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Shadowblack [PDF / Epub] ☉ Shadowblack By Sebastien de Castell – The second book in the rich compelling and laugh out loud Spellslinger series for all teen YA adult and fantasy readers Perfect for fans of The Dark Tower Firefly The Hunger Games and Guardians of the The second book in the rich compelling and laugh out loud Spellslinger series for all teen YA adult and fantasy readers Perfect for fans of The Dark Tower Firefly The Hunger Games and Guardians of the GalaxyIt's a few months since Kellen left his people behind Now sixteen Kellen and Reichis have developed something of a reputation for being able to kill unruly mages So it's no surprise when a wealthy but desperate father asks for their help in hunting down the men who've blackmailed him by putting a deadly curse on his only daughter But when Kellen realizes the girl is showing all the symptoms of the Shadowblack he starts to wonder if those same mages might be able to cure his own disease for the right price.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Shadowblack
  • Sebastien de Castell
  • English
  • 14 May 2016

10 thoughts on “Shadowblack

  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    I don't care who knows it I'm a fanboy Yes it's fantasy YA but after the first novel and having loved the flow so well and where it wound up there's nothing that might convince me to stop nowOn the roadEverything about the characters is fun Sorry It's just super easy reading and what's not to love about a wisecracking thieving racoon cat who is the nightmare of every mage alive as your best friend? Or having a wily dancercharmer showing him the ropes on the road in a permanent exile? Or how about solving the riddle of a plague of shadowblacks overwhelming a far off city?This one is mostly about living off the land and surviving in it enjoying the characters so expertly developed in the first book and learning a bit or a lot about oneself in the processThe exile is coming into his own Evil or not evil? We shall see Totally looking forward to the new audiobook this month for book 3

  2. Hamad Hamad says:

    This Review ✍️ Blog 📖 Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📷 “First thing you learn travelling the long roads kid language is as much in the way you speak as the words you choose” Spellslinger ★★★ 12The Dowager Magus ★★★★Shadowblack ★★★After finishing book 1 I decided to give this time to see if it improves I felt that book 1 was better and I kind of expected that with the reviews I saw for this one The book continues where book 1 ended but unfortunately the plot shifts away from the main line toward what I felt was a fillerThis book focuses on the Argosis and their ways I felt the point was to develop Kellen as a character because let’s be real he was never the brightest main character in YA fantasy I think this was well established with this book There were some new characters and I believe nothing was wrong with themThe prose is very easy to read and I think that is logical since it is directed toward younger audience I did not enjoy the banter and humor in this one very much because it started to become predictable not funny and it got on my nervesThe world building is okay I am just salty because I know it has a lot of potential to be something epic just imagine the 6 bands they have for 6 different elements and the possibilities the magic can develop with dual or triple combinations of those but instead we are stuck with the same 2 or 3 spells and that makes me annoyed “I’m going to go murder something’‘It’s called hunting you know’‘Not the way I do it” Summary An okay entry to the series that worked as a filler to develop the characters The plot and magic system have potential for sure and I am waiting for that to happen The reviews for the third book are excellent and since I do not think this one was bad at the end of the day I am still willing to continue it soonYou can get books from Book Depository

  3. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    This was for sure a step up from book one which I enjoyed but this one kept me engrossed through to the end and I am now really looking forward to seeing where the story goes next In this book we're once again following Kellen who is view spoilernow an outcast from the hide spoiler

  4. Victoria Rose Victoria Rose says:

    Kid one day if you live long enough you're gonna figure out that power is the biggest joke of all So Spellslinger was a fun twisty turny adventure with added magic and angst and great characters with wit and a few darker moments but not so much of a wild west influence as the cover would suggestFor Shadowblack Castell has upped the darker moments by like 75% upped the angst by 50% upped the western style by 10% and kept everything else the characters the magic the twisty turns the funny bits about the sameSo you could prefer either Spellslinger or Shadowblack depending on your tastes We left Kellen running from his childhood home with a price on his head taken in by the continuing to be a badass Ferius and accompanied by his suirrel cat companion Reichis Just like Spellslinger the novel opens with a fight and a beating Poor kid and Ferius showing Kellen how its done Here begins the change I know you're scared kid and you've got good reason to be You want to do the right thing but your fear makes you look for ways to protect yourself Think of Shadowblack like many superhero seuel films Remember Spiderman 2? Or Iron Man 2? Or even Captain America Winter Soldier? Shadowblack is all about the classic crisis of confidence not knowing what to do or where you belong feeling like you're all alone in a big and scary world Kellen is a hunted hated exile and Ferius is not teaching him what he wants to learn He's beginning to harbour some resentment feeling useless and honestly getting a bit fed up with getting beaten all the time You can see where he's coming from as Kellen was just as relatable in Spellslinger and again this is a strong element of the novel The story too is darker Spellslinger had its moments of animal cruelty and sinister plots but Shadowblack is easily the Evil Trophy Winner Our characters get hurt harder and easily their friends don't always make it and winning is not a sure thing The twists remain with a couple of fun double bluffs to enjoy and some really tense scenes Again I'm not really going to expand on the plot very much its much fun to go in blind Let us make no maps of lands yet unseen There are some fun new characters to enjoy including a mysteriously blindfolded girl and her companion another Argosi like Ferius I loved the interactions between the 2 Argosi which helped expand Ferius' character a little There was also an added element of romance in this instalment which I didn't entirely hate There was less emphasis on the magical aspects overall which I didn't mind since there was so much emphasis on dark murdery plot lines which I am always going to enjoy Overall it was a great seuel with a bit of a tone shift that didn't take away from the enjoyability of the series

