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The Girl the Sea Gave Back The New Gut Wrenching Epic From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Sky In The DeepFor As Long As She Can Remember, Tova Has Lived Among The Svell, The People Who Found Her Washed Ashore As A Child And Use Her For Her Gift As A Truthtongue Her Own Home And Clan Are Long Faded Memories, But The Sacred Symbols And Staves Inked Over Every Inch Of Her Skin Mark Her As One Who Can Cast The Rune Stones And See Into The Future She Has Found A Fragile Place Among Those Who Fear Her, But When Two Clans To The East Bury Their Age Old Blood Feud And Join Together As One, Her World Is Dangerously Close To CollapseFor The First Time In Generations, The Leaders Of The Svell Are Divided Should They Maintain Peace Or Go To War With The Allied Clans To Protect Their Newfound Power And When Their Chieftain Looks To Tova To Cast The Stones, She Sets Into Motion A Series Of Events That Will Not Only Change The Landscape Of The Mainland Forever But Will Give Her Something She Believed She Could Never Have Again A Home

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    HEAVY BREATHING INTENSIFIES Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I m a bit shocked, as I feel like this book read much like a debut that then author s actual debut novel did The world building is minimal, if non existent, and the plot is predictable and felt lacking in purpose Overall, it was a straight forward story without the tension I typically find in fantasy to drive the story forward I think the idea is here, but unfortunately this one just fell flat for me however, I will concede that I m likely in the minority with my opinions I m all about giving this author another shot with her next book, though, as Sky in the Deep showcased the talent that Young clearly capable of Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    I absolutely loved Sky in the Deep, but I couldn t connect with this one or the characters The prose is very beautiful and rich here but I wanted viking stuff and stronger romantic elements between the leads However, I think it could just be me here.

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    DNF at page 10 The Girl the Sea Gave Back needs a major editing overhaul prior to publication in September of 2019 Will revisit this book once finished copies are available.

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    6 27 19WOO YOUR GIRL JUST GOT APPROVED FOR THIS ON NETGALLEY SO EXCITED D 4 1 19So it seems this will be about someone new, interesting I wonder if we ll see her encounter our former protagonists Also, I m not mad at this cover I hope this book will either be about Evelyn s best friend or Harvard Because I d love to spend time with them Harvard s story could be especially interesting, what with him growing up amongst his clan s former enemies.

