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The Whisper Man In This Dark, Suspenseful Thriller, Alex North Weaves A Multi Generational Tale Of A Father And Son Caught In The Crosshairs Of An Investigation To Catch A Serial Killer Preying On A Small TownAfter The Sudden Death Of His Wife, Tom Kennedy Believes A Fresh Start Will Help Him And His Young Son Jake Heal A New Beginning, A New House, A New Town FeatherbankBut The Town Has A Dark Past Twenty Years Ago, A Serial Killer Abducted And Murdered Five Residents Until Frank Carter Was Finally Caught, He Was Nicknamed The Whisper Man, For He Would Lure His Victims Out By Whispering At Their Windows At NightJust As Tom And Jake Settle Into Their New Home, A Young Boy Vanishes His Disappearance Bears An Unnerving Resemblance To Frank Carter S Crimes, Reigniting Old Rumors That He Preyed With An Accomplice Now, Detectives Amanda Beck And Pete Willis Must Find The Boy Before It Is Too Late, Even If That Means Pete Has To Revisit His Great Foe In Prison The Whisper ManAnd Then Jake Begins Acting Strangely He Hears A Whispering At His Window

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    It s not going to be easy, and I need to start with an apology Because over the years I ve told you many times that there s no such thing as monsters.I m sorry that I lied. Tom arrives at Featherbank with seven year old Jake in tow to escape the memories of their recently deceased wife and mother.And while their new house seems a bit sinister, Featherbank appears to be the idyllic town and the new start that they both craved We were going to be safe here.We were going to be happy.And for the first week, we were. Twenty years ago, a string of murders rocked Featherbank Little boys going missing in the dead of night only to show up dead themselves The only clue was that they all heard a man whispering to them at night The only trace of this man is a series of rhymes passed down from the older kids to the younger ones If you leave a door half open, soon you ll hear the whispers spoken.If you play outside alone, soon you won t be going home. And while the killer was eventually caught, Detective Inspector Pete knows that there s to it and has spent the last twenty years circling this dying case.But then, the unthinkable happens a child was kidnapped just a few months ago in a method eerily similarThere is one thought on everyone s mind the Whisper Man is back If your window s left unlatched, you ll hear him tapping at the glass.If you re lonely, sad, and blue, the Whisper Man will come for you. Overall this one was riveting.I m talking absolutely spine tingling and I do not use that lightly The way Alex North conveyed the chilling interactions with the Whisper Man and his victims oh man Spine Tingling.There were several times where I just had to put the book down for a moment to collect myself I loved how realistic the characters were portrayed Tom, Jake and Pete were wonderfully fleshed out and dynamic Jake did lean slightly to being overly precocious but it did not ruin the experience for me.I also loved the way Alex North bent reality with the inclusion of the mysterious girl who only Jake could see she kept me on my toes throughout the novel.Very rarely am I so completely engulfed in reading This book truly had me hooked from cover to cover If you are looking for your summer thriller look no further This is it I received a free ARC of The Whisper Man by Alex North from Macmillan in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is Alex North s crime debut and what a impressive debut it is It drips with atmosphere, a disturbing story of The Whisper Man, who over 20 years ago kidnapped and murdered 5 local boys in the small town of Featherbank Frank Carter is the Whisper Man, incarcerated in prison, reveling in his notoriety and reputation, playing mind games with 56 year old DI Pete Willis, the man who caught him Despite the emotional cost, Pete has persevered through the years, visiting Carter in prison, in the hope of a clue to where the body of victim, young Tony Smith, can be recovered so his grieving parents can at least achieve a small measure of peace The monster that is Carter and his horrific acts, the creepy whispering outside his victim s bedrooms, have been immortalised in child lore and local nursery rhymes Everyone thought that time of horror is over, but in the present, the troubled 6 year old youngster, Neil Spencer has gone missing DI Amanda Beck is heading the desperate hunt to locate him, but there are eerie hints of the original Whisper Man Did Frank Carter have a unknown accomplice or is this a copycat crime A grief burdened author, Tom Kennedy, is fumbling through the wreckage of his life after the devastating sudden death of his beloved wife, Rebecca It was Rebecca that was the closest to their sensitive 7 year old son, Jake Tom has struggled to connect with his vulnerable and creative son, a boy with imaginary friends, with an outsider status, unable to fit in with his peers at school, leaving him open to being bullied Tom, with Jake s agreement, relocates them to Featherbank, with every hope that new beginnings are what they both need to come to terms with the loss of Rebecca and forge a new path However, it is not that easy, for Tom finds that grief is a stew with a thousand ingredients, and not all of them are palatable His fractious relationship with Jake, whom he loves absolutely, is a tightrope with Tom hanging on in there by comforting his son that whilst they might fight and argue, his love for Jake is true In a disturbing narrative, Tom is to find that moving house is to immerse him and Jake in the most twisted of a horror of a nightmare, one that places Jake in the gravest of dangers, where the legend of The Whisper Man grows ever stronger.Alex North s writing is compulsive, hooking the reader immediately, with its themes of fathers and their challenging relationships with their sons, grief and loss, amidst a background of a child killer running rampant in the town North s characterisation is stellar, as can be seen with Tom, trying so hard with Jake, making errors of judgement, slowly becoming aware of just how much Jake is like him, eventually beginning to make some inroads by getting some things right with his son Then there is the odious Norman Collins, a collector of macabre serial killer murderabilia, obsessed with The Whisper Man, whilst there are traits that Tom finds that he shares with DI Pete Willis A simply fantastic read, with some surprising twists, that will appeal to so many crime fiction fans Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC.

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    The Whisper Man is Alex North s debut thriller, and what an absolutely riveting read it is It s some twenty years since Frank Carter began a life sentence for the abduction and murder of five little boys Carter had earned himself the nickname The Whisper Man after his sinister method of whispering at the doors and windows of his victims in order to lure them outside Now though, another little boy has gone missing in similar circumstances, and the peaceful village of Featherbank is once again fearful of what the outcome may be.Tom Kennedy and his young son Jake are still drowning in grief a year after the death of Tom s beloved wife Rebecca, but Tom is hoping that a move to the sleepy little village of Featherbank will help them start a new chapter in life The new house isn t really what Tom would have chosen, it s a creepy run down old house but when Jake saw it he wouldn t look at anything else, he loved it on sight and Tom wanted so much for Jake to be happy He was having a problem communicating with his son, Rebecca was always the one that Jake turned to and he hoped that this move would help bring them closer together.DI Amanda Beck heads the new investigation into the missing boy, but DI Pete Willis the investigator in the original Whisper Man case is also brought in to help It s always been thought that Carter may have had an accomplice and Willis s intimate knowledge of the original case could be crucial.Told from the POV of Tom, Jake, DI Amanda Beck, and DI Pete Willis, this is a deftly crafted and compelling thriller, where the author has grasped the importance of pace, and that , combined with a narrative that wastes not a single word, each word being designed to hook you into the next, ensures that it s a winner The Whisper Man is most certainly a best seller in waiting, and Alex North should be justifiably proud Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange

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    If you re lonely, sad, and blue, the Whisper Man will come for you 4.25 stars 20 years ago, a serial killer known as The Whisper Man abducted and killed several young children in a small English town called Featherbank In the present moment, a little boy has been abducted and it seems that The Whisper Man is back at play EXCEPT he is in jail Is there a copycat on the loose or is something sinister going on in Featherbank In order to make a fresh start, Tom Kennedy and his son Jake move to Featherbank into a house that is described as being monsterlike and ugly Once they move in, weird things begin to happen Jake hears voices and his imaginary friend tells him details about The Whisper Man that he shouldn t be able to know Tom is struggling to keep things together for his son, but at the same time worries that something isn t quite right with his little boy.At the same time, DI Pete Willis, the chief investigator on the original Whisper Man case, is being dragged into the new case Still haunted by the original killer, his connection to the case goes much deeper than anyone knows The POV shifts from Tom, Jake, Pete, and Amanda Beck the DI on the new case All of their chapters are interesting and equally unreliable Each had me constantly questioning the identity of the killer I found Jake s character to be the most interesting he is one is a peculiar child and it was quite fascinating to be inside his head The Whisper Man is riveting from the start The menacing tone drew me in and had me scared sh tless but I am a wimp and found that I couldn t read this late at night There is a high level of tension I never knew what to expect or what was going to come around the corner There are also some good twists that I didn t see coming.This is a highly entertaining, well crafted psychological thriller with many layers that all tie together, down to the chilling final sentence I highly recommend and look forward to seeing from Alex North in the future I received an ARC of The Whisper Man from Macmillan in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Whisper Man is one of those reads that I didn t even slow down to take notes or mark quotes for my review I blew through at record speed, finishing this one within a single sitting I couldn t put it down until I had every last detail of the case solved I ll be honest, based on the synopsis I was bracing myself for a Silence of the Lambs wannabe a devilishly charismatic serial killer sitting in prison who will only talk to a particular detective about a case involving another serial killer sounds all too familiar, but please believe me when I tell you that this is where the similarities end and the unique aspects of the plot begin Also, I know that this appears on the surface to be another run of the mill police procedural, but it is so much than that Gather round, friends, and let s chat about this stunning debut for a moment There are a lot of individual threads running loose throughout the course of the story, but the good news is that most of them converge towards the end of the novel, which makes for some satisfying twists and emotional reunions I m going to tiptoe around specifics, because there s a delicate balance of reeling you in and not giving anything away when it comes to this terrifying tale, and I d hate to be the one to ruin your experience with The Whisper Man This is a story about the abductions and murders of many children, for sure, but it s so much deeper than that We also have an exposition on grief, from multiple characters on many levels, and how that grief can affect our daily actions, our thought process, and how we connect with those who need us most It s also an alert to how our actions have a ripple affect to those around us, and can alter the course of our local history.I think I ll leave the summing up there, but I do feel it worth mentioning that, although I guessed the who was behind the second batch of murders, there were many twists I didn t see coming sprinkled throughout the book, and this was way satisfying than one big twist at the end that ultimately ends up being a Hail Mary I m so pleased to see that the Russo brothers are adapting this for film, as I think they ll give this story the proper attention it deserves in making the film than just a gory tale Highly recommended to readers who don t mind graphic violence and are looking for that next thriller that they won t be able to put down Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    4.5 starsShh can you hear that Tom Kennedy is looking to make a new start His wife died and he and his son, Jack, have moved into a new home in a new town in hopes of doing just that Tom is not aware that twenty years ago, in their new town, a serial killer nicknamed the Whisper Man lured young boys away from the safety of their homes by whispering into their windows at night He just wants to start over and protect his son, who is a creative child who frequently talks to his imaginary friend An imaginary friend who knows a riddle, one that serves as a warning about the whisper man Prior to their move, a local boy, Neil Spencer, went missing reigniting old fears and rumors as this boy s case resembled the missing boys cases from twenty years ago Did the Whisper Man work alone all those years ago Is there a copy cat killer out there Are the crimes even related DI Amanda Beck is the lead on the case but must rely on DI Pete Willis to help as he arrested the Whisper Man twenty years ago His knowledge may prove crucial if these cases are related Police detective Pete Willis visits the Whisper Man Frank Carter in prison in hopes of finding out some information Frank Carter enjoys his notoriety almost as much as he enjoys taunting DI Willis The body of one of his victims has never been found and that case has always haunted DI Willis Is he too close to this or does he have what it takes to solve the case I seriously loved this book It was creepy and captivating at the same time It sucked me in, and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough Alex North has himself a winner here This one lures the reader in right away He has also created interesting and likable characters Pete is dealing with his own personal issues while trying his best to be a good detective Tom and Jack are likable characters who recently experienced a loss This pulls on the readers heartstrings right away and helps create tension when strange things begin to happen This book evokes emotion Yes, this book is creepy and eerie, but it is also a book about relationships Relationships between fathers and sons The relationship between a Detective and the serial killer he helped put behind bars There is an incredible human element here When you have characters you care about, you don t want anything bad to happen to them, then when it looks as if they may be in danger your heart begins pounding, and you begin to wonder what is going to happen next Phew Another plus is that this book is not gory or graphic Losing a child is every parent s worst fear