  5. The Tattooed Book Geek (Drew). The Tattooed Book Geek (Drew). says:

    As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek won a copy of this book through Readers FirstEven though The Greatcoats by Sebastien de Castell is one of my favourite fantasy series I have to admit that I haven’t read the first book in his YA fantasy series the Spellslinger series You all know how it is too many books and sadly never enough time to read them all and ultimately some will end up passing you by😢I was however easily able to pick up and follow the story in Shadowblack without any prior knowledge so it’s all good Granted I only got to know the bare bones of the previous book but it was enough you learn as you progress through the book and uite frankly it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of Shadowblack at all👌Kellen of the House of Ke is a sixteen year old outcast an outlaw spellslinger from Jan’Tep on the run who also happens to have the ‘shadowblack‘ – the shadowblack is a dangerous magical plague that is easily recognisable by the swirling black design around the left eye That will in time cause the inflicted to descend into madnessWhat’s a spellslinger you might ask Well let me tell you A spellslinger is a derogatory term used by the people of Jan’Tep and means that Kellen doesn’t have much magic the six different forms of magic are Iron ember breath blood sand and silk Kellen due to having the shadowblack has been permanently counter banded which means he is unable to ever use five out of the six forms of magic The only one available to him is breath and he only knows a couple of different variations of one singular spell and has to resort to his own wits guile and a variety of other tricks to supplement his meagre magical ability and to help stay aliveHis two companions are Reichis a two foot tall nekhek suirrel cat think Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy only far murderous with an even worse attitude and his favourite food just so happens to be that delicious delicacy human eyeballs nom nom nom Actually with Reichis bad attitude and my love for the classic 1980’s show The A Team I think he should be referred to as Bosco “B A” Bareichis😂 And Ferius Parfax a red headed Argosi card wielding think of a female version of Gambit from the X Men wanderer and gamblerAfter the initial action packed opening featuring Kellen Reichis and Ferius the addition of Seneira who is accompanied by Rosie another Argosi really opens up the story which is a great story in Shadowblack and is the catalyst that allows the plot to start unravelling and the mystery and adventure to really beginI liked Seneira as a character and I enjoyed learning about the wanderers that are the Argosi too The addition of Rosie by de Castell worked well and she was a good counterpoint to Ferius helping show the differences between the various paths that the Argosi choose and then spend their life followingKellen as the main character and narrator can at times be uite naive doesn’t really know his place who he wants to be or even where he fits in but during Shadowblack he goes through some self discovery coming to learn about himself and by the ending he has matured and has a far greater understanding of who he isThe story in Shadowblack is definitely Kellen’s But for me whilst I liked Ferius as both a character and a companion for Kellen the star of the book is definitely Reichis who is an outstanding character shining everytime he’s on the page The banter between him and Kellen is topnotch and I also found Reichis to be the perfect comic relief as at times Shadowblack can be uite dark in tone Whenever Reichis goes hunting he doesn’t refer to it as ‘hunting‘ oh no Reichis goes ‘murdering‘ and really that tells you all you need to know about him He’s just a fantastic creation who thinks he’s the mack daddy of everythingThe setting for Shadowblack is the Seven Sands an outback frontier type region that gives of a western vibe to it and it’s pretty coolWhile the ‘big bad‘ behind the overall scheme in Shadowblack remain largely unknown until the end There’s a decent bad guy to act as the foil against Kellen Reichis and Ferius throughout the course of the book who uses sinister and menacing means to enact their planCastell is a superb writer who knows how to tell a story Shadowblack is easy to read decently paced gives you twists and turns aplenty in the story to keep you engaged and characters that you care about too The back of the book states ‘sorcery is a scam‘ but Shadowblack dear readers is the real deal👌 As a writer de Castell is also a dab hand at incorporating both the deeper moments of emotion and the lighter moments of humour into his books and you will often find yourself smiling throughout the course of ShadowblackI stay away from the YA genre I’m not discriminating it’s just not for me I like my fantasy to be far on the grittier bloodier grimmer and darker side with flawed amoral protagonists rather than the standard light v dark and good guys v bad guys Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed Shadowblack and feel that it transcends its YA fantasy label to something that fans of both YA and adult fantasy will enjoy as there’s truly a lot to like in de Castell’s creationI found Shadowblack to be a fantastic fantasy western hybrid and a rousing adventure I am definitely looking forward to continuing the story in the next bookOh read and buy de Castell’s The Greatcoats series too It’s finished exceptional and I highly recommend it👌

