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  • Paperback
  • 505 pages
  • Undone
  • Carly Phillips
  • English
  • 03 January 2014
  • 9780373836802

3 thoughts on “Undone

  1. Jessi Jessi says:

    I've read the first story before Which was a disappointment since I got this book because of the Carly Phillips story And it wasn't even one of her better stories Going All the Way by Carly Phillips Regan Davis is a proper southern belle Doesn't work is just getting married to please her family But just after moving to Chicago her fiance dumps her So she picks up a guy at a bridal boutiue which was the shared theme of the other book that I read with this story and takes him home Where they have lots of the sexxin' Then they realize it's True Lurv Yep in the space of a weekend she gets dumped starts sexing up a guy and then decides to move to California Uh huh Her Secret ThrillDonna Kauffman Two people meet and are attracted to each other but don't want strings since they both travel so much But they're super super attracted so they decide to meet up and have sex wherever and whenever they can They do that for awhile before Jake heir apparent to a ranching concern decides he wants But Natalie isn't so sure Good Time Girl by Candace Schuler Roxy Archer just had an extreme makeover She's a teacher in real life but wants to become a buckle bunny Well following a specific rodeo man Who happens to also be a teacher in real life but he's taken a year off to take one last chance at making it to Las Vegas At least they spend a little time together before deciding it's Happily Ever After Of course there is a big twist when the head of the ranch where Tom works has a heart attack and he has to go back in the middle of the season to help out That's when he figures out who Roxy is in real life and that he can't live without her

  2. Kim Kim says:

    First story about Regan was short and hard for me to get involved with Second story about Natalie and Jake was easy to identify with Natalie puts responsibilities first before love or personal needs Third story about Roxy believable and engrossing

  3. clio teixeira clio teixeira says:

    Great great read

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Undone[Download] ➵ Undone By Carly Phillips – Thomashillier.co.uk Contains 3 novellasGoing All The Way Carly PhillipsRegan Davis' fiancé left her With their engagement now broken off Regan decides that a no strings attached hot affair is what she wants now Regan wa Contains novellasGoing All The Way Carly PhillipsRegan Davis' fiancé left her With their engagement now broken off Regan decides that a no strings attached hot affair is what she wants now Regan was raised as a good dutiful Southern girl and now she wants to be naughty When she meets Sam Daniels she knows he is her manSam has no intention of settling down He loves traveling the world as a pilot working for a computer company The occasional affair is all he wants When he meets Regan he is instantly and intensely attracted to her so Regan's offer for a weekend of hot sex is irresistibleThroughout the weekend Sam and Regan find themselves wanting than sex from each other but Sam can't give up flying and Regan's family would disown her for being with a man like him that will not meet their expectations so it looks like a uick affair is all they have or is itHer Secret Thrill Donna KauffmanNatalie Holcomb is a corporate lawyer She is visiting her very good friend Liza at a huge party she is throwing when she meets cattle rancher Jake Lannister Jake's friend Con and Liza are going at it pretty heavily in the bedroom leaving Jake locked out without his wallet Natalie feeling the need to escape the raucous lovers herself takes Jake out to get coffeeGood Time Girl Candace SchulerRodeo Cowboys Roxanne Archer is tired of being a good girl so she gets a make over and heads off in search of a cowboy to fulfill her fantasies Roxy goes to a bar where she meets Tom Steele The chemistry between them is instant and they head straight to her motel room for a night of unbridled passion Roxy and Tom decide to continue their affair throughout the summer At the end they will go their separate waysRoxy travels the rodeo circuit with Tom They learn a lot about each other and as time goes by they start thinking along the lines of forever instead of for now Neither think that they have a future with the other though so they keep their feelings to themselves What will happen when the summer is over Will they be able to walk away.