and we are told it happens, but we are not shown anything graphic North was able to create chilling tension without having any horrific scenes This book is told in various POV s which really worked move the plot along Another nice addition were the twists and turns along the way Little reveals leading up to the end This made the book move at just the right pace for this reader Nothing felt rushed The pace along with the plot kept me on the edge of my seat wanting Captivating book that focuses on the people and the crime Although there is an investigation to find the kidnapper killer, I would not call this a police procedural book Again, the focus is on the characters.This was a thoroughly engrossing and chilling book which was inspired by the author s own son who told him he was playing with the boy in the floor Thank you to Celadon Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    4.5 stars He says he hears a whispering at his window The Whisper Man is the hair raising story of widower Tom Kennedy and his young son Jake who move to a quiet English village hoping for a fresh start.But Featherbank has plenty of its own ghosts 20 years ago,a serial killer known as The Whisper Man abducted and murdered five young boys.When another boy goes missing and Jake begins to act out in strange ways,Tom fears that he s losing his grip on reality.Can he uncover the truth before it s too late The Whisper Man is the debut thriller by Alex North.And what a thoroughly unputdownable read that was I haven t read a thriller in awhile so I was pleased that the steady pacing and not too graphic subject matter made for a riveting and eerie read.I also enjoyed the short chapters that ended on a cliff hanger This made me continuously want to keep turning those pages Thoroughly recommend this for readers who enjoy a suspenseful story that plays on your worst fears Congratulations to Alex North on what is sure to be a very successful and compelling debut thriller It s not going to be easy,and I need to start with an apology Over the years,I told you so many times that there was nothing to be afraid of.That there was no such thing as monsters I m sorry that I lied.

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    This is a menacing novel which is what a great thriller should be and I m not going to tell you anything about it Shhhh, did you hear that I thought I heard a whisper.

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    If this book had a Tinder profile it would read something like this Clich troubled detective haunted by previous case seeks unknown creepy boogeyman Must have Daddy issues and enjoy torturing small children Although I enjoyed this quick read, there s really nothing novel going on here It s pretty tame compared to similar books in this genre I was left wanting More darkness, tension, backstory I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    What an enjoyable book for me This book is about fathers and sons and what the love a father, or lack of love of a father, can do to a son It s about fathers who never forget their failings even long after they ve done all they can to change, to become the best person they can be, long after they are no longer the person they used to be And it s about fathers who are so very good and love so very much but think they are failures and not good enough to be fathers I came to the book thinking there was horror here and there was but it s real life horror, the kind of horror that is worse than supernatural, scary, going ons Twenty years ago, little boys went missing and were found brutally murdered in the town of Featherbank DI Pete, found the boys but feels like a failure because he wasn t able to find the last one that was taken That boy s body was never found and he s haunted by the crimes and by the man who commited the crimes In the present, Tom and his son Jake move to Featherbank to start over again A year ago, Tom s wife, Jake s mom, died suddenly, leaving two heartbroken souls, two people so much alike, father and son, that they can t even communicate with each other, try as they might Seven year old Jake is quiet, precocious, sensitive, smart, and thinks his dad may not love him Tom is hurting and sometimes angry, at the loss of his wife and at being left along to raise a boy that he thinks he can t do justice Tom didn t know that when they had moved to this quiet town, that another little boy had been kidnapped in the same manner as the boys of twenty years ago The kidnapper of old was called the Whisper Man and the police realize that the boy recently kidnapped had heard whispers also Now Jake is hearing whispers and hearing voices that tell him things that seem linked to the crimes And Pete is being drawn back into the world of the Whisper Man since he knows so much about the earlier crimes I loved the way we had the story told to us from the viewpoint of multiple people and especially loved the viewpoints of Tom, Pete, and Jake Little Jake is so serious, so grown up, so solemn, a little man in a little boy s body This book is about people and feelings and relationships, with a very real supernatural feel that stays grounded in reality Thank you to Celadon Books and NetGalley for this ARC.