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Music for Torching [Read] ➪ Music for Torching Author A.M. Homes – In Music for Torching the controversial author of The End of Alice lays bare the foundations of marriage and family life at the end of the century Flash frozen in the anxious culture of a suburban sub In Music for Torching the controversial author of The End of Alice lays bare the foundations of marriage and family life at the end of the century Flash frozen in the anxious culture of a suburban subdivision Paul and Elaine the couple Music for PDF/EPUB ² first featured in Homes's collection of stories The Safety of Objects have two boys and a beautiful home yet they find themselves thoroughly inexplicably stuck Obsessed with making things good again they spin the uiet terrors of family life into fantastical frenzy that careens out of control doing and saying all the things we dare not throwing into full relief the chasm between our public and private selves From a strange and hilarious encounter on the floor of the pantry with a Stepford wife neighbor to an ill concieved plan for a tattoo to a sexy town cop who shows up at every inopportuune moment to house cleaning team in space suits to a mistress calling on the cell phone to a hostage situation at the school Homes creates characters so outrageously flawed and deeply human that they are entirely believable With Music for Torching AM Homes brings her unnerving emotional intensity to the heart of America creating a new and dangerous territory that is distinctly her own.

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  1. Snotchocheez Snotchocheez says:

    My second shot with AM Homes' brand of familial dysfunction was much better than my first the decidedly one note short story collection Things You Should Know This one a particulary ferocious novel Music for Torching is at its finer moments as good as anything written by a few of her East Coast based Pulitzer winning kings of dysfunction fiction predecessors John Updike and John Cheever immediately come to mind though refreshingly with a female centric perspective While I generally loathe books that feature relationships wracked by infidelity c'mon authors there are other ways of portraying familial dysfunction without racing to the obvious there's something with this couple Paul and Elaine that beg a little deeper examination White Plains NY adjacent 23 children bearing Paul and Elaine are utterly average the perfect middle class cocktail and dinner party throwing paradigm but are completely bankrupt in feelings for each other Ok that's not true they despise each other Elaine hates Paul for his all but overt line up of neighborhood vajayjay Paul hates Elaine for moralizing and overall bitchitude They ate completely stymied and seemingly running headlong into divorce land when they come up with the ridiculously bizarre idea to shake up the marital stasis burn the house down while barbecuingPaul and Elaine are loathsome creatures Paul of course uite a bit loathsome than Elaine but Ms Homes gives them just enough humanity that you actually care they are trying something anything to save their marriage even as it becomes increasingly clear their actions are futile This book just about got 4 stars from me but the ending which ordinarily I'd applaud for depicting karmic comeuppance for characters behaving badly was just too WTF too ugh eliciting to embrace Still not counting the crud ending Ms Homes travels down a well beaten path that I rarely enjoy traveling down and succeeded in keeping me in it to the end

  2. Makenzie Schultz Makenzie Schultz says:

    I'm really torn in my opinion of this book As time goes by since I've finished it as I think about it I like it better than I did when I had first finished it When I first finished this book I was absolutely shocked by the outcome I put the book down and was incredibly confused and really upset But I knew that I didn't dislike the book I hadn't been able to put it down AM Homes' style of writing is mesmerizing and the characters are all just so terrible and so lifelike in their bad ualities everything is so descriptive and real I had really liked the book throughout reading it It was only in the last few pages that my opinion started to turn the ending didn't feel like it fit in this book Even though looking back there were some hints that something might happen some event at least similar in intensity to what happened But nothing felt wrapped up to me and I don't mean to say that every book needs a clear and concise ending but when I say that nothing felt wrapped up I really mean that absolutely nothing was finished when the book ended So I'm torn Throughout the majority of reading I liked the book and then I was really upset by the ending I feel like it needed like the characters need to learn from the ending rather than having the book finish in the middle of the events I'd like to read about these characters to see if this event changed them in any way like nothing else seemed to

  3. Mulligan Mulligan says:

    Delightfully devastating With this book AM Homes paints a haunting picture of suburbia The main characters Paul and Elaine have managed to keep up with the Joneses in their seemingly perfect suburban town but their lovely house friendly neighbors and two boys have left them with a life filled with boredom and despair They want to make things good again in their lives yet are caught in a shame spiral that begins with a failed attempt to burn down their house and ends with a hostage situationHomes does a terrific job of creating painfully honest characters with terribly unfortunate lives to whom the reader can actually relate Both the writing and plot entertain throughout and make you never want to set foot in a cul de sac again

  4. Auguste Auguste says:

    Few writers are as incisive and savagely funny as Homes when it comes to dissecting that dysfunctional beast that is family I just love herΗ τύπισσα πρέπει να μεταφραστεί στα ελληνικά ΧΤΕΣ Είναι απόλαυση σκέτη

  5. Tammy Tammy says:

    It was very difficult for me to assign a rating to this bookOn one hand it is very well written That is usually enough to earn 4 stars from me I do love a well turned phraseOn the other hand it was very difficult to read The characters straight across the board are very unlikeable It was hard for me to care about what happened to them To make matters worse every now and then I would see a little glimpse of myself or of other people I love Never enough to make me think that I or they waswere 'just like' that character far from it but enough to make me uncomfortableUncomfortable That is the one word I would choose if I had to write a one word reviewThe story revolves around a suburban couple in their 40's Dissatisfaction with their lives prompts them to make a rash decision which sets the events of the rest of the book in motion Said events are over the top but only just slightly so making it not exactly realistic but not exactly madly fantastic eitherWithout spoiling anything the ending is shocking and worse than even these unlikeable characters deserve

