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Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library! [PDF] ✪ Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library! Author Eth Clifford – Mary Rose and Jo Beth are sisters who hardly ever agree on anything but they both feel as if this night will never end First their car runs out of gas in an unfamiliar city and their father goes in se Mary a Prisoner in the PDF/EPUB or Rose and Jo Beth are sisters who a Prisoner Epub â hardly ever agree on anything but they both feel as if this night will never end First their car runs Help! I'm PDF/EPUB ² out of gas in an unfamiliar city and their father goes in search of a gas station Then Jo Beth makes Mary Rose go with her to find a I'm a Prisoner PDF/EPUB è bathroom and they stumble across a curious old library And then worst of all they get locked in But their troubles are just beginning Is Jo Beth right about I'm a Prisoner in the Epub / the library being haunted by banshees Or is there a logical explanation as Mary Rose claims.

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  1. Federico DN Federico DN says:

    I know How can you possibly be a prisoner in a library???This is what happens when you are goofing around looking for auto results in Google for Help I; curious about what else is there besides Help I accidentally build a shelf You find a ridiculously titled book and of course you put everything else on hold because you must accidentally read itIn a cold winter day during a blizzard Mary Rose and Jo Beth enter a small public library looking for a restroom But surprise surprise When the deed is done the hour is late and they are trapped inside the library Forever Just kidding just for the night A very scary night with scary noises and scary things all around An innocent 100p children's book Not bad considering zero to negative expectations for such a book Surprisingly it was worth the time It has some nice pictures too view spoilerMary Rose and Jo Beth didn't read a single book Might as well have been 'Help I'm a Prisoner in the Meat Packing Factory' hide spoiler

  2. Josiah Josiah says:

    A relentless blizzard a spooky old mansion a pair of lost kidseverything is here for an exciting mystery story With the third Onetree child due to be born any day Mr Onetree is driving his other kids—Mary Rose age ten and Jo Beth seven—to go stay with their Aunt Madge when his car runs out of gas After admonishing the sisters to remain in the locked vehicle Mr Onetree trudges off to a gas station through the snowfall but the plan goes sideways when Jo Beth needs to use a bathroom right away The girls wander to the nearest building with a sign out front designating it The Finton Memorial Library for Children They uietly enter but don't see anyone in the spacious manor Are they alone? We know something Mary Rose and Jo Beth don't they aren't alone Miss Vilmor Finton caretaker of the library is making her rounds preparing to close the building for the day People weren't stopping in on account of the blizzard anyway Miss Finton locks up and heads to bed on the second floor without running into the Onetree girls but they know something is up when the lights go out The library seems spookier now so Mary Rose and Jo Beth hide in an exhibit terrified of what could be hiding in the dark They and Miss Finton still have no idea of each other's presence in the building Jo Beth feels positive the place is haunted and a banging followed by an ominous moan upstairs seem to prove her right Her older sister tries to keep calm against the notion that ghosts or witches are in the library but being rational is harder in a dark mansion than in daylight There's a story behind The Finton Memorial Library for Children but not the ghastly one Jo Beth's runaway imagination conjures When the electricity goes out the girls have no way to contact anyone to let them know they're stranded here but that gives them time to learn about the woman who operates the library They might even find a way to preserve the old mansion from becoming obsoletewhich as we read in later books featuring the Onetree siblings is the kind of adventure they enjoy I appreciate Eth Clifford's storytelling Help I'm a Prisoner in the Library isn't as cute as Never Hit a Ghost with a Baseball Bat though there are nice moments Jo Beth gets carried away with her fears and fantasies but she's creative and affectionate the type to make even a dour librarian smile We see this in Miss Finton's reaction when Jo Beth finally warms up to her I can't think of a nicer way to start the day than to be told that you're nice and someone loves you Thank you Jo Beth Who but a seven year old would be so forward with her feelings especially to someone who hasn't been expressive in return? That's part of the charm of this series I might give Help I'm a Prisoner in the Library the full two stars and I recommend it for readers wanting a simple wholesome story Eth Clifford is good for that

  3. Kailey (BooksforMKs) Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

    I remember loving this book when I was a kid and I fantasized about spending the night in a library Jo Beth and Mary Rose are sisters who get stranded in a library during a blizzard The library displays and manneuins depicting literary characters are creepy in the dark and there are weird noises coming from upstairs The sisters find an injured librarian and have to use all their common sense to help her and get themselves rescued from the blizzardThe simple writing style makes this a perfect book for young children who are reading chapter books While the sisters are mildly frightened at every mysterious sound in the old library the reader never really feels scared It's just suspenseful and interesting enough to keep you guessing but will not give a kid nightmaresI really love that each of the characters have their own prickly and funny personalities Their dialogue is hilarious

  4. Torie Torie says:

    The main characters are Maryrose and Jo beth Maryrose is older then Joe beth and they are sistersThe plot of this story is for Maryrose and Joe beth to find a way out of the library When Maryrose Joe beth and their father ran out of gas in the middle of a blizzard their father has to go get help He tells them to stay in the car but Joe beth says she has to go to the bathroom really bad so Maryrose brings her to the closest place the public library Once they get into the library the lights turn off and the doors lock When they thought everything couldn't get strange enough they hear noises coming from upstairs Will they find their way out? I liked this book alot It was a really good book to read I liked how in every chapter something exciting happened I also liked how the girls took an adventure in this book I didn't like how short the book was I wish it was a longer book The thing that made this book special was now they have a great story to tell I think if people like exciting books they should definatly read this book

  5. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Just read this with my son He thought it was funny I on the other hand wasn't to thrilled by the plot The title Help I'm a Prisoner in the Library had such promise to be exciting Yet this is a children's book and I had fun reading it to him

  6. April April says:

    I remember that in third grade our school librarian read this whole book out loud to us I loved it then and I love it now Only now I am the one reading it out loud to kids

  7. Jim Jim says:

    probably the fantasy of every goodreads user fun ya good read aloud for third or forth grade

  8. Tara Calaby Tara Calaby says:

    I hadn't realised they were making Apple Scholastic paperbacks as far back as 1979 That little revelation was the most exciting thing about this book

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Fun and uick not too out of date for how the cover looks

  10. Kitty Tomlinson Kitty Tomlinson says:

    Mary Rose a 10 year old and her little sister JoBeth become stranded in a public library during a blizzard after their father runs out of gas while on the way to take the 2 girls to an aunt in Indianapolis while their mother delivers their new sibling Fun read Cute children's book

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