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Just Like a Mama From Alice Faye Duncan, Award Winning Author Of Honey Baby Sugar Child, Comes Just Like A MamaCