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No Means No Sweet Valley University #10 [Download] ➻ No Means No Sweet Valley University #10 Author Francine Pascal – The perfect guyJessica Wakefield's met the perfect guy James Montgomery is gorgeous intelligent and best of all he adores her But James wants from Jessica than she is willing to give Can he take no fo The perfect guyJessica Wakefield's met No Sweet PDF/EPUB ë the perfect guy James Montgomery is gorgeous intelligent and best of all he adores her But James wants from Jessica than she is willing to give Can he take no for an answer Elizabeth Wakefield has learned something terrifying about Jessica's new boyfriend Can she save her sister before it's too lateLila Fowler and Bruce Patman are stranded in the wilderness driving each other insane Is there a secret attraction behind their stormy argumentsWilliam White has returned to the SVU campus with one thing in mind Elizabeth No Means Epub / Wakefield He's going to get her back any way he can.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 233 pages
  • No Means No Sweet Valley University #10
  • Francine Pascal
  • English
  • 07 September 2016
  • 9780553566550

About the Author: Francine Pascal

John Pascal July No Sweet PDF/EPUB ë January and her brother was Broadway lyricist.

10 thoughts on “No Means No Sweet Valley University #10

  1. Maria Maria says:

    Jessica knew that James made her feel uneasy the one time she showed up in their shared chemistry class that fall also the ink had barely dried on the annulment forms between her and Mike McAllery before she was chasing after James She ignored Maia's reuests to not see James and they were served alcohol at the restaurant despite the both of them being underage She also only got saved by luck at Elizabeth following her to the restaurant and then towards I believe it was Millers Point Weak writing

  2. Vrinda Pendred Vrinda Pendred says:

    A rather intense book for me at age 11 when I think about it now Reading it as an adult it's a bit in your face about the subject matter ie what are the chances that everyone in the same group of friends would be dealing with the same issues of sex and rape all in the same week? But it definitely hammers home its point

  3. kylajaclyn kylajaclyn says:

    Welcome to Lila and EnidAlex Grow Some Balls or SVU #10 No Means No So I like this cover Still with the old twins before they put Cynthia Brittany on everything I've been wondering what college that actually is there on the front in the SVU letters? It actually looks pretty awesome And I totally want to buy that SVU sweater Jessica is wearing on the front uite a lot to report from this book my dear friends Remember that tragedy that SVU claims happens with Lila and Bruce in the summary on the back of book #7? Yeah that actually didn't happen then But it's happening now Bruce took Lila up in his plane and then came crashing down We find Lila facing off with a wolf as the book opens We also find Bruce growing steadily and attracted to Lila romantically Our girl Li is too busy saving her life but she notices his attractiveness now and again when she's not busy being pissed at him for not loading the flare gun and missing their chance to be rescued from the wild They both lie to each other about their survival skills though since they both know how much they each have always relied on other people to do everything I don't see how they could be surprised Lila says that her days in a Bolivian jungle survival course taught her many a thing Bruce says that he learned how to fish In between the times while he was tripping over his own ego I'll bet While trying to prove this to Lila he falls into the river and makes their situation worse When Lila rescues him she realizes that he was already sick and now he might get pneumonia For the rest of the book Bruce is pretty much out for the count while Lila become a fucking heroic badass She catches a trout with her bare hands skins it forages for berries in a prickly bush and brings back to Bruce a bowl full of water Then she strips off his damp clothes and lays down next to him in order to warm him up and keep him from getting worse I am so proud of Lila right now I could crySo EnidAlex has become a hot hot hot fucking mess over the last few books It is one thing to be an over 21 alcoholic It is another thing entirely to be an 18 year old alcoholic But in this book that is what Alex has become She is drinking and bemoaning her life and she is acting exactly like she did in high school only now at least she's not blaming Liz for her problems and she's drinking to offset the bitching She uickly realizes duh that she is out of control nearly passing out at a Zeta party was her first clue and calls the campus hotline after much hesitation What kind of loser needs a hotline she thinks But it really does help her and soon she is out taking a stand for Jessica or as she calls it doing the right thing and catching up on much needed exercise Oh god Not lumps and bumps on her body When she finally gets her act together Todd comes stumbling in and muses that he's sunk so low that even Enid Rollins doesn't want to be seen with him Well that's it Enid feels like slapping him but instead she stands up for herself for possibly the first time in her entire life Todd is instantly sorry but he still begs Alex to come out and drink with him Then Alex gets even awesome by standing her ground and telling him that they both need to get their acts together so she gives him the boot A girl with actual character in Sweet Valley? I never thought I'd see the day She also talks about her druggie past in high school and I am super intrigued I never read those books Is she talking about #2 Secrets? She says that she did pot and pills and I'm just like holy shit They actually knew what pot was in Sweet Valley? They hardly know what sex is I must find out which book all this happens inWilliam White is still poking around and plotting his escape from the loony bin or I guess he has escaped since he's at the SVU campus stalking Liz every other day Unfortunately he doesn't really do anything useful in this book other than mention Liz's bad taste in men for picking Tom Watts I'm also pretty sure that William has narcissistic personality disorder since he can't shut up about how awesome he is Liz is also useless in this book for she just saves the day and runs to the rescue and acts like a prude But rape is the Issue of the Week for this book and a random and bitter girl named Maia Stillwater pops up in this book You can spot from a mile away that she is only there to function as that other girl that James Montgomery raped Only he attempts to rape Jessica while he actually raped Maia She becomes crucial in the next book I'm pretty certainSo Jessica thinks things are all lovey dovey and happy with James Montgomery because she is a naive twat She hears some girl saying that James is great unless he drinks but Jessica is the ueen of the Shrug Off so she doesn't think much of it Not even when she sees him behaving like a drunk asshole at a frat party Jessica does admit that it's too soon after Mike to be getting serious with anybody but had James not been a rapist she would have been serious about him in about a book and a half She also thinks about how much damage Mike has done to her rep with the sorority when SHE'S the one who has consistently bad taste in guys It's pretty much all she's good for It's funny that she's clawing her way back into the sorority and pretending like her emotions over a guy didn't get her kicked out in the first place A long time ago I did read some of the later ones and I know she's going to turn around and do the same thing with Nick Fox Isn't that what I'll Never Love Again is about? She doesn't even care about the sorority Once again because of a guy Surprise surprise So in a couple books before this one Sorority Scandal the vice president of the Thetas Allison uinn dares Jessica to steal a priceless book from a professor in order to rejoin the sorority When Jessica attempts it she is caught but only because Allison set her up to be discovered EnidAlex hears this during one of her drunken nights at a party and she decides to tell the girls so that they will not blackball Jessica out of the sorority Oh and I totally guffawed at the part where Jess told Allison that Elizabeth would NEVER frame her Jessica for a crime that she didn't commit No Jess but you sure would Like spiking Liz's punch with vodka and then letting her drive off into the night with your soon to be dead boyfriend and then keeping up the charade and actually BLAMING Liz for his death Remember that? No? Me either

  4. E.H. Nolan E.H. Nolan says:

    Anyone who doesn't guess what the title means probably deserves the spoiler I'm just kidding But still it's pretty obvious what's going to happen in No Means No Without going into that plot line there are a couple of other extremely interesting side stories included in this volume of the SVU series Lila and Bruce are back in circulation and it's another very enjoyable read as they fight it out in the wilderness I don't know why especially since I'm not the outdoorsy type but I just couldn't get enough of that part of the story So entertaining and suspenseful and what a great way to introduce two characters back into the serieshttphottoastyragweeblycomsvu 10

  5. cubbie cubbie says:

    these books are so terrible and i'm so hookedLila Fowler let out a long liuid scream of pure terror

  6. Anna Anna says:

    I loved it when JM was proved to be an outright no good liar

  7. Sanchi Sanchi says:

    this one has a good message to young girls one of the many reason i loved reading the series

  8. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    You would think Jessica would have learned but eh

  9. Gracia Gracia says:

    I loved the book It was weird but I could handle it thanks

  10. Sheila Read Sheila Read says:

    I remember the cover just not the story

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