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You Can't Do That Amelia ❮Reading❯ ➷ You Can't Do That Amelia ➯ Author Kimberly Wagner Klier – Young Amelia dreams of learning to fly her own airplane and exploring the skies as one of the world's first female pilots But girls in the early 20th century do not do such things But Amelia is not ea Young Amelia dreams of Do That PDF Î learning to fly her own airplane and exploring the skies as one of the world's first female pilots But girls in the early th century do not do such things But Amelia is not easily discouraged You Can't PDF \ and eventually earns a place in American history Full color.

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  1. Cris Ingram Cris Ingram says:

    Amelia Earhart was a dreamer early on She built a roller coaster in their barn that took her from the rooftop to the ground As she got a little older she dreamed of flying her own plane when she told her family of her dreams of course they told her she couldn't She took flying lessons and bought a plane Sometimes she crash landed but never gave up in 1929 she heard of the First Women's Air Derby from Santa Monica California to Cleveland Ohio in 1932 she dreamed of flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean She made it 1937 she began her around the world flight but disappeared on July 2 1937 in the Pacific Ocean In the back of the book there is information about Amelia a timeline with important dates other books to read dvd's to watch and places to visit

  2. Helen Meaney Helen Meaney says:

    This book is a narrative telling of the story of Amelia Earhart It is beautifully illustrated by Kathleen Kemly Using the narrative style allows for real empathy to be built around the central character The challenges and prejudices that Amelia faced are really brought to life both in the words and the images that accompany them “You can’t do that Amelia” But Amelia did

  3. Blake Bramley Blake Bramley says:

    A wonderfully written story to help children relate to and learn about Amelia Earhart The story follows her over her life nurturing her dreams and talents throughout constantly being told that what she hopes to do is impossible The book models resilience and the importance of hard work to achieve what might at first appear to people as impossible feats The story is written well and caters to all children not necessarily just girls but does make a point of Amelia’s achievements being a significant leap for womenThe book also has plenty of extra resources and signposts to further learning at the end which is perfect for teachers to consider

  4. Dean Wright Dean Wright says:

    This book focuses on all the things that Amelia told that she couldn’t do and yet she kept on dreaming Such as building a roller coaster in her backyard flying across the country and flying across the Atlantic

  5. Naira Franco Naira Franco says:

    This story is about a girl Amelia Earhart who is determined to do anything that she sets her mind to

  6. Kelly Fisher Kelly Fisher says:

    While this book isn’t just powering it’s also historical about the first women flying a plan As it can influence the class and they could have a written assignment of it

  7. Michelle Alley Michelle Alley says:

    We purchased this at the air and space museum in Virginia I loved that the book starts with Amelia as a young girl with determination and big dreams As the book progresses Amelia gets older and her dreams of flying come to reality It was a perfect way to introduce Amelia Earhart to young children and to inspire them to follow their dreams

  8. Catherine Catherine says:

    Useful overview of Amelia Earhart's life and achievement with the catchphrase 'You can't do that Amelia But Amelia did' Potential in terms of significant people pioneers significant women changes in the C20th etc Colourful pictures Very useful page of biographical notes at the nack and another of important dates

  9. Susan Susan says:

    Excellent kid friendly biography of Amelia Earhart The message is clear when others say you can't it doesn't mean you can't Amelia pushed the boundaries in her life and this book definitely illustrates how she was an explorer

  10. Alfajirikali Alfajirikali says:

    A simple story with a great moral Vibrant colors were used in the illustrations

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