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Die Wolke ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Die Wolke By Gudrun Pausewang ✪ – Thomashillier.co.uk Die Wolke film — Wikipdia Die Wolke est un film allemand ralis par Gregor Schnitzler sorti en adapt d'un roman de Gudrun Pausewang paru en Synopsis Aprs une catastrophe nuclaire de type Tchernobyl e Die Wolke film — Wikipdia Die Wolke est un film allemand ralis par Gregor Schnitzler sorti en adapt d'un roman de Gudrun Pausewang paru en Synopsis Aprs une catastrophe nuclaire de type Tchernobyl en Allemagne deux adolescents tentent de Die Wolke dfinition de Die Wolke et synonymes de Die Die Wolke est un livre de Gudrun Pausewang paru en Il traite d'une ventuelle catastrophe nuclaire type Tchernobyl en pire en Allemagne L'hrone est une jeune fille de ans ui fuit la rgion contamine aprs avoir perdu son frre sous une voiture Elle perd ensuite toute sa famille et se retrouve chez des amis fonder un centre pour les rfugis contamins et une Die Wolke VAll rsum du film sances horaires Die Wolke VAll film drame sortie en casting avec Paula Kalenberg Franz Dinda Hans Laurin Beyerling Tom Wlaschiha Rsum du film Auch Die Wolke Film en Franais Regarder Die Wolke Toutes les infos sur le film complet Die Wolke en franais streaming gratuit sous titres et audio d'origine Die Wolke | Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Die Wolke Body interface development A summary of the function of the interfaces used for Δtopia Body electronics To facilitate the interactive aspects of Δtopia inertial and mechanical sensors on the dancer’s body — in this case Drosia’s — transmit motion data wirelessly to computers for processing and use for musical control modulation or other algorithmic input Die Wolke Film Complet VF En Ligne HD p Vido Le lien pour visionner le film Die Wolke c'est ici Die Wolke Film Complet VF En Ligne HD Die Wolke streaming Die Wolke en entier Die Wolke chapitrecom Hannah Paula Kalenberg und Elmar Franz Dinda sind frisch verliebte Teenager Eine nukleare Katastrophe erschttert ihr junges Glck jedoch von einer Sekunde auf die andere Die Wolke YouTube Gerade als sich Hannah und Elmar in der Schule das erste Mal kssen schrillt die Alarmsirene Es hat einen Strfall in einem Kernkraftwerk gegeben und eine Die Wolke Uli wird berfahren min YouTube Die Wolke ber Tschernobyl und ihre Folgen Teil Duration Selina Wallerts views Best TV News Bloopers Fails Duration Funny Local News Recommended for you Meine Wollke die kologische Slipeinlage aus Die Wollke ist nicht nur sehr angenehm zu tragen und besteht zu % aus Baumwolle keine Chemie sondern auch einfach in der Pflege Damit die Blutflecken die trotz Menstruationskappe davon bin ich auch total begeistert doch manchmal anfallen gut rausgehen weich ich die kologische Slipeinlage einfach in warmes Wasser ein und wasch sie dann aus.