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    The battles were brutal and awesomeThis was a bit slow to begin but it had to be with the background information I didn t read Sky in the Deep prior to this one and didn t feel that I had to I ended up truly loving this book It reminded me quite a bit of Vikings on the History channel and Halvard was an awful lot like young Ragnar Lothbrok I can only hope he stays that way, because Ragnar Lothbrok was awesome.The story was about Tova who was found at six years old on the shore by a surrogate father, Jorrund She was in a funeral boat that was partially burned out and it was obvious to him that she was a kyrr truthtongue which is a seer of sorts that uses stones like runes and reads them He decides to use this to his political advantage and tells her that she was a sacrifice to the gods by her people She grew up thinking that The Svell whom she lived with hated her for being the messenger of bad things They treated her like the things she saw where her fault even though they were the ones that would ask for the readings, mostly during dire situations or in times of war.The battle scenes were brutal and like the Vikings TV show they were extremely detailed so that was another thing that reminded me of the same But I was loving it Tova tries to do what is right and nobody wants to let her, and nobody ever stands up for her Though when it comes down to the major battle there is a scene where I found myself crying, then cheering out loud It was an awesome moment There were a few of those in this book I love a lot of action.Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    It has been like 4 years since I won a Goodreads giveaway, so I m still in shock So happy it s for this b c I loved the 1st Here are some of my thoughts This book can be quite brutal I felt already a little weepy at the beginning of the book because everything seems to be going wrong This book really goes there at times I had no idea who was going to live, who was going to die, especially during these war times I like that some of the characters are wise to know that no one should be looking for war War comes to people There is no point in causing war when it results in endless deaths It sickens me to see Vigdis initiate war just because he wants Svell to be the strongest clan He kills many just for something like that This is so different from the 1st book where war stems from a history and cycle of prejudice, violence, and hate However, I guess it is realistic to show both of these reasons for war some wars stem from ingrained hatred, and some are caused by power hungry leaders I am happy that Harvard is the protagonist in this one He was the one that I wanted the book to be about when the 1st book ended and Myra but it was nice to see here as a stronger, happier character after 10 years His side of the story is about him coming to terms with becoming the new leader of their clan He feels unsure and incompetent but it is nice to see that everyone else from his clan see his potential That is probably due to how he is innately a noble man with a good heart The other half of this story is about Tova There is something intriguing with the plot that is revolving around fate and what the Spinners have chosen I like the Kyrr clan that is introduced here It would have been nice to get to know about their people because most of them come off as vague characters when the book is focused on building the characters of Nadhir and Svell but let s be real mainly Nadhir because they are the clan that combined the 2 clans we met in the 1st book Riki and Aska I find this particular development super cool and I am glad that after 10 years, these people have found peace with each other I find Tova s journey with the Svell to be somewhat repetitive and less interesting because we mainly see her following the Svell as their leader makes very bad, evil decisions in his power hungry mind And they mistreat her, and she worries about what the fate is telling her and she s scared of screwing it up It is a complex situation with Tova being an outsider wanting to fitting in, while her father figure has raised her but also used her I can see why she is conflicted and why she follows along with what the Svell wants However, I think reading her side of the story only gets truly interesting when she finally puts her foot down And that really took a long while I like the romance between Harvard and Tova but in contrast to the 1st book, this book focuses way less on the romance In this book, the romance is approached lightly Harvard and Tova have very little scenes together, although they think about each other a lot The romance is about fate destiny than actual developments or interactions I prefer the latter, but I can see why the romance would be of the destined variety when this plot in general is so immersed in fate Svell is primarily characterized by the power hungry leader, Vigdis, Tova s controlling yet conflicting father figure, Jorrund, and the grumpy, yet surprising kind bodyguard, Gunther The former 2 are unpleasant to read about Gunther is a surprise and I love him He is MVP I do wonder what the common folks of Svell think though We don t know much about them, except they all hate Tova I find it interesting that everyone, particularly Vigdis, so easily blames Tova for their misfortunes when she is mainly the seer messenger interpreter of fates It s even baffling when Vigdis blames her for his own mistakes that led to bad outcomes I hate it, but I suppose it is realistic in a way because some people love to put the blame on other people I am so glad to see all my old favorites again Eelyn, Fiske, and Iri It is nice to see how they are doing after 10 years I love Aghi and hearing how he has united the 2 clans and has tied everyone together I trulyyyy appreciate that this book and the 1st focus on the strong family and community bonds The relationships I see in these books are so real and deep, and make me want to root for everyone to be happy and alive I absolutely love seeing Harvard reuniting with his family in this book and seeing how much everyone cares about each other The cover looks even better in real life There is some cool gloss texture or whatever you call it on the sea area.This book has made me think a lot about the intricacies of fate and war Young has shown characters who react to fate and war in realistic ways there is a whole spectrum of how each responds to them I like Harvard, especially seeing how much he has grown since the 1st book Tova has a complicated plot but it does fall a little short for me in terms of her developments Still, I have rooted for her since the beginning I like seeing her connection with Kyrr and learning about that Overall, I give this 3.5 stars I look forward to reading books by this author because she really knows how to tug at the heart strings with characters and their relationships with each other I love, love the strong family theme in these 2 books Thank you, St Martin s Press, for the ARC Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler A little bittersweet but generally happy for our main characters hide spoiler

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    I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I loved the first book. so it isn t really surprising that I fell in love with this one as well The girl the Sea Gave Back was so entertaining It was definitely a page turner and made me fall in love with Tova and Halvard Now I m not really a fan of the back and forth with flashbacks because they don t always work in books Yet, it definitely did in this one It made everything clearer in a way that I wasn t expecting It also made me fall even in love with Tova s character because she is most definitely a bad ass Speaking of Tova, oh lord she was aammaazziinngg She had moments when I had cheered for her because no one should be treated that way I felt so bad for her during those moments so I was like. ya know karma is a bitch but I feel like Tova is a bigger one when you try to cross her Or ya know. hit her in any way, shape, or form YA KNOW Then there s Halvard, and ugh I loved his parts I was craving interaction between him and Tova though but I guess I can accept what I got in this book maybe Not quite sure on that yet I especially want to know about this damn cliffhanger because hot damn, I hate those so much UGH, I NEED MORE DAMMIT so I m expecting another book ASAP Overall, everyone should read and love this.

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    Considering how much SKY IN THE DEEP failed to work for me, I m totally shocked though delighted how much this one did Also, can we talk about the cover Hello gorgeous.Review to come for the blog I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review.

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