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    I mean who cares The death of Rudolf Hess Whilst I don t believe the official line of every controversial incident that I ve been told about, I do tend to get frustrated with conspiracy theories especially ones that have something to do with Nazism that are put forward both in literature and in every day life Frankly I don t really want to listen to someone parsing the complicity of the average Aryan in WWII or the presence of paganism in the SS at the expense of important facts such as how and why the Final Solution evolved in the way it did.However, H.I.D., a play that bluntly disagrees with the verdict that Hess committed suicide on the 17th August 1987 and draws most of its source material and conclusions from Hess A Tale of Two Murders and Richard Norton Taylor s Hess Affair won me over Whilst the revelation of the true circumstances of Hess s death are the main event, the play also raises several questions that are interesting to take away and consider, such as how hard facts can, I find, go mushy The stones of fact turn to marshmallow and whether or not...

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H.I.D.: Hess Is Dead PDF Epub H.I.D Hess Is Dead By Howard Brenton Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Dramatic Encounter With The Ghosts That Haunt Modern Europe, HESS IS DEAD Is As Stunning Piece Of Theatre Which Borrows Some Of Its Startling Imagery And Effects From Performance Art, As Brenton Investigates The Contradictions Surrounding The Apparent Suicide Of Hitler S One Time Deputy, Rudolf Hess.