so much ignorance of the facts Ira and Iran allies? Come on that is getting very frustrating This islamophobic nightmare scenario destroyed any good expectation that I had when I started reading so my rate can't be anything than the lowest

  6. Abdulrhman Hussien Abdulrhman Hussien says:

    First of all the story contains a lot of wrong informations about ISLAM EGYPT and arabs which I will ignore since most of the Western world may not bo concerned with Secondly the story's end is so predictable as the writer is so biased towards Isreal It seems easy to fly to Isreal without being noticed It also seems easy to pass through boarders during war Many illogical events I as a reader didn't accept I don't recommended it to anyone Don't waste your precious time in reading this

  7. Ken Ken says:

    I picked this book up purely because I found the cover interestingI then read the book in about three sittings finishing it late at nightI really enjoyed this book not great literature but a cracking good read with a number of denouements and twists I did not expect I will certainly look out for Manfredi in the future

  8. Rachel G. Rachel G. says:

    I'm only giving this two stars instead of one because it was a fast easy read but goodnesswhat a terrible book It's like Dan Brown but 1000 times cliched The characters are ridiculous and complete caricatures the plot is just silly and the whole thing reads like a forgettable American action movie If he had just stuck to the historical stuff it would have been much better

  9. Marita_z Marita_z says:

    I really enjoyed this book It has suspense arueology yay good caracters good plot it's amazing how the author can put so much in a book with 300 something pages and it still is plausible and not at all rushedI loved the way the author surprised me at the end There were two things I wasn't expecting

  10. Nikolas Nikolas says:

    Will keep you on the edge

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Il faraone delle sabbie❰KINDLE❯ ❅ Il faraone delle sabbie Author Valerio Massimo Manfredi – Gerusalemme assedio babilonese del 586 a C fuggendo attraverso un tunnel il profeta Geremia porta in salvo l'Arca dell'Alleanza e la nasconde in una cavità del monte Horeb Ritorna spaventato e sconvo Gerusalemme assedio babilonese del a C fuggendo attraverso un tunnel il profeta Geremia porta in salvo l'Arca dell'Alleanza e la nasconde in una cavità del monte Horeb Il faraone Kindle - Ritorna spaventato e sconvolto da una scoperta che sembra avergli cancellato il senno Poi scompare nel nulla Medio Oriente II millennio dC Il professor William Blake egittologo di fama mondiale viene prelevato nel cuore della notte dagli emissari di una compagnia di scavi per esaminare una strana tomba egizia E mentre lo scontro fra i terroristi palestinesi e il Mossad rischia di far esplodere la polveriera del Medio Oriente Blake si trova davanti al più misterioso caso della sua vita La tomba di un faraone nel deserto Paran migliaia di chilometri lontano dal Nilo Un'ipotesi sconvolgente che si fa strada nella sua mente un'ipotesi che potrebbe far crollare i più sottili euilibri del mondo Thriller magistrale e rompicapo archeologico Il faraone delle sabbie inchioda il lettore a un'avventura estrema e misteriosa Che non conosce fino all'epilogo un solo momento di pausa.