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Adolphe [PDF / Epub] ☉ Adolphe Author Benjamin Constant – «El amor crea un pasado como por encantamiento y nos rodea de él Nos da por así decirlo la conciencia de haber vivido durante años con un ser ue no hace mucho nos resultaba casi extraño El amor e «El amor crea un pasado como por encantamiento y nos rodea de él Nos da por así decirlo la conciencia de haber vivido durante años con un ser ue no hace mucho nos resultaba casi extraño El amor es sólo un punto luminoso y sin embargo parece apoderarse del tiempo Hace unos días no existía pronto dejará de existir; pero mientras existe expande su luz tanto sobre la época ue lo ha precedido como sobre la ue debe seguirlo»Notas de prensaUna peueña joyaFélix de Azúa Una ficción sensacionalJordi Llovet El País Estamos ante una de las grandes novelas del Romanticismo europeo desde mi punto de vista más actual ue el mítico Werther de GoetheJM Cabrales Artega El Diario Montañés Adolphe felizmente rescatada del olvido es una de esas peueñas obras maestras sin duda imprescindible en las ue ya están presentes el espíritu y los procedimientos de la narrativa contemporáneaLuis de la Peña Época.

About the Author: Benjamin Constant

Henri Benjamin Constant de Rebecue was a Swiss born nobleman thinker writer and French politicianConstant was born in Lausanne Switzerland to descendants of noble Huguenots who fled France during the Huguenot wars in the early th century to settle in Lausanne He was educated by private tutors and at the University of Erlangen Bavaria and the University of Edinburgh Scotland In the co.

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  1. karen karen says:

    i give a resounding five stars to the first part of this book and three to the end overall it is a perfect encapsulation of a love experience from its initial obsessive beginnings to the eventual resentment and tender suffering for the sake of another's feelings and then silly silly melodrama it is unfair of me to judge the ending of this book it is a product of its time and i can't hate on it for giving its audience what they wanted; what they expected and i can't be a hypocrite and love wuthering heights and be unmoved by this although wh earned its ending and this being so short has less character imprinting to assist itbut as far as a perfect rendition of the arc of a love affair i have to applaud this it manages to slow down the hyper emotive feelings of personal experiences into universal and relatable ones in a way that is breathtakingat first then it gets a little batshit into overcalculating proust territory but for a while i was alongside of him yelling yes yes yes and no one believes your preface constant everyone knows exactly what and whom this is about nice backpedal thoughi read this because it tied in with The Late Lord Byron and knowing the full story this is kind of an interesting piece of literary history and madame de stael comes across way better in this than byron ever did in Glenarvon Everyman's Library which was his own lunatic ex's take on their relationship but if any of my former lovers decide to write a book about me i am stopping that bitch at the presscome to my blog

