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    I can t say I was very disappointed with this story as I did not really have high expectations for is in the first place However as return stories go it was not bad and better then I was expecting.Wolverine wakes up with no memory this happens a lot to him , to a scean of carnage The only survivor gives home a clue to who he us, who is behind this and a promise to stop them permanently The first 2 issues of this mini series tpb are very good, the next 3 not so much, too rushed.The art work is good, even the concept and method of Wolverines Return is plausible in a comic book setting , even killings carried out by him in the Hunt for Wolverine are explained The only downside is the ending this was just too rushed and a bit simplistic All in all an ok return The cover gallery has A4 sized covers of the main covers as well as thumbnails of the other covers.

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    I didn t think Return of Wolverine was going to be good and it wasn t nothing Charles Soule writes these days is but I was curious to see how they d bring Wolverine back from the dead I expected time travel to be the clich d get out of jail free excuse and surprisingly it wasn t, so props to Soule for that What it turned out to be though, revealed at the end in a vague, nonsensical page from the villain of this story, was unsatisfying and dumb That s the end though right away, Soule just launches into it Wolverine s back just like that Hmm That s very anticlimactic And the opening scene is reminiscent of Barry Windsor Smith s Weapon X Logan s in a lab, carnage ensues The choice is indicative of the book s story which is derivative of so many Wolverine stories it s time to trot out the amnesia and manipulation trope again So Logan is puppeteered into fighting various foes, including the X Men, but mostly a group of faceless, dreary bad guys called Soteira Nothing much interesting happens Wolverine effortlessly defeats every obstacle in the way, the big bad has the generic bad guy motivations blow up the world and the usual bad guy monologue at the end explaining why they did what they did Soule has turned into such a hack writer at Marvel all of his titles are so bland, boring, unimaginative, and instantly forgettable It s like reading comics written by a robot The art is half decent Steve McNiven draws the opening and closing issues and Declan Shalvey draws the middle three The action is suitably bombastic and slick looking, though both artists have produced better work elsewhere Wolverine s unsurprisingly back even though he never really left considering Old Man Logan was wandering about in the interim in a very unimpressive return I m sure he ll be dead again soon enough

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    Holy lord of mother of garbage and hot horse shit, here we go again I like Logan, he s a pretty fun character I like Charles Soule, he s a pretty talented writer I fucking hate this book Okay, I m being far too harsh here I don t hate it I just really dislike it While a step above Death of Wolverine , which I do honestly fucking hate, this is only slightly better I m not sure what Marvel wants with Charles Soule, but I feel like they make him write the end of wolverine and bring him back to life and he really doesn t want to So the story starts with Logan already back to life As the next few issues explore what s really happening, wolverine is being controlled in some way You might guess the plot twist, because it s goddamn obvious, but they do it anyway, and you get all the same shit you expect The X men come to talk to wolverine, you have the big hairy man fight a lot and scream a lot, and thenof course wolverine gets plenty of make out action because he s wolverine UghGood Uhhhuhhh.uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwolverine looks cool again with how hairy he is Though his new Top Chef outfit has GOT to go Bad Everything The story and it s twist is dumb The X men fighting wolverine is horrible The last issue is a big gigantic waste of time Oh don t even get me started on the timeline So this takes place BEFORE infinity wars but guess what This came out after that was finish Lolz, what a joke Oh yeah and the dialogue and pacing is all over the place Fuck this Honestly, here it is Wolverine came back and now he has heat claws The fucking end No need to read this 1 out of 5.

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    I don t know why the average rating for this collection is so low, it was a pretty solid Wolverine story with good visceral art and a wacky new twist I m all about those hot, hot claws view spoiler I m guessing Bobby got better hide spoiler

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    Wolverine s Return is as forgettable as his Death It screams give me money from the Marvel editorial, there s barely a story in these books It also doesn t help that you never actually missed the character in the first place, because there s a ton of other versions of him all over the place There s also the Hunt series, Weapon X, Hulkverines I know, right and probably some others which I m not gonna bother reading The artwork was the only reason I gave the first book two stars, but I didn t enjoyed this one as much, so this book gets a lonely red one from me.

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    After dealing with numerous Wolverine knock offs I was glad to see the real thing back Perhaps it colored my view of this comic So Logan is back and for some reason, his claws glow A mutant named Persephone, who can raise the dead, has brought him back She has plans to take over the world and he stops her The concept behind Logan having multiple cells with different fragments of his personality was interesting The return seems like it will need another volume to fully round out but the first volume does provide a conclusion So it works as a single volume The art varies throughout and different artists have rather different levels of success.I am not sure where this series will go Soule is a good writer and I ve enjoyed what works of his I ve come across I hope this will turn out to be good The first volume was good 3 star good.

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    Really good You like Wolverine Yeah Good He s back As every comic book character does except Uncle Ben So, pick it up It s fun With some great artwork by McNiven and Shalvey.Fun run and now, Marvel, it s time to announce an ongoing Wolverine title Come ON

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    An excellent rebirth with Lovely beautiful bits of mayhem and blood courtesy of Mcniven s Arresting anarchic artwork Alas Steve s art is only in the first and last issues The remaining art is decent but a definite letdown in comparison.Also the confrontation with the main resolves a bit too quickly for my tastes.A very good story bracketed by marvelous art.

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    Understatement of the day Disappointing.Bringing back Logan should be a major event but this so called return is a dud The usual tropes are all there including manipulation with a twist I guessed from issue one and a grandiloquent villain with dumb motivations.Soule is on auto pilot and never risks brain damage finding new ideas the litteral mental prison, Wolvie goes berserk against friends and after an unimaginative but well executed first issue the plot drones on as planned the trick being to stay awake all along.Artwise Declan Shavey does an unimpressive job for the 3 middle issues On the other hand Steve McNiven does an amazing one emulating Barry Windsor Smith The opening ending issues are visually great.This return is to be coupled with an Infinity something I don t intend to read in the near future the stones of whatever never caught up with me so I m afraid I ll be left hanging dry with just this book.

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    Read as single issues, with a long wait as my shop didn t grab issue 4 the first time around and we had to track it down when I caught up on my pull list and reading list.Ugh This is completely skippable Logan needed to stay dead There s no point to him coming back except The reason to bring him back is lame, the villain isn t interesting, the dialogue isn t that good except for a few stereotypical Logan lines I could go on This did not click with me at all Charles Soule got his paycheck but was clearly pouring his creative energy into other stories.Marvel, sometimes it is okay to let sleeping heroes lie You had a Wolverine, anyway, with Laura Kinney, who is the best Wolverine.Hard pass, do not recommend.

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  • Return of Wolverine
  • Charles Soule
  • 25 July 2018
  • 9781302911980

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