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Tall Skinny Cappuccino [Download] ➵ Tall Skinny Cappuccino By Kimberly Huff – Thomashillier.co.uk Emma Mosley is a dreamer who seems to be wishing on someone else's star You'd think that meeting the love of your life would make you wonderfully happy The problem is that he belongs to someone else h Emma Mosley is a dreamer who seems to be wishing on someone else's star You'd think that meeting Tall Skinny MOBI :↠ the love of your life would make you wonderfully happy The problem is that he belongs to someone else her boss Then Emma is forced into working for a nasty politician and we wonder if she can keep it together With a few surprises including a love triangle and a shocking political scandal Emma's world falls apart and she learns that sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and admit that you need someone.

10 thoughts on “Tall Skinny Cappuccino

  1. Rachel J Rachel J says:

    Loved loved loved this book This is the only book I have ever read twice It's a book you will laugh in and be touched by; a perfect beach read The main character is very relatable You will find yourself identifying with her and rooting for her It is a shame that someone who reviewed this book poorly seemed to actually be trying to hurt the author personally I would disregard her comment and buy the book Fabulous

  2. Jo Jo says:

    I really enjoyed the humour in this book and loved the main character as she fights against Jack though the ending is predictable the story takes several swerves to try and hide the destination But you do want it to the end the way it does and it will keep you involved and smilingI wanted to read this book at every opportunity

  3. Myra Hill Myra Hill says:

    Why I Liked This BookEmma Mosely a frenetic slightly OCD journalist is one of the funniest most hilarious protagonist I've read about in a long time The things she gets into and the way she narrates is so realistic It's almost like I'm reading someone's diary in the best of ways Not to mention the supporting characters like Mandy Lance Caleb Jack even Natasha made this book even funny and added their own little flavor to it And there were so many Hollywood references which only added to Emma's character She was so interesting and a breath of fresh air from the usual angsty depressed female characters My DislikesOkay so we have Jack And he's a love interest The problem is hes really not that interesting The word to describe him would be milk toast He was sweet but ultimately I found him as his inability to say anything of importance kind of bland Out of all the guys I must say that Lance the one with the least amount of page time was my favorite Final Rating 1010 Its been so long since I last read a comedy book that was actually funny and not filled with sex jokes That coupled with an actually good plotline and interesting characters made this a complete a total favorite

  4. Lindsay Barnes Lindsay Barnes says:

    This book was written by Kimberly Huff an alum of my sorority so when she sent the word out that her book was being published in September I was eager to read it After all Harper Lee was a Chi Omega and we know how great her big book was right? I had difficulty finding it locally but reuested that my library purchase it they did and it came in last week Now i'm a fan of the chick lit genreeasy reading fast reading good reading This book has been toted as being clean chick lit and I wasn't really sure how I felt about that I kinda like my trashy chick lit I can honestly say that I didn't miss the hotness of the genre as I read this story not at all I enjoyed the book once I really got into it I initially found it extremely dialogue heavy which i typically like and therefore somewhat young sounding I didn't really like the main character and found her somewhat annoying I don't really see someone acting the way she does and still don't I did however love the story and the way Kimberly Huff lead us through the growing up process of the lead character was refreshing I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys reading chick lit and any other happily ever after story It was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading any of Huff's future novels

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    Great Chic Lit I'm lucky to know the author of this fab book from book club so I might be slightly biased but I thought it was a page turner I finished it off in just three nights which is unheard of for me unless i'm on vacation I just don't read much in my day to day routine Cute book Can't wait for you next one Kim

  6. Anna Chavez Anna Chavez says:

    This book was mildly entertainingfor a few minutes It may be enjoyable for a select few Writing isdefinitely not Ms Huff's forte

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