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Heirs Of Earth Read Heirs Of Earth Sean Williams Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Earth Has Been Destroyed, And With It The Natural Order Of Things What Little That Remains Of Humanity Is Caught Between The Spinners And The Starfish, Unsure Whether To Run, Hide, Or Fight Back None Of The Options Is Particularly Attractive, And None Offers Much Hope For Survival.

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    j ai vraiment bien aim le concept des nombreux engrammes reproductions lectroniques de m mes humains, qui pour certains essaient d aller au del de leur programmation j ai bien aim ce monde aussi cette s rie vaut la peine d tre lue dans l ordre.

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    Trippy space opera.

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    All leads to disorderI really enjoyed this book Thechaotic the action became the less I followed it Maybe it is me but understanding all is not possible.

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    An interesting read that delves into moralistic questions in a futuristic world.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this series of books and would recommend it It looks at cloning and asks the question can clones develop individual identities or do they want to remain the same It explores the challenges of xenophobia and various means of space travel True Space Opera Science Fiction.

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