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    13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird1 I should say that this is a review for the god botherers I am not myself a god botherer but I am a botherer of botherers2 I get that the Universe is glory and horror And that the Universe swirls and sworls through our lives our very capillaries our very thoughts and belongings Horror and glory incandescent So if that means that human lives are Horror 50%Glory 50%Then I say okay God that's fine by me But I know that many people's lives are not like that No They're like thisHorror 50%Television 49 lling the tv repair guy 1%3 This guy David Jenkins was a theology lecturer and then got the gig of Bishop of Durham in 1984 which is like headlining at the O2 arena in Church of England terms It's not Glastonbury but it's close4 As soon as he got the job he was on tv and got into a hideous row and hit the headlines There was a petition with 12500 names on it presented the the Bishop of York No 2 in the Church calling for David Jenkins' consecration to be STOPPED Which is why I read the book 5 Bishop Jenkins dismissed the Virgin Birth called the Resurrection a conjuring trick with bones and said that the disciples made up the story of Jesus walking on the water Ah naughty naughty Bishop6 When you get into it this is a tale of the vast gulf between a what the oafish press thinks Christianity isb what actual Christians the bums on the seats think it isc what the theologians think it isStuff that theologians debated and sorted out amongst themselves in the 1910s and 20s hasn't been explained very clearly to anyone else kind of like the mafia it's on a need to know basis So when some century old views such as biblical criticism trickle out casually in a conversation with a bishop on tv it's like the shockingest thing since Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattison 7 The Bishop got sacks of hate mail A family favourite was one which ran to several pages of abuse but ended simply may you rot in Hell signed a true Christian8 Some characteristic uotes that I liked The crux of the matter is that a desire for absolute authority is faithless If God cannot cope with the things that have subseuently happened to His world – such as the discoveries of science or of critical historical scholarship – then He cannot be the Creator let alone the RedeemerLiteral belief in the Virgin Birth or the Empty Tomb are not basic Christian doctrinesregarding the Virgin Birth It is not clear how far Matthew and Luke themselves meant the story to be taken at face value There are serious critical and historical grounds for treating the story as one of the very early embroideries added to express the wonder of the discovery that this Jesus is God for usSt Paul was clear that the Resurrection body was not a physical oneIt is the second generation of Christians who started the process of exaggeration The easter stories in the gospels have elements of what we could call propaganda his example the earthuakeReligion and what religious people say has often been against GodBelievers are forever projecting their limited understandings of God and falling in love with their projections as if they are the real thing As many people use religion to hide from God as to get close to God 9 It's clear that there is a divide between the literal and the symbolic between the physical and the spiritual Jenkins interprets the whole of the Incarnation and Resurrection material symbolically and spiritually This is his faith and he explains it at length I couldn't make head nor tail of the explanations as usual But he laments many Christians' insistence on the literal and the physical but of course to a great many people this symbolic and spiritual mystical twistical blather that Dr Jenkins prefers is just a lot of hogwash What they believe in is the VB and the ET Jesus' actual body rose up and walked Yes 10 Here is the Bishop berating this kind of Christian He's talking about those who think there is an Elect who will be saved and everyone else will be thrown into the fiery pit A cultic idol is an imagined god who is supposed solely to benfit the people who believe in him the worshippers who make up his cult This is a distorted and misdeveloped picture of the true and gracious God A distorted picture drawn further by would be worshippers who have gone dangrously and sadly astray Such a god would not be worth believing inGod is not a fixer or a provider of comforts for His favoured few11 This is the Bishop solving the problem of evil I do not believe that God could stop what was happening in Auschwitz He could not or He would have God is not omnipotent in that way He took a risk in creating Man in His own image which means that man was given freedom If man has freedom then God cannot be omnipotent Well I admired that12 Reading this book was like being drunk in a pub talking to some interesting person and one minute you think they are the plainest speaking most excellent fellow in the world and the next you think what's all this mystical codswallop? Get this guy out of my face Landlord? Another large one if you please13 I know noble accents And lucid inescapable rhythms; But I know too That the blackbird is involved In what I know

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Free to Believe [Reading] ➬ Free to Believe ➳ David E. Jenkins – David Jenkins looks back over his first five years as the fourth most senior bishop in the Church of England He discusses how his thoughts on the resurrection labelled a conjuring trick with bones wer David Jenkins looks back over his first five years as the fourth most senior bishop in the Church of England He discusses how his thoughts on the resurrection labelled a conjuring trick with bones were Free to PDF/EPUB or distorted by the media and gives us his views on the virgin birth the resurrection whether or not God directly interferes with our world the laser beam God and Christianity's relationship with politics In this book he explains how he came to be caricatured as the unbelieving bishop simply by exploring the faith This honest and comprehensive account examines such subjects as media distortion literal biblical truth and nature of love It aims to sweep away traditional ideas and writes of a God who takes risks and is often found to despair but who always gives hope.

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Free to Believe
  • David E. Jenkins
  • English
  • 26 April 2014
  • 9780563209140

About the Author: David E. Jenkins

Jenkins is a Church of England cleric and former Bishop of Durham a position he held from until Since retirement he has continued to serve as an honorary assistant bishop in the Diocese Free to PDF/EPUB or of Ripon and Leeds.