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Wicked Proposal 2 Signet Regency Romance [Download] ➽ Wicked Proposal 2 Signet Regency Romance By Emily Hendrickson – Thomashillier.co.uk All she wants is someone to marry her and then leave her alone But when finding her ideal proves difficult than she had envisioned Lady Penelope enlists the aid of the Earl of Harford the most sophist All she wants is someone 2 Signet PDF/EPUB ã to marry her and then leave her alone But when finding her ideal proves difficult than she had envisioned Lady Penelope enlists the aid of the Earl of Harford the most sophisticated lord in London Not realizing that he has designs of his own she soon finds herself in the Earl's capable arms original Regency Romance.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Wicked Proposal 2 Signet Regency Romance
  • Emily Hendrickson
  • English
  • 06 April 2016
  • 9780451172341

About the Author: Emily Hendrickson

Doris Emily Hendrickson lives in 2 Signet PDF/EPUB ã Reno Nevada with her husband a retired airline pilot Of all the many places she has traveled around the world England is her favorite and the most natural choice as the setting for her novels In addition to her Regency romances she has written a Regency Reference BookShe is also the recipient of the Romantic Times award Wicked Proposal PDF/EPUB ² for the Best Regency of for Eli.

10 thoughts on “Wicked Proposal 2 Signet Regency Romance

  1. Lyuda Lyuda says:

    dnf at 15%When a fancy French cook of the Earl of Harford left him just before a wager could be completed our heroine his distant cousin stepped in to save the day She proposed to cook dinner for his lordship and his friends in exchange for his lordship help of finding her a suitable husband Not too bad right? Well except the said heroine was a wealthy daughter of an Earl Neither character had any inkling of how absurd the notion is and how problematic it could be for the heroine She just went to the kitchen in all her finery and started to cook I guess I could overlook this glaring historical blander if the writing was competent It wasn't It was choppy and uneven

  2. Rachel Crain Rachel Crain says:

    I liked this one so much that I finished it in three days Loved the main characters Jonathon and Penny

  3. Lexie Lexie says:

    THE WICKED PROPOSAL by Emily Hendrickson was not at all what I was expecting from the short blurb inside the cover I should say the characters were not really what I was expecting Lady Penelope Winthrop was witty charming and naively endearing in her mistaken beliefs She is also a spinster and herbalist as well as a fabulous chef I wouldn't say Penny was unintelligent or air headed; she's misguided in how she thinks a person should go about their lives Her cousin distant twice removed or something like that Jonathan Earl of Harford however is simply interesting You can tell from the get go that these two were made for each other even forgetting that this is a romance so of course they are Few other romantic leads would trust their future lady love so uickly with what was a rather important evening for him at least not on their first scandalous meeting I have to wonder at the education of Penny's that she thought it uite proper to visit a distant male relative alone at his bachelor uarters without an introductionI think though I was far interested in her female relative the one she or less barges in on to stay with while in London—Miss Lettice Winthrop another spinster though a poet in the making spinster who is uite absent minded and indulges in obsessions She lives alone save for her servants and companion writing poetry reading poetry and making infreuent social excursions When foisted with the responsibility to help Penny in her marriage mate uest she is uite taken aback and tries to warn Penny but Penny is insistentLettice has her own suitor a fellow poet who has courted her many a year with no success Not because the lady is indifferent because he is not haut ton blood and Lettice is wary of her family's acceptance of him Lettice is a far entertaining character I think though she is not the main character In fact romance seems to bloom for several people surrounding Penny suddenly making her feel less easy about her own situationWhile the expected outcome is familiar the secondary characters make this a very enjoyable read Incidentally the title is a little misleading as the proposal made isn't very wicked just misguided and unusual

  4. LemontreeLime LemontreeLime says:

    Read this in 2010 just reread it and in all honesty it is a really cute take on the regency storyline The heroine wants a husband that will marry her and then go away and pretty much everything from that point on goes against her fervent wishes Once again great characters that you want to see of

  5. Sylvia Sylvia says:


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