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  1. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Gudrun Pausewang's 1987 novel Die Wolke Fallout about a large scale nuclear accidentdisaster in what was then still West Germany and its devastating far reaching conseuences was published only one year after the 1986 Chernobyl incident and is in my opinion a heavy duty gripping generally painfully unpleasant albeit also very much engaging and important reading experience suitable acceptable for older teenagers above the age of fourteen or so and thus the same age as the main protagonist Janna Berta who is indeed fourteenNow basically Die Wolke is a doomsday and dystopian type of scenario of what happens or to the point of what realistically speaking might occur in Central Germany during an all encompassing nuclear accident scenario akin to what transpired at Chernobyl After the nuclear reactor at Grafenrheinfeld malfunctions and releases massive clouds of radioactive gases etc Janna Berta's parents and youngest brother Kai are killed by nuclear fallout and her other brother Uli is then fatally run over by a car as the two try to escape by bicycle and make their way to Hamburg where their aunt lives Hamburg being located in an area of Germany not directly affected by the radiation by the nuclear fallout But while Janna Berta survives due to her having been exposed to radioactive rain and mist whilst on the road whilst attempting to flee she does lose most of her hair due to radiation sickness and although the authorities although both the government and the military attempt to downplay the scope of the tragedy it soon becomes public knowledge that well over 18000 people have been killed with many tens of thousands seriously and likely chronically ill due to radiation exposureThe most academically interesting but at the same time also the most saddening and infuriating conseuence of this nuclear chaos is that not only the authorities but also many members of the general population German civilians so desperately want to move on want to as soon as possible forget what has happened that victims like Janna Berta are ignored actively avoided told to cover up their bald heads and even at times actively blamed for the resulting miseries But thankfully and even though this is all very very painful for her Janna Berta refuses to simply comply and cower to submit and at the end of the novel at the end of Die Wolke Janna Berta directly confronts her disbelieving grandfather who had been on vacation in Spain with his wife and had thus avoided the tragedy by removing her hat showing off her radiation induced baldness and telling her grandparents clearly and succinctly without even remotely attempting to shield them the terrible fact that she is the only member of the family still alive that the mother the father and the two brothers are all dead have all been killed either during the nuclear disaster or immediately afterwards and that what her grandfather had derided and snarkily condemned as a ridiculous disaster fairy tale not to be believed is indeed and in fact the whole and awful truth Now as a novel Die Wolke is clearly a story that author Gudrun Pausewang has written with a very specific obvious and clearly rather propagandist agenda and purpose in mind namely to warn her readers about the potential dangers of nuclear power to in fact make older children teenagers in other words her intended audience actively fear nuclear energy to point out that nuclear reactors are far from safe and really nothing than a dangerous accident a disaster chaos waiting to happen And even though I myself have always been than a bit leery of nuclear energy and worried about how inherently safe nuclear power plants are or even can be I do indeed and still rather wish that the general storylines that the contents and themes of Die Wolke might have been a bit nuanced and less didactically in one's proverbial face as the constant preachiness of the author her attitude of no compromise do often feel like one is being talked down to that one is being actively educated and that no criticism that no counter arguments are in any way desired And considering that Gudrun Pausewang truly seems to desire to warn her readers of the dangers that nuclear power and nuclear reactors can pose I actually think she is kind of defeating the purpose here so to speak by making her novel by making Die Wolke so overly one sided reactionary and alarmist as her preachiness as her tendency to without any type of nuance and compromise be so totally utterly against nuclear power in general has in fact made Die Wolke a much controversial and not nearly as acceptable believable and universally appreciated story than if the events portrayed had been rendered a bit less one sided and universally against all nuclear energy period Two and a half stars rounded up to a very low three star ranking as I have indeed much enjoyed reading Die Wolke and also do appreciate and even tend to agree with many of the messages featured and presented even if Gudrun Pausewang's oh so obvious didacticism and blatant propagandist writing style majorly leave rather a bit to be personally desired and in my opinion are even potentially kind of insulting to children to teenagers actually to anyone reading the novel as most of us are in fact and indeed than well aware that there are potential and problematic safety issues and risks with nuclear reactors and especially with some of the older models

  2. oliviasbooks oliviasbooks says:

    One of the most shocking stories I've ever read Because the scenario is so real and so possible The two most horrible scenes are when the heroine has to bury her brother on the roadside and when mass panic errupts at the train station and she involuntary lets go of the little kids she was supposed to supervise while their mother tried to barter for tickets You know that they are lost and will get trampled I cannot imagine any realistic book that has effected me in the same way I never ever want to read it again but everybody who is living in a country that uses nuclear power plants shouldI just thought about this book when I was watching the news feeds about the nuclear fall out on Honshu Japan this morning and the too tiny circle they are evacuating in the vincinity of the burst reactorFor those who like comics better Last year a Manga version of this story was published by Tokyopop Germany Die Wolke Comic

  3. LauraW LauraW says:

    I listened to this in German I am not a native German speaker so I probably missed some of the words but I understood the reader pretty well The story is not a pleasant one It follows the fate of a 14 year old girl after a large nuclear accident in Germany The book was originally published in 1990 well before the Japanese earthuake and the resulting nuclear accident at Fukushima but after the nuclear accident at Chernobyl It is obvious that the author is trying to engender fear of atomic reactors and might be criticized as being a tad didactic and after the accident at Fukushima this doesn't seem as unreasonable as some critics of the book might maintain The authorities at Fukushima did not understand the full extent of the damage in the situation and they did not inform the public uickly of the dangers But the actual physical damage takes second place to the resulting psychological damage in the audiobook and it doesn't feel like this is exaggerated It will be interesting to compare this fictional account to biographical accounts should they eventually come from Japan There ARE safer atomic energy reactors thorium reactors but the large majority of currently operating reactors are not of this type Adults need to consider carefully and with long term thinking the benefits and problems of using atomic energy The uestion is should children do this? The book is targeted at children 13 to 16 years old I think it is appropriate for the older end of this range and would pair well with a scientific account As for the literary uality of the book I am a terrible judge of literary writing especially in a language that is not native for me My criteria tend to be mundane did the book pull me in? is the story convincing and worthwhile? I found it exciting and the characters appealing The emotional impact of the book is strong and the subject matter is important I was a little disappointed when I looked up the book for this review to find that the audio version is abridged I generally prefer to avoid abridged versions but in this case I think it probably worked OK I am not sure I could have maintained strong interest in such a painful story had it gone on significantly longer But I also think the longer version might have allowed for better development of the characters which is always important to me

