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Heist The Sword Mage Chronicles Book 3 ➝ Heist The Sword Mage Chronicles Book 3 free download ➢ Author Ell Leigh Clarke – Thomashillier.co.uk Working together has never been a strong suit for exiled gods Particularly when it comes to working with new peopleHuman peoplePeople who have their now mortal lives in their handsTo make matters wors Working together has never been a strong Sword Mage Kindle Ï suit for exiled gods Particularly when it comes to working with new peopleHuman peoplePeople who have their now mortal lives in their handsTo make matters worse when Bentley uncovers a plot that goes deeper than just the uick heist they’ve been Heist The PDF/EPUB ² hired for things start to unravel fastA plot that could mean not just the enslavement and death of the ALF Artificial Life Forms they decide to rescue but the human population at largeBut first she has to figure out who she can trust Will she be able to persuade The Sword Mage Epub Ù everyone to work togetherCan she protect her team from an ensuing showdown of blasters and bulletsAnd will she see the bigger picture before it’s too lateFind out now.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 237 pages
  • Heist The Sword Mage Chronicles Book 3
  • Ell Leigh Clarke
  • 27 March 2016

About the Author: Ell Leigh Clarke

Recovering theoretical physicist professional geek newbie sci Sword Mage Kindle Ï fi novelist and die hard Doctor Who fanThough she is originally from England she is mostly what her friends call a “digital nomad” hanging in whichever country calls to her as long as it has good wifi and coffeeellleighclarke.

10 thoughts on “Heist The Sword Mage Chronicles Book 3

  1. A. Njoroge A. Njoroge says:

    Like a fine wineI started reading this series for a change of pace Book one was like jumping into the middle of an action scene in a movie It took some time to make heads or tails of what was going on I was sorely tempted to drop it and move on but am glad that I didn't since a lot of the uestions I had have been made clear in book 3 There are characters that you'll love hate love to hate vice versa All in all in the midst of the fighting sulking and miscellaneous shenanigans there are serious uandaries that encourage the reader to consider their real life moral legal existential positions That said this is a not so easy read that manages nonetheless to be highly entertaining Do give it a chance

  2. Veronica Veronica says:

    GrowthBentley and Jade are maturing discovering things they didn’t know about themselves and growing as individuals as well as being part of a teamWe meet new people and a new sub plot New names that clue us in as to their functionraison d’être There’s a cheeky humour threaded throughout lightening the darkness We all see heavy issues dealt with things to make us think and challenge our world viewsIn other words another excellent installation in Bentley’s story No I’m going to be anxiously awaiting the next book as Ell left us on a cliffhanger 😳

  3. Jim Guldner Jim Guldner says:

    Really English spelling of tonne made it thru spellchecker?Reveals as the books progress ok An increasingly diverse evil yet forgiving universe a complex and still undefeated backstory for Bentley androids Svend and others vs Jelly with issues human fosters Ivor and androids showing how forgiveness could help in a situationEll Leigh keep on going I believe your story and current style have merit or at least are interestingThanx

  4. Charles Wood Charles Wood says:

    HeistWell Here's the thing As cloudy as Bentley's path has been in the previous two books things get really obscure and mysterious in this one At first Don't be discouraged though much is eventually revealed I found this story to be a very interesting third chapter in the series Five stars Well done Ell


    Bentley keeps going Thankfully our trusty author continues to surprise and tease us in her continuing series The 'Gods' are revealed and their interference in the universe brings anarchy and soul plotting to the fore Good storyline clever characters lots of space battles and even sword fights in space what do you want ?

  6. Robert Lee Robert Lee says:

    A realistic heroineMost series have a protagonist who goes with the flow and never uestions their pathBOOOOORINGWhat if the heroine decided she wanted her own life?What if she wanted her path to divulge?What if she decided to uit?Read this awesome sauce third book and find out

  7. Lois Alston Lois Alston says:

    Great storyBentley is really whiny and selfish but I am glad she has at least decided to see things through Will the crew ever truly come together? I am not sure what the purpose of this series is yet

  8. Sara L. Skroh Sara L. Skroh says:

    Great space operaThis is another great fast paced story I like the suspense of the story unfolding bit by bit as we go alongthe secrets are what makes it so fascinating Excellent job

  9. George Lawson George Lawson says:

    Lots of adventure in this oneThis is the best so far in the series Huge amount of action and daring do The rebels and androids team up to tackle a nasty mess and it's a pop Can't wait for

  10. Andrew Volz Andrew Volz says:

    Another great one from EllIn the notes I saw you were worried about some not liking that everything isn't laid out off the bat in this series I personally love it so far Getting to further explore the characters and the world they live in in the reason to keep reading

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