The Draft A Year Inside the NFL's Search for Talent eBook

10 thoughts on “The Draft A Year Inside the NFL's Search for Talent

  1. Dale Dale says:

    I found this book very interesting well researched and well written The book is all about the events leading up to the 2005 NFL draft The author spends time with college athletes getting ready for the draft agents trainers coaches scouts and family members If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in an NFL teams scouting department this book will provide answers I had no idea the depth of research that NFL teams do when they evaluate college football players I'd recommend this book to anyone who is an NFL fan

  2. Flora Flora says:

    This book which follows a number of scouts and players in the year leading to the 2005 draft reads like a series of columns or essays rather than a whole narrative I feel that the lack of focus weighed it down but it's also possible that I just wasn't that interested in the draft to begin with

  3. Kidwonder Kards Kidwonder Kards says:

    We follow a few players and draft agents through the 2005 draft The title tricked me a bit I expected the book to be about the actual draft process The fitness and mental preparation of a player the combine east west shrine game etc However it was mostly about the sport agents part of the process and although it is important it is a side of football that I am not fond of I did not finish the last chapter or so because I didn't need to know much However if your are interested in this side of football it's a solid read

  4. Steve Chilton Steve Chilton says:

    A disappointment Masses of detail about the draft but too much coverage of agents Needed to give a better insight into the struggles that teams and players make in the lead up to the draft and the history and implications of drafts past and present

  5. Josh Liller Josh Liller says:

    A fun and informative look at a year in the NFL player selection process through the eyes of several general managers coaches agents and college football players hoping to make it in the NFLIt would have been nice if the book examined the draft philosophies of teams and examined examples of why certain famous high draft picks failed and why certain players were taken late in the draft but because hugely successful I guess those could be considered outside the scope of the book thoughMy biggest problem with the book was the author's tendency to repeat himself The worst example was the 3 4 defense anyone who is reading a book about the NFL draft should know enough about football to know what a 3 4 defense is Still it's not unusual if usually unnecessary to explain such terms the first time they are mentioned When you explain it for the fifth time in the span of 300 pages it's annoying

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    Since the book was published 8 years ago it is interesting to see the names and who actually panned out and became NFL starsThe book is full of information but it needs an editor The author will share the same anecdotes 2 3x often with the same language throughout the book It became a slog to read through all of these redundancies

  7. Denali Denali says:

    Ostensibly chosen as a light read but my mind isn't far from the doctoral admissions process

  8. Shane Shane says:

    Good insight into the NFL draft though the writing is poor throughout and the obsession with the minutiae of life as an agent is likely to try the patience of the average football fan

  9. James James says:


  10. Matt Atkinson Matt Atkinson says:

    A bit dry and focuses too much on the uninteresting agents rather than the players and GMs

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The Draft A Year Inside the NFL's Search for Talent ❴PDF❵ ✐ The Draft A Year Inside the NFL's Search for Talent Author Pete Williams – An explosive look at the NFL Draft from the inside out that exposes the multilayered feeding frenzy that swarms around America's top college players The Draft follows a handful of NFL hopefuls through An explosive look at the NFL Draft A Year Epub Ý from the inside out that exposes the multilayered feeding frenzy that swarms around America's top college players The The Draft Kindle - Draft follows a handful of NFL hopefuls through the ups and downs of the college football season and the predraft process culminating with the Draft A Year PDF ↠ draft Among the prospects are Virginia defensive end Chris Canty who overcomes a devastating early season knee injury to reestablish himself as a top draft hopeful Draft A Year Inside the eBook ✓ only to suffer a detached retina in a nightclub skirmish; and Fred Gibson a talented but rail thin Georgia wide receiver who struggles to put on the weight needed to go over the middle in the NFLIt's a complex environment with college coaches attempting to protect their student athletes from exploitation while fully aware that they can only remain competitive if they attract NFL caliber players to their schools along with sports agents and NFL scouts trying to stay a step ahead of their competition These parties provide a multi angled view of the world of emerging NFL talent The reader follows the season through the eyes of a host of power players and scouts from veteran agent Pat Dye Jr to Jerry Maguire clone Jack Scharf to the coaching divisions of Florida State University and the University of Virginia headed by longtime Bill Parcells disciple Al Groh Also central to the narrative are the Atlanta Falcons and executives Rich McKay and Tim Ruskell now with Seattle who use a character based evaluation system Draft A Year Inside the eBook ✓ to set their draft board These parallel stories weave together culminating in draft weekend to create a gripping and fascinating look at a world few see from the inside.