  2. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Adolphe Benjamin Constant Adolphe is a classic French novel by Benjamin Constant first published in 1816 It tells the story of an alienated young man Adolphe who falls in love with an older woman Ellénore the Polish mistress of the Comte de P Their illicit relationship serves to isolate them from their friends and from society at large The book eschews all conventional descriptions of exteriors for the sake of detailed accounts of feelings and states of mindتاریخ نخستین خوانش ماه ژوئن سال 2010 میلادیعنوان آدلف نوشته ای که در اسناد فردی ناشناس به دست آمده؛ نویسنده بنیامین کنستان؛ مترجم نصرت الله معینیان؛ تهران، 1331، در 120 ص، موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان فرانسوی سده 19 معنوان آدلف نوشته ای که در اسناد فردی ناشناس به دست آمده؛ نویسنده بنجامین بنژامن کنستان؛ مترجم فریده مهدوی دامغانی؛ تهران، نشر تیر، 1379، در 153 ص، شابک 9646581412؛ عنوان آدلف؛ نویسنده بنیامن کنستان؛ مترجم مینو مشیری؛ تهران، ثالث، 1388، در 136 ص، شابک 9789643806163؛ چاپ دوم 1388، چاپ سوم 1391؛ چاپ چهارم 1393؛ چاپ پنجم 1395؛ چاپ هفتم 1396؛ آدلف ضد قهرمانِ از خود بیگانه و درون‌گرایی است که عاشق زنی ده سال بزرگ‌تر از خودش می‌شود خلاصه کتاب آدلف آدلف مردی جوان و بیست و دو ساله برای کسب تجربه در حال سفر کردن است و قرار است پس از به دست آوردن تجربه‌ و پخته شدن، نزد پدرش بازگردد و در کنار او مشغول به کار شود تا درنهایت جایگزینی برای او باشد در یکی از این سفرها «آدلف» به شهری که مقر حکومت شاهزاده‌ ای جوان است، وارد می‌شود و در یک مهمانی‌ با زنی به نام «النور»، بانویی به ظاهر متاهل، و ده سال بزرگ‌تر از خودش آشنا می‌شود در ادامه آدلف دلباخته ی زن می‌شود و رفته رفته تب عشق سرکش و آتشینش را به «النور» منتقل می‌کند اما پس از کامروایی، احساساتش نسبت به «النور» رنگ می‌بازد ولی از آنجایی که آدلف فردی از دید شخصیتی ضعیف و در عین حال بزرگ‌منش است توانایی تمام کردن رابطه را ندارد و «کنستان» در این اثر با پرداختن به روابط عاطفی انسان‌ها، اخلاقیات و عرف‌های اشتباه، جامعه را نیز نقد می‌کند اخلاقیاتی که انسان‌ها را زندانی خود کرده‌ اند او شورانگیزترین وابستگی‌های عاطفی را تجزیه و تحلیل می‌کند تا نشان دهد چرا و چگونه با گذر زمان این احساسات و وابستگی، به تدریج رنگ می‌بازند ا شربیانی

  3. knig knig says:

    Benjamin Constant IS Adolphe the eponymous protagonist When the bon ton said so in 1816 he wrote to all the newspapers protesting elaborately I don’t know why it reminds me so much of Oscar Wilde suing the Maruees of ueensbury for libel on account of the ‘love that dare not speak its name’ not being apparently a turn up the old chocolate highway Umm right or Bill Clinton ‘ I did not have sexual relations with that woman’ Like all good orators Constant was hanging on a technicality its not a roman a clef you see because Ellenore is an amalgamated character a monstrous splice up of two of Constant’s real lovers into an approximation of ‘the human centipede’And so Ellenore a delightful Frankesteinian creation embodying the best of Mme de Stael and Anna Lindsay The former has the following delights to offer a prospective lover thank you Wiki ‘she was the most distinguished and characteristic product of the period of sensibility — the singular fashion of ultra sentimentalism — which reuired that both men and women but especially women should be always palpitating with excitement steeped in melancholy or dissolved in tears ‘ Wow Constant who only ever implicated himself with older women was ensnared by Mme Stael for over twenty years unable to break off the liaison until it was Stael who chucked him over for a younger man twenty years his junior Wow again But whilst she had him Stael sure kept him on a tight leash if he said he was popping out for an hour to town and he wasn’t back in an hour she’d harness up the coach and four and Bouadicca herself into town hunt him down bundle him into the coach and take him back to the Manor Sometimes he wasn’t even allowed to go out even for one hour Wow This obsessive compulsive behaviour is transposed into Ellenore From Anna she inherits her circumstances a longstanding mistress to a prominent aristocrat who is seduced into leaving her position although the real Anna never did of course she knew which side her bread was buttered onSo Adolphe a young man who flits with older women and finally meets his match in Ellenore; having seduced her into leaving her protector he finds himself encumbered with a shrew and unable to leave her for years just like in real life Blaming her for his lost opportunities in life as if though if she weren’t around he’d have a proper career poppy cock this insecure indecisive man wavers between despair resentment and self deluded love through out the novella every time he musters up a semblance of courage to break off with Ellenore his subconscious intolerant of strife and confrontation convinces him that in fact he does truly love herAn extraordinary love story told from the perspective of a man and what I believe to be a victim of domestic abuse this elaborate tale honing in on deep psychology and the precarious balance of mental health explores the stormy dynamics of the male female relationship in an astonishing reversal of perspectives Adolphe’s tale is one usually associated with ‘women’s business’; and its remarkable to read about the insecurities and feminine type wiles of a deeply intelligent but perversely weak willed man My one gripe is the ending At first I thought it was some arcane 19c formula for administering social justice a one of those ‘of the times’ denouements but in retrospect I think its cunning than that Constant the wily fox unable to personally resolve his issues in real life as well as in the novel has to resort to natural causes in order to attain the freedom he so desperately craves but is so ill euipped to attain

