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Ginger Pye Reading Ginger Pye Author Eleanor Estes Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Heartwarming, Yet Quirky, Story About A Boy Called Jerry Whose Much Loved Puppy, Ginger Pye, Goes Missing Jerry And His Sister Begin A Desperate Hunt For Ginger, Who They Re Convinced Has Been Stolen Away By The Stranger In The Yellow Hat After Months Of Fruitless Searching The Children Are About To Give Up Hope When A Chance Gust Of Wind Reveals The Villain To The Children And Ginger Pye Is Saved BLA Book Which Has Stood The Test Of Time And Deals With The Special Relationship Between A Boy And His Dog In A Fun And Lively Way

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    We loved this story about a family who loves and respects animals Jerry wants a dog but he is worried about his cat s feelings, when he has made sure that he doesn t think his cat will mind he goes about earning the dollar required to buy the puppy he has set his heart on There is someone else who has a dollar waiting for this adorable puppy so the heat is on and there is a tense chapter or so when you you hope the outcome is happy as the other would be puppy owner sounds far from desirable This book would have been nice enough as an everyday account of family life but a mystery unfolds that really kept us guessing.We appreciated the characters in this book really cared about animals and wildlife We liked the fact they cared enough to consider the cats feelings about buying a dog, and they cared about birds and small creatures enough to put a bell around the cats neck The children having being taught to consider the feelings of others cared about elderly peoples...

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    I read this because a couple friends and I are on a mission to read all the Newbery award winners, so I haven t read any of the other Pye books by Eleanor Estes I mention that solely because I can t say whether reading them would have made me or less interested in this book and, specifically, Estes narrative style.I had a really difficult time getting into this book Considering the Newbery track record thus far, I m not surprised that was the case, but I did expect a little from this book since Estes is relatively well known The focus of this story jumps around quite a bit Ginger the dog is always involved somehow, but the chapters focus sometimes on Jerry, sometimes on Rachel, sometimes on Ginger I can t really put my finger on which one of those I would call the main character and so I felt a little lost at first.And then Ginger the dog gets lost and suddenly the story gets interesting.Actually there s a chapter right before Ginger gets lost that I found surprisingly entertaining Ginger goes on a hunt to discover where it is Jerry disappears to every day school and I found that I liked Estes imagining of what goes on inside a dog s head It s not quite as amusing as the dogs in Up , but it is funny.There Ginger had been on the trail of Jerry, to find out where he went always And then this This fight with a cat He had fallen into temptation after all What a reflection upon his character In his shame...

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    This is a pretty old book, had they not heard of excitement yet when this was written It s a boring story with a drawn out plot In a word, Bleck I will give Estes that the characters, all of them, were very lovable though so this could make a decent read aloud in a classroom.

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    I really wanted to like this book, but unfortunately, I found it to be quite slow I will not read of the series 2 stars

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    Right now, I have no words for how bad this book is.

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    Not my very favorite Cranbury story that would have to be The Middle Moffat , but excellent and recommended Funny and timeless Discussed in the Newbery Club Steve, I agree The episodes with Rachel were pretty much outside the main plot, I felt, and that enhanced my impression of how special they were I particularly liked her inside out logic, and how she fretted about turning into a Wally Bullwinkle Re the art I first encountered Estes illustrations as a child reading The Middle Moffat I loved them, but probably mainly because I loved the book and read it several times I don t know if I d like the style if I saw it for the first time now, as an adult I m guessing I d have to struggle to do so I did also love the Krush s work they were among the first illustrators I actually followed from book to book I m having a hard tim...

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    I avoided this book, thinking it one of those dog stories and I ve read far too many of those Terhune, et al But in this, the dog is absent for probably half the book or And even when he s around, it s not all about him I guess a different title would have been accurate What I loved about this book was how much of it is reflective lots of flashbacks and momentary recollections that round out the characters and give the reader lots of context and history about the setting and the family and how they think about life These are remarkably thoughtful kids and the dog too Right from the first page, we re into a debate on the comparative merits of various things And note that the book s final word is remembering Might have taken a star off for overuse of disconsolately at least three times but it s fine, you bet I listened mostly to the excellent audio book narrated by Kate Forbes, but also consulted the original edition I m not sold on the childish illustration style I...

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    I have finished it The book that was responsible for a week and a half of cringes, groans, sighs, and fist banging Seriously, I m not exaggerating when I say this is the worst book I ve read in my life The writing is absolutely horrible There were so many unnecessary flashbacks that had nothing to do with the story in the least that I literally cringed and wanted to scream whenever it launched into yet another page and a half rant about stuff that we could care so much less about The style faintly reminded me of Beverly Cleary, specifically her Henry Huggins series, but those books are charming and perfect for young readers young readers may enjoy this one, too, but I ll give them enough credit to know that the flashbacks are completely unnecessary Nothing at all is realistic, except the ending, which strongly hints that Ginger was abused And the illustration...

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    If there was an option to give this book one and a half stars, that would have been the rating I d choose When I read the back of this book, I thought Ginger the main dog was going to be a hero or something, maybe rescue a few people from danger, perform astounding stunts, and then comes the day when the entire town has to band together to save their beloved friend.Well, that didn t happen What did happen was that all Ginger did was find a pencil and bring it to the school Then, he disappeared a chapter later and wasn t seen for the rest of the book So, no rescue missions.There were plenty of parts in this book that they could have left out They didn t need to go caving, or to the zoo, or explain in great detail how their parents met In the chapter about the Perpendicular Swimmer , I thought at least Ginger was going to save someone from drowning, but all they did was swim And find that hat at the very end.I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone who gets bore...

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    Cute but a little wordy and also a bit dated.

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