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    This has RICHARD ARMITAGE AS WOLVERINE Be still my heart 3So For a story about Wolverine, he doesn t really do much until the very end Such a shame For the most episodes, all he got to do was growl a few lines per episode Not that I m complaining, the man could read literally anything and I would listen to it, and, plus, he does make a really awesome Wolverine Anyways This was a really cool story complete with a crazy prophet, people hunting Logan, gruesome killings , and it does seem like there will be stories, so yay Can t wait.

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    Not really a book, this was presented as a podcast and I tuned in every week to catch each episode as they were released I found a very fun radio style play and I loved it So if you re a fan of Wolverine this ll be a must haveThis was done with a great story and cast of characters, and OMG Richard Armitage as Wolverine was brilliant I caught it on Stitcher, but I know that it s available elsewhere And the good news is you can now binge the complete story.

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    3.5 Didnt listen to the podcast but this was quite good if not for some heavy dialogue Wolverine really didnt feature that much.

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    I ve found my new favorite podcast Excellent voice work, great atmosphere, decent story, if a little thin on substance Bob Balaban is especially good, but that s always the case, isn t it Richard Armitage is a perfect Logan I hope they put a little story, a little fewer long, atmospheric pauses in the next one.

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    I had my ups and downs with this Ultimately, I enjoyed it But it was not what I thought it should be For a story with wolverine in the title, he is not close to really being the main character Maybe I have to say about the marketing of this story But would have liked to see wolverine as much of a focal point Was not a fan of the twist at the end, didn t think it was at all needed It changed the story for me and not in a positive way I did like the story and would look forward to I certainly would have described the story much of a mystery, almost detective like in style.

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    Wolverine has long been my favorite comic book character This is supposed to be some milestone for Marvel and starting a line of scripted podcasts, and it was pretty good to listen to I did expect to follow the Wolverine though, but we actually see the story play out through the eyes of the special agents, who personally I could ve cared less about, and for this reason I am rating it lower than I normally would It s pretty neat that the setting is in Alaska Wolverine went up there to be isolated It s worth a listen if you like comic book media I listened to it for free on Podcast Republic.

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    This first Marvel podcast revolves around two federal agents who travel to a sleepy Alaskan town to investigate murders with telltale signs of mutant particularly Wolverine activity The production features top quality voice actors and sound design that fidget spinner , and a sinuous plot that kept me guessing until the bombshell ending We actually don t get to hear from Logan that much, but he s definitely the same Weapon X produced, heed no warning, reluctant killer with a heavy conscience whom we know and love Definitely worth a listen.

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    The five stars are just for casting Richard Armitage as Wolverine how ingenious What a voice But he hardly has any lines until episode 10 the last one , which was rather disappointing, and most of the scenes involving him are told in retrospect, which makes them kinda dull Still, I ll definitely listen to the next Wolverine podcast as well when it comes

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    Not sure what I thought about this podcast book It was fun to listen to this book and enjoyable to learn about Wolverine But the story lacked so much They rushed the climax, they rushed revealing all of the secrets, and they ended in a pathetic way There are way too many unanswered questions like did weapon X get what they wanted Why did Wolverine help take out the Langrocks What happened to the agents Why where they robots What was with the cult I can go on and on.

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Wolverine: The Long Night Following A String Of Mysterious Deaths In Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce And Tad Marshall Arrive To Investigate They Soon Find There S Going On Than Meets The Eye Marvel S Hit Scripted Podcast Wolverine The Long Night, Comes To Life On The Page Chilling Twists And Turns, Brought To You By The Original Author Of The Podcast, Benjamin Percy, And The Art Talents Of Marcio Takara COLLECTING WOLVERINE THE LONG NIGHT ADAPTATION