  4. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    Constant’s two books in English translation are first person accounts of his dalliances sort of Confessions of an Aesthete Under Napoleon the Great starring Robin Askwith see Manny for details His other The Red Notebook a 60pp odd fragment of an abandoned autobiography is published by Oneworld Classics and hints at the Flaubert forerunner Constant could have been This one is a “fictionalised” ie names are changed account of his romp with Madame de Staël written in the matter of fact prose of someone who can’t believe his luck committing the truth to posterity purely for the bragging rights As you would

  5. Stefan Stojanovski Stefan Stojanovski says:

    Pretty cute Though it was kinda dry I enjoyed reading it

  6. Susan Stuber Susan Stuber says:

    I'm glad I got around to reading this famous book especially since I live near the château where he and Mme de Staehl developed their close friendship The style and story reminds me uite a bit of Balzac Tolstoy and Stephan Zweig I haven't read much Goethe but I imagine Werner is perhaps in the same league They often write about men's preliminary fascination for or goodwill towards a woman and how this eventually drags them down and how life becomes almost unbearable for various reasons It is hard as a woman not to feel irritated at times as to how the women are portrayed So often they are whiny needy and helpless Of course back in those day women did not have it easy Their reputations could be ruined in a day they were totally dependent on men for financial security and any carnal relationship meant not only the possibility of pregnancy but since it was medically speaking childbirth was a dangerous thing it could kill them

  7. Patris Patris says:

    men are whiny babies and heterosexuality is hell

  8. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Until now Ellenore had had no conception of passionate emotion another’s life merged completely in hers which my very frenzy went to prove all the conclusively I returned to terrifying bursts of rage submissiveness tenderness and idolatrous veneration I looked upon her as a sacred being and my love was closely allied to religion This frenzied book is definitely the antidote if like people in love with the idea of love your thing is being passionate about passion Just read the above and try not to shudderI read this last year and then turned back to the beginning to read the book’s three prologues After 55 years of uncomplaining service to me my Kindle chose that moment to die I liked the book less this time around partly because of those very prologues emphasizing what a rogue Adolphe was for failing in his duty to be the protector of the woman who loved him for betraying her feminine weakness The book however seemed to lay the responsibility for the failed relationship—doomed because of the folly of loving across class boundaries—at the feet of bothThe book focuses on the psychology of a stormy relationship It reminded me of Alberto Moravia’s Contempt but this is a failed relationship that refuses to die Over and over again it goes through death throes and is then defibrillated back to precarious but ecstatic life The psychology is interesting analyzing how two people can procrastinate doing what is obviously necessary for so long with endless self justifications Essentially they live years of self abasement and cowardice Both are guided by misguided kindness appreciating the other’s good ualities and years of loyally putting up with their silliness But it’s all disguised weakness that only serves to prolong their torture Resignation is just too hard when the rare times it’s good it’s achingly sublimeSome unexpected humor After the exhaustion of her love I was as it were finding rest in the indifference of othersI went to her with the firm resolve to show great joyVery well I give in Ellenore; your interests overrule every other considerationEllenore let me suspect that a single word from me would make her wholly mine again; then offended by my silence she threw herself once into flirtations with a kind of frenzyTitle in Spanish Adolphe Adolfo

  9. Ana Ana says:

    I'm beginning to think that this novella was passed around gentlemen as a reminder of how even the most ardent love turns sour and how not to become the involved in a melodramaAdolphe a young man finally meets his match in Ellenore an older woman who the mistress of a Count Having seduced her into leaving her protector he finds himself entangled with a shrew and unable to leave her for years Ellenore is religious resentful of the fact that she has no way of supporting herself except through men and is emotionally abusive at times Adolphe is really really spineless so I'm sure she felt even insecure with her survival by virtue of him being her lover They are toxic for each other

  10. Emrys Emrys says:

    I don't even know how to rate this because the knowledge that Adolphe is to some degree at least meant to be presented as an insufferable wanker isn't uite enough to mitigate my consistent instinct to projectile vomit all over this book

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