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    2.5 stars A nice book with some lovely vintage illustrations, although none quite as nice as the cover The text felt slightly rushed and lacking, the rhyming felt forced in places.Read on open library.

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    An adorable children s book with hand done calligraphy Illustrations are adorable Text is ho hum Read on Open Library.

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    Disappointing too long, with all kinds of flawed rhythm patterns and redundancy Illustrations are only average I wish this werefocused and concise.

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    Such a sweet and simple book about seasons Perfect for a 2 3 year old, or to be used in groups with students to explore seasonal happenings.

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    The best thing about this is the small size, just right for a child to treasure all by himself Surprisingly not actually dated or noticeably sexist, but still, to my eyes and ears, disappointingly bland Maybe I m missing something, though, so I ll round up my 2.5 star rating to 3.

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    This book is about how winter comes to an end and what happens in springtime

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    I will never cease to be enchanted by Lois Lenski s adorable children s illustrations.

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    Julia s favourite page is The milkman s horse goes tripping Spring is in the air We ve had to add a milkman to one of our lullabies as a result.

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    This book is written in prose and illustrated in the old style it s a cute story with children celebrating Spring and playing outside.

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Spring Is Here Laughing, Playing, Dancing, See The Children Gay Hear Them Singing, Spring Is Here, Spring Is Here Today Could There Be A Cheerful Time Of Year Than Spring Winter Is Over, Birds Are Singing, Flowers Are In Bloom And It S Time To Play Outside Lois Lenski S Rhyming, Pocket Size Picture Book Published In , And Out Of Print For Decades Is Back In Full, Glorious Color What A Pleasure To Rediscover A Classic Children S Author And What A Pleasure To Help Today S Children Discover One For The First Time Many Thanks Are Due To Random House For Re Releasing Her Books With Their Original Covers And Illustrations It Is One Of The Charms Of Lois Lenski That She Educated Children So Gently Infodad, Four Stars The Charm And Usefulness Of These Books Hasn T Diminished At All Since They Were First Published In The S Jacksonville Florida Times Union

  • Hardcover
  • 56 pages
  • Spring Is Here
  • Lois Lenski
  • English
  • 27 October 2017
  • 0375827293

About the Author: Lois Lenski

of Lenski s books can be collated into series but since they don t have to be read in order, you may be better off just looking forinformation here her most famous set is the following American Regional SeriesBeginning with Bayou Suzette in 1943, Lois Lenski began writing a series of books which would become known as her regional series In the early 1940s Lenski, who suffered from periodic bouts of ill health, was told by her doctor that she needed to spend the winter months in a warmer climate than her Connecticut home As a result, Lenski and her husband Arthur Covey traveled south each fall Lenski wrote in her autobiography, On my trips south I saw the real America for the first time I saw and learned what the word region meant as I witnessed firsthand different ways of life unlike my own What interested me most was the way children were living 183.In Journey Into Childhood, Lenski wrote that she was struck by the fact that there were plenty of books that tell how children live in Alaska, Holland, China, and Mexico, but no books at all telling about the many ways children live here in the United States Bayou Suzette Strawberry Girl.Blue Ridge Billy.Judy s Journey Boom Town Boy.Cotton in My Sack Texas Tomboy.Prairie School Corn Farm Boy San Francisco Boy Flood Friday Houseboat Girl Coal Camp Girl Shoo Fly Girl.To Be a Logger Deer Valley Girl.