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The Living Warm Bodies #3 [KINDLE] ❀ The Living Warm Bodies #3 Author Isaac Marion – The New York Times bestselling Warm Bodies Series has captivated readers in twenty five languages inspiring a major film and transcending the zombie genre to become something poetic Library Journal hi The New York Times bestselling Warm Bodies Series Warm Bodies Epub á has captivated readers in twenty five languages inspiring a major film and transcending the zombie genre to become something poetic Library Journal highly original Seattle Times and ultimately moving Time Out London Now the story of a dead man's search for life reaches its conclusion on a scale both epic and intimateBefore he was a flesh eating corpse R was something worse He The Living MOBI :↠ remembers it all now a life of greed and apathy destructive than any virus and he sees only one path to redemption he must fight the forces he helped create But what can R Julie and their tiny gang of fugitives do against the creeping might of the Axiom Group the bizarre undead corporation that's devouring what's left of AmericaIt's time for a road tripNo flyover country This time they'll face the Living Warm Bodies ePUB ↠ madness on the ground racing their RV across the wastelands as tensions rise and bonds unravel—because R isn't the only one hiding painful secrets Everyone is on their own desperate search for a kidnapped daughter a suicidal mother and an abused little boy with a gift that could save humanity if humanity can convince him it's worth savingAll roads lead home to a final confrontation with the plague and its shareholders But this is a monster that guns can't kill A battle only one weapon can win.

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  1. Faith M ✨ Faith M ✨ says:

    Does the world deserve forgiveness? Does it deserve another chance?I was very conflicted as I read this The overarching emotion I felt throughout was disappointment Unlike the rest of the series this felt like it lacked a real direction I wasn't sure what the goal was and what had been the established goal at the end of The Burning World was pretty much entirely forgotten until the climax Conflicts were often repeated multiple times or borrowed from previous books and it left me feeling drained and frankly a little pissed off A lot of time was spent flipping through perspectives and I felt like I didn't have enough time to feel much of anything for most of them The scope of this was too big sometimes and the plot was left drowning in itWe all decide the shape of the world the sum of all minds together Change has to be chosenBut luckily Marion is an amazing writer and his way with words and imagery pretty much saved this R completed his ongoing character arc all for the better and the conclusion was probably the most emotionally heart wrenching yet also heart warming endings to any series I've ever read While I flip flopped between considering DNFing it or framing it on my wall I think that ultimately this was a fantastic book that perhaps I will appreciate on a second read through And of course the themes are so profound and thought provoking Even the bad guys sometimes manage to pull you in Overall I am so glad I read this and even than that I'm so glad Isaac finally got to release this book into the world and I'm than excited to see what strange paths he follows nextEvery choice has a price We all owe a debt to this world for the things we take from it right or wrong cruel or kind But these laws are soft these laws are alive and sometimes a debt is forgiven

  2. The Book Consultant The Book Consultant says:

    UPDATE The Living will be released November 13th Check out wwwIsaacMarioncom to see the cover art AND to ore order a signed hardcoverUpdate Isaac will be self publishing The Living with an expected release date of fall 2018 I can’t wait to finally get my hands on this book

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  4. TJ TJ says:

    My enjoyment of this book may have been lessened because I read The Burning World so long ago and this is basically “part 2” of that story That said it kinda felt like I jumped in the middle of a narrative but that’s expected It just was hard to do I recommend reading them back to back definitely Some of the concepts in this were a little too “out there” for what I usually go for and one scene in particular was a little silly but overall it acts as a solid conclusion to the series Just don’t go in expecting a big name reveal for R I may have to reread The Burning World and The Living one day to truly appreciate them together 45 Stars

  5. Lorre Lorre says:

    After having read book 2 and 3 in this series I wish I would've uit after Warm Bodies book 1 with it's open ending But no I wanted and I thought that book 2 and 3 would be as wonderful as the first book Well they weren't The further the story went the worst it got The story is all over the place and and has too much going on Axiom The Boneys The Fire Church those whipering ancient things still not clear to me what they were the charachters flash backs some little side stories with new charachters there was just too much going on and it made for a really messy chaotic story that jumped from one thing to another

  6. jess the book junkie jess the book junkie says:

    Honestly I don't know how I felt about this book The first book was light and humorous the second not as much and this one definitely not So it wasn't what I was expecting Also I didn't even understand it SoI don't know

  7. Emily Emily says:

    This book will be released the same year as The Burning World aka the second book in the series? Amazing

  8. mad mags mad mags says:

    This is the Warm Bodies ending we deserveFull disclosure I received a free e ARC for review through NetGalleyWe are ten thousand generations of humans and millions of simpler things a vast history of lives and experiences condensed like an ocean of oil growing deeper and refined with each new moment of beauty We want to ignite We want to be heat and light After billions of years we are running out of patience“What we had before is what burned the world down I’m ready for a whole new everything” “Chairs on the ceiling” Tomsen adds “An otter for president” Gebre looks at us for a moment then tosses up his hands and turns back to his husband “Well Okay” Gael erupts with laughter “You’re out of touch with the youth old man”“I might even agree with them” Gebre says with a shrug “but they’re hardly representative of the general population” “We might be someday” Julie says “Maybe sooner than you think”How do we make a better world without giving up a single piece of the old one? We don’t We can’t That’s a fucking stupid uestion”No way around it zombies are magic”Warm Bodies is a personal favorite of mine; if not in the top ten then definitely the top twenty Hey the likes of Margaret Atwood and Octavia Butler stiff competition Until I met R and Julie never did I imagine that a book about the undead could be so beautiful and poetic Romantic even and in a revolutionary universal heartbeat kind of way The Burning World proved a letdown albeit a teeny tiny one as Marion traded some of the ardor for action adventure; it felt almost like an intermission between the important stuff In all fairness bridging the gap between the beginning and end of a trilogy is HARD and the second book in the series is still filled with its share of beautiful transformative moments I challenge you to find a tragically exuisite scene than when Nora's patient Mrs A pulls herself from the pit of the plague only to succumb to her injuries after enjoying a few brief moments of her newfound humanity I'm not gonna lie I was nervous as heck to read The Living especially right after the dumpster fire that was Fury the series conclusion to another one of my faves Menagerie Thankfully The Living is a harmonious marriage of the previous two books it's got the race against time action adventure chops of The Burning World with all of the humor heart and humanity that made me fall head over heels for Warm BodiesThe Living picks up immediately after the events of The Burning World as R Julie Nora Marcus and Huntress Tomsen flee an imploding NYC What ensues is a road trip across the United States including an especially precarious and trippy as in LSD journey through the Midwaste as they try to beat Axiom to Post; save their kids from being assimilated into Axiom's military industrial complex; continue to spread the Gleam to the Dead and Nearly Living; and confront their pasts For Julie this means finding her Nearly Living mother before she dies a second time; for Nora it means confronting and perhaps forgiving memories she's tried long and hard to repress; and for R it involves a trip to the basement and bringing his crimes against humanity as both the head of the Burners and the heir to the Atvist megacorp to light And they're all chasing Tomsen's white whale BABL hoping to bring it crashing down thus opening the lines of communication to humanity One of the delights of The Living is watching R grow and evolve and with it his relationship with Julie There's this wonderful scene where Julie confesses that what first drew her to R was his distinct lack of a background or baggage He was a blank canvas on which she could project whatever she needed Slowly though he has become full fledged person imperfections and all R didn't have much of a choice when he devoured Perry; he was just following the plague's biological imperative But the towns that were consumed at his behest as a Burner and the humans devoured by the machine that was Axiom? Those were R's doing How could that young man grow into the monosyllabic zombie that Julie fell in love with? How can she reconcile the man she loves with the person he once was? How can he?We also learn about the nature of the plague; in general terms it's an allegory for the times we live in now and one that's perhaps apt today than when the series began The plague is forced unity and conformity; it is greed and pessimism It is Axiom Blackwater Purdue Pharma; Bethany Christian Services CoreCivic Wells Fargo objectifying tabulating assimilating corporatizing mechanizing consuming regurgitating and reassembling humans nonhumans and the natural world It is apathy and stagnation; bigotry and tyranny The only way through it? Love and otter presidentsThe loveliest part of The Living far and away is the Library a subconscious supernatural subatomic collective consciousness A vast limitless record of everyone and everything that ever has been and ever will be Though it has a longstanding policy of steering clear of human affairs the state of the world has become such that the Library can no longer bear silent witness This burning world so desolate yet still so full of potential needs a nudge A bit of wisdom A tiny miracle And the so Library whispers cajoles and calls out to our protagonists Well the older ones; the younger ones Joan and Alex and Sprout and Addis they can flit in and out of the stacks at will They are able to sip and guzzle from the Library's incomprehensible stores of knowledge whenever they like Perhaps they can even use this wisdom to bend the laws of reality They are the next generation; our futureI hope they don't mind but I'm going to pocket a small piece of the Library and slip it into my own weird godless magpie version of religion not uite a There it will rest on the shelves alongside Octavia E Butlers's Parables duology; Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials; Carl Sagan's starstuff; Aaron Freeman's essay “You want a physicist to speak at your funeral”; and pieces of Light from Other Stars and The Psychology of Time Travel by Erika Swyler and Kate Mascarenhas respectively and among other things It's strange and perhaps a bit confusing but also as magnificent as all get out Just roll with it and you'll have an extraordinary time I promiseAlso awesome and compelling and worth a mention Nora's reunion with Addis; Nora Marcus; Tomsen vs BABL; The Suggestible Universe; Paul Bark sounds an awful lot like Paul Blart; Gael Gebre; random philosophical debates with strangers in dive bars; and the feeling you get when a ghost smiles at you Gleam on

  9. Alice hamer Alice hamer says:

    I just finished The Burning World I love R no matter what and I cannot wait for last book to come out yay

  10. Joan Joan says:

    I think I want to finish it in a peaceful sorroundings

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