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The Cay ➥ [Ebook] ➠ The Cay By Theodore Taylor ➯ – Shipwrecked on a tiny Caribbean island Philip must overcome his prejudice towards Timothy the old black sailor who becomes the key to his survival This is one of the best survival stories since Robins Shipwrecked on a tiny Caribbean island Philip must overcome his prejudice towards Timothy the old black sailor who becomes the key to his survival This is one of the best survival stories since Robinson Crusoe The Washington StarAn ALA Notable Children's Book Jane Addams Children's Book Award Lewis Carroll Shelf Award Commonwealth Club of California Literature Award Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People Award A Child Study Children's Book Committee Children's Book of the Year.

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Cay
  • Theodore Taylor
  • English
  • 12 May 2015
  • 9780380010035

About the Author: Theodore Taylor

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10 thoughts on “The Cay

  1. A. Dawes A. Dawes says:

    This was our Grade 6 novel and it was the first book that had me in tears Young Phillip was on a freighter which was blown up Blinded he only has a cat and an elderly Black West Indian Timothy with him on the small raft of survivors Phillip as per the era has been 'warned' about the vast differences between Whites and Blacks Yet when they arrive on the island it is the West Indian who shows courage grit and warmth to help them survive for the time beingI won't spoil it but it's an incredibly powerful sad and inspirational story What's I still recall the emotional impact it had on me as a kid and that surely speaks volumes for the story

  2. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewChildhood Reading The Cay by Theodore TaylorOriginal Review 1981 02 15I have some sympathy with some people in the sense that it is disappointing to re read a cherished childhood book and have these once unuestioned prejudices jump off the page uite disconcerting However when we were ourselves children it was water off a duck's back We were reading for the story not the attitudes

  3. Helen Pontak Helen Pontak says:

    The Cay is a book about a boy named Phillip Enright living in the time of a world war II 1942 When German U boats surround the island of Curacao his mother who is frightened wants to go back to the Netherlands and take her son with her Her husband who has to work was not able to leave Phillips mother complained and eventually won the argument Phillip and his mother say goodbye to Phillips father and they sail away on a ship The ship becomes shipwrecked and Phillip and his mother get thrown off the boat A black man named Timothy rescues Philip At first Phillip doesn’t like Timothy because of what his mother always says about black people but as they are stranded together for a while he grows onto him and learns about him and at last starts to like him The main character is Phillip who doesn’t want to leave his home his school and his father just because of the fact that his mother is scared something bad might happen to them He is eleven years old and has brown hair and brown eyes Phillip at first is excited about the fact that there is a war going on because he has always heard of them but never seen one He doesn’t know what conseuences lay ahead and doesn’t know why his mother wants them to move somewhere until the war is over He is stubborn at first but through the book he changes and becomes responsible and obeys commands he is given This book tells us that people grow up and when the time comes they understand what may happen and that’s what changes them It’s a story of friendship and trust and faithfulness Timothy didn’t have to save Phillip he could have saved himself and left Phillip to die but he didn’t and that’s what counts the most Another example is when Phillip became blind Timothy was Phillips eyes and again he didn’t have to be if he didn’t want to be but he cared for Phillip and helped him through his times of need I think this novel is interesting because Philip seems like a real boy with real situations but I didn’t think that it was really realistic when with all the bad things happening at once Phillip turns blind I know that can happen when you stair at the sun but you would think that that would just be the worst of luck I think that this would be a worst care scenario and I think that it’s almost exaggerating the story a little too much I like the book a lot because even though the plot wasn’t so realistic sometimes people want something like that once in a while It just happened to be that time when I was craving for imagination and that’s what I got from the book I can be stubborn sometimes and not want to do something that I don’t have to do or do something that I’m not supposed to do But I change with the help of the people that care for meI would definitely recommend this book to people who like adventure and creativity

  4. Karina Karina says:

    35 I LOVED reading this It had so much depth for a young adult to read I also learned how this island was Nazi targeted It makes me realize how much I don't know or how much they try to hide about history Soon we will all forget there were any world wars at all Set in WWII in the Dutch Island of El Curacao the American 11yr old originally from Virginia Phillip tells us what is going on in his world Ultimately his mom decides to go back to the states for fear of being bombed but then the ship they are aboard gets attacked Phillip eventually ends up stranded with the black man Timothy at the Devil's Mouth The rest is so sweet and sad my eyes watered While the book was made in 1969 it made me wonder of the racist tones of the author This book would probably cause anger now but it shows the casualness of the time The story is also based on a true historical fiction story Easy read

  5. Jen Jen says:

    D'Ette had to read this book for school and she loved it She asked me if I would also read itIt's a children's book so it doesn't take long to read I read the whole thing in about two hoursIt's easy to see why the book won literary awards and was made into a movie It's a great story told from the point of view of 12 year old Philip who gets lost at sea with a black man after the boat he is traveling in with his mother is attacked by Germans Philip loses his sight and is forced to learn how to live on a small island without his sight It's a great story for older kids or adults looking for an adventure to read in an afternoon

  6. Mary Grace Mary Grace says:

    This is the best book eva It is so sweet I cried my eyes out at the end though

  7. Marika Gillis Marika Gillis says:

    I read this book with my students when I was a 5th grade teacher in Virginia four times However I don't remember enjoying the book as much then as I did this year A 12 year old boy Phillip and an old black sailor Timothy are stranded on a tiny Caribbean island after their boat is attacked by the Germans near Curacao during World War II Phillip has been blinded as a result of the shipwreck and must rely on Timothy to help him survive on the islandTheodore Taylor effectively illustrates the mature theme of race relationships during a tenuous time in history through Phillip and Timothy's unusual relationship in this book Phillip is less than excited about relying on an old black man for food and shelter but slowly comes to appreciate Timothy as than just a means for survival The reader is drawn into the story by the compelling situation thrust upon the characters and will keep reading to find out if Phillip and Timothy will be rescuedThe girls in the Battle of the Books group that I work with had their best discussion regarding this book These 5th graders are the highest performing in their grade level but I was still astonished to hear the following conclusion pour without prompting from the mouth of one student The reason they made him Phillip blind was to show the theme that the color of somebody's skin really doesn't matter just like true friendship is blind Gotta love those moments as a teacherTwo interesting facts about this book are that Theodore Taylor wrote it in only three weeks in 1969 and appropriately dedicated it to Martin Luther King JrDespite my reluctance to re read this book it turned out to be one of the best of the 40 books on the Battle list this year A great book for any student old enough and motivated enough to tackle Timothy's island accent the only real challenge of this uick read

  8. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    I read this book a LONG time ago in elementary school fifth or sixth grade? and what drew me to it was the cover with the old black man holdingcuddling the cat As a cat person I liked the cover but was disappointed there wasn't cat in the story PThere is not much I remember about this book because damn trying to remember a book I read ages ago makes me feel like a old fart This is a children'sYA book so it's a relatively uick read with a nice ending and a message about not being racist

  9. Abbey Cupcake Abbey Cupcake says:

    It was good but in some parts it was sad

  10. The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi says:

    This book isamazing It makes you think of so many things It makes you realize what truly is wrong with the world and how messed up it was before

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