  6. Holly (Holly Hearts Books) Holly (Holly Hearts Books) says:

    Personal rating 375

  7. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    45 of 5 stars Spellslinger series is starting to take shape with this second volume and I’m liking where it’s going Ex magic student Kellen having chosen the path of exile has become transformed into a roaming outlaw of sorts and I’m feeling these wonderful Western vibes seeping in Best of all traveling with our characters mean we get to discover a whole wide world of endless possibilitiesIndeed Shadowblack is a seuel that greatly expands the world building In this book Kellen and his companions Ferius the Argosi woman and Reichis the suirrel cat are trekking through the wild and lawless borderland—a far cry from the structured and civilized Jan’Tep city in which our protagonist grew up Unable to use magic without bringing any unwanted attention to themselves Kellen finds himself way out of his element However despite their precautions trouble winds up catching up to our trio when they are ambushed by bounty hunters who nearly get the best of them Battered and weakened Kellen has no choice but to trust a pair of strangers who come to their aid one of whom is an Argosi who seems to be acuainted with FeriusBut it is the other traveler Seneira who astonishes Kellen the most Like him she is afflicted by the shadowblack a deadly magical ailment which causes terrible headaches disturbing visions and swirling black markings to appear on the skin around the eyes What Kellen can’t figure out is how All his life he has been taught that the shadowblack only affects magic users but Seneira is no mage and has no magical ability to speak of Drawn to the mystery Kellen and Ferius agree to travel with Seneira and her Argosi mentor who reluctantly goes by “Rosie” to her home city where to their dismay they find that the plague is even widespread than they had fearedShadowblack was everything I loved about Spellslinger with a bit of added adventure The characters are back and they’re as captivating as ever especially Kellen who finds himself way out of his depth in this new environment His sheltered days are over and he’s learning to get by without relying solely on magic not that he was a very good mage to begin with hoping that Ferius will teach him other ways to survive But thus far the Argosi woman is keeping her tricks close to the vest and meeting Rosie has revealed just how secretive Ferius is by comparison She’s an enigma and something tells me her plans for Kellen go beyond simply wanting to help him find his way Happily there’s also Reichis there to cut through all the bullshit With him what you see is what you get a bad tempered little suirrel cat with an obsession with clawing out people’s eyeballs Since the expectation is that Kellen will be growing and changing a lot over the course of this series it’s nice and even a bit comforting to know that there are certainties you can always rely upon such as Reichis’ propensity to say and do outrageously hilarious thingsFor the most part though this series is evolving The ending of this book establishes a pattern which has been confirmed by the author who has stated that each volume will take Kellen to new places where he will encounter new forms of magic and intrigue This structure reminds me very much of a TV series where each episode might be self contained but together they make up an overall story arc that tells the journey of the main character The downside of course is the sad implication that we won’t be returning to past places In fact Shadowblack ends on a strong sense of goodbye to this part of the world as Kellen and his companions look ahead to their next destination That said it’s hard to see this as a true negative especially now that I know what to expect While I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we’ll meet some of these side characters again at the same time I can’t really say I’m all that torn up about moving on to another chapter of Kellen’s adventure I had a great time with this novel and now I’m just even excited for the future of this seriesKnowing Sebastien de Castell he’ll have another incredible seuel in store for us So far I have been very impressed with his YA series; he seems to be able to excel at any kind of story he wants to tell Every time I pick up one of his books I know I can expect his great sense of humor fast paced plotting attention grabbing characters and nonstop fun If you enjoyed Spellslinger you will absolutely want to pick up Shadowblack

  8. Emma Emma says:

    My name is Kellen Argos I am the Path of Endless StarsWhile I enjoyed the first book I Felt the story came into its own in this novel I found this funnier too Reikis and Kellen are great as is Ferous Looking forward to

  9. Mitriel Mitriel says:

    Give me the next one now Preferably with a nice hot bath and butter biscuits

  10. Dannii Elle Dannii Elle says:

    Shadowblack is the magical second instalment in the Spellslinger seriesKellan has abandoned his people and all hopes of becoming a great Jan'Tep Mage with his dwindling ability to perform even the simplest of spells and when he discovered the markings of the Shadowblack surrounding his left eye Marked and feared he is on the run from those who wish death on what they do no understand But upon his travels Kellan discovers many who are just like him only their markings bring with them terrible visions and it is spreading FastI was immediately invested in this story and fell straight back in with the antics of Kellan and his motley crew of outcasts Despite the scheming and intrigue which dogs the narrative this maintained the fun and fast paced vibes I so loved in the first book Wit and sarcasm abound which wasn't always to my taste but certainly made for light hearted and jovial reading and helped to fuel the authenticity of the characters and their growing bondThe new characters easily fit into this dynamic and I appreciated the widening cast if not the romance that accompanied them and learning about this fascinating kingdom they were set in I wish this was infused with a little of the latter but with much of the series to come I'm sure the world will continue to expand as Kellan continues to explore it

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