  6. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I'm only saying this was 'okay' because the book was well written and there were the odd amusing moments I didn't enjoy the story; it was basically a series of poor me moments that culminated in an event that I thought was awful and unnecessary I didn't enjoy the characters again because they were all so pre occupied with feeling sorry for themselves despite their largely cushy lives The characters are awful to themselves and to each other I realise that this is the point of the book that the lives of those who have supposedly achieved the American dream are not perfect but the book explores the theme in a really obvious annoying and gratuitous way

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    I hated this book and everyone in it If it wasn't for a class I wouldn't have finished it When I was done reading it I literally threw it at the wall I will never be able to hurt that book the way it hurt me

  8. Sarah Smith Sarah Smith says:

    OH MY GOD is exactly what I said to my empty living room when I finished reading this novel by AM Homes After Revolutionary Road and Little Children this is the third successive novel i've read dealing with suburban life in America Paul and Elaine this time are the unhappy couple and a little bit crazy certainly depressed completely selfish mostly unlikeable and somehow and i've no idea how but Homes makes you care about these two strangely believable characters The story starts when they burn down their house on a whim seemingly just for the craic by kicking over the barbeue The house isn't completely destroyed just some superficial damage and a hole in the dining room wall They end up staying at Pat and Georges house Pat being the stereotypical stepford housewife who isn't as most people aren't all that she seems it is very funny and very weird when that little plot thread comes to a head and their two kids Sammy and Daniel are shipped off to two friends house Sammy staying with Nate the son of Mrs Apple one of the women Paul is having an affair with and Daniel with the Meaders who are the traditionally normal family but seem kind of odd against the cacophony of strange characters we meet The rest of the story then deals with this anything but normal family attempting to get back to normal to rebuild and improve their house and well lives tooI think this novel is about how people are never who they portray on the surface and that really everyone is a little bit crazy but even if it's about nothing but an entertaining story then that's than enough Homes writes the kind of things other people are afraid to say out loud and she writes it well I have a sad little confession when I read a book I write down the sentencesuotes I particularly like I couldn't do that with this novel because I pretty much particularly liked every line in it It's very funny it's very dark it's very twisted and it's very excellent It may not be to everyones liking however I imagine a good barometer would be if you like American Beauty then this you will love Finally I wished books had endings like this one she's some writer If the one advantage of being dark and twisty is getting to love novels like this then I say embrace the dark and twisty it's occasionally worth it

  9. Theacrob Theacrob says:

    Just started Not sure if it's great literature or total crap Update Total crap CONFIRMEDThis book is desperate to be Delillo's White Noise but it fails with such misery that I'm surprised I haven't gouged out my eyes and accidently had lesibian intercourse Not necessarily in that orderTake my advise and read White Noise if you are looking for modern Americana

  10. M M says:

    I can't in good conscience give this fewer than three stars because it held my attention was at times strikingly funny andor insightful and was a definite show of talent but so many times I wanted to throw it across the room andor give it one star so I am settling for three with misgivingsLet's start by saying that I am a realist I like my fiction as unfictiony as possible What I can't handle is fiction via fun house mirrors ie scenarios and people so outlandish they cannot be real or relatable yet the storyline and overall writing is acting as if it's real Sort of like watching the Simpsons which I love but with real people not cartoons Suddenly not so funny anyMFT takes on the ever popular and painfully cliched topic of Les Suburbs seemingly nice families and homes that are riddled with unrest affairs and uiet desperation This is suburbs on crack and everyone is beyond the realm of real be they too unlikable or too perfect or too troubled Overall you feel like the characters if not the author herself are on crack and therefore nothing actually seems upsetting or it's all upsetting because it all falls short of seeming actualThe basic premise is a rather clever one unhappy Elaine and Paul who are always flirting with macabre in their unhappiness we first meet them washing up in the kitchen and Elaine holds a knife to Paul's neck and grazes it Mm yup that is unhappy certainly and all the odder that it doesn't strike either of them as particularly worrisome or change the tenor of their marriage decide whilst barbecuing one early summer evening to tilt the grill after pouring lighter fluid on the house and have the whole thing burn down I like this as a symbol indeed the houses we build are often traps and represent our own undoing but the book split off in to too many odd parts after that so that even if you could go along for the ride and admittedly this is difficult for me as Homes seems to want me to feel bad for people who seem to only feel bad for themselves and anyway they all seem like morbid puppets so why should I care there are too many twists and turns to really stay with you as a story So anyway they burn the house but instead of feeling better they end up further messing up their marriage and children and whatever else I wonder about the following First is there a value to shock value by which I mean so many times I hear This was disturbing or This evoked a strong reaction so she gets credit for that and I wonder if this is really true like is Homes a celebrated writer because she can really gross me out and perplex me with her unfeeling and mildly creepy characters But shouldn't I like the people or care or root for them I mean what is talent Is it making you feel period or is it making you feel something you like feelingThe other thing is this book made me reflect on the writers I love specifically John Irving What I love about John Irving aside from his wit and literary prowess and beautiful language and you know everything else is that he presents a fascinating world that is ALMOST entirely real except when it isn't He gives us a slanted world that is uirky and strange yet oddly believable Well doesn't Homes do that and yet Homes kind of disgusts me while John Irving makes me happy to be literate So I guess it's not just the ability to tell the truth but tell it slant as much as it's I don't know still having something pulsing in your story that is human rather than destroying everything that is Or somethingThis review such as it is thank you Homes would not be complete without saying what the bleep to the ending Yeah Really What was that So if nothing else grabbed you that ought to at least make you curious I know I read through to the end in small part because of that

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