  4. Bianca Bianca says:

    Ever since I read this book I am terrified If what happened in Fukushima hasn’t opened your eyes yet this book will It was published in 1988 not long after Tschernobyl happened and according to my boyfriend pupils were forced to read this in school in 6th grade 12 14 year old kids Don’t get me wrong it’s an important topic to cover in school but I am not sure I would have had the stomach for this kind of thing with just 12 yearsDie sagen dauernd was von einer Wolke berichtete Uli aufgeregt Und die Wolke die ist giftig Aber ich hab's nicht richtig mitgekriegtThere are so many things you just never think about because you don’t want to think about them Until you are in the middle of them With this book’s main protagonist Janna you are right in the middle of it She lives 70 80 km away from the nuclear power station in the book there’s a special alarm going off everyone is panicking she is on her own with her little brother her parents spent the day even closer to the station Not knowing what happened with her parents she has to make all the important decisions now Do they stay in the cellar or run for their lives? When she finally decides to set off on their bikes you see lots of people not stopping not asking running for their own lives driving past the children that need helpI was never so painfully aware that the next nuclear power station is only 50km away from our house Never so painfully aware that I had no idea what a nuclear fall out type of alarm sounded like what safety measures our country would takeor wouldn’t take Where I could go and what we should do What’s even worse that station isn’t even in our own country; it’s behind the border in a country that can apparently do what it wantsI am terrified but the book also led me to do research and even if we can’t do much against the countries who still think nuclear power is a great idea now if something bad were to happen I am a lot better prepared

  5. Tyska Tyska says:

    I read this book many years ago for school and couldn't for the life of me remember how it ended which is why I've wanted to re read it for a long time I finally read it again and fully understand now why I didn't remember the ending The first couple of chapters are action filled and scary but as soon as the catastrophe is over nothing else happens It gets really really boring although never uite as boring as the strange writing style Nobody in the entire world talks as old fashioned as these characters Not even eighty year olds in the late eighties which is when the book was written talked like this It really bothered me Just like the constant reminders about lying politicians radical demonstrations and stupid glorifying peasants who care about nothing else but their valuable belongings Although I think that most emotions described are stereotyped some others are plausible For example people will try to forget as uickly as possible and believe good news rather than bad ones To sum it up I have mixed feelings about this book and don't think I will ever feel the urge to re read it again

  6. Liz_mo Liz_mo says:

    Reuired reading for everyone who still thinks that nuclear energy is a good thingTold from a teenagers the protagonist is about 12 POV this is a good read for all ages Very Realistic well written it is not an easy read But one that'll stay with you for uite some timeWhat would happen if the big nuclear reactor in the middle of Germany had a fallout?

  7. Sina Sina says:

    sad and occasionally horrible in some scenes its difficult to not cry while reading it but I should say it can be a little boring in some plots

  8. Jimin Jimin says:

    I could have a chance to read this book by my friend recommend me Because the title of this book Die Wolke was kind of creepy so i was nervous and excited The story of this book is kind of sad at least to me It is about breakdown of a nuclear power station in GermanyFirst Janna's familiy were going to their grandmother's home because they got summer vacation But a nuclear fall to Germany even it falls from far away but its power was still so strong I was sad becuase middle of this book Janna said if a nuclear just falled right front of Janna he doesn't have to pain any The most sad senario was Janna's mom got a pregnant but she knew about it after a nuclear bomb Janna asked their neighbors get food for her mom but they said Janna is lying After Janna's mom gave a birth the baby doen't have eyes nose and mouth it was really scaryAfter 4years they have a school that Janna's father made for children who lost their parents and need to learn I probably would not recommend this book The book's senario is so real and possible So you may can feel like you are in the book but it's why i would not recommen this book It is so scary book than even horror movie

  9. Theresa Theresa says:

    This Book is one of the most touching stories I have ever read Yes it is in German I really cried when Janna’s Brother is driven over by a car You can feel the rush when the people push and yank themselves free to catch the trainand you can feel her heart race when she is standing in the pouring rain Lost and insecure she is homeless lost her family and is diseased by the most dangerous thing radioactive rays I am not going to give away too much but this is a must read It is based on the Tshernobyl accident in Europe where a nuclear energy station has an accident and radioactive waves are released She is keeping it realistic but yet has that way of writing where you start thinking about all the bad set in the worldMy favorite part is where she is so weak and hurt but still yells at the major because all he cares about is publicity and that it looks good if he talks to some kids that “strahl” She is so weak and yet the strongest

  10. Jean Emmerich Jean Emmerich says:

    We read it in school 'Twas I think a bit too much for us little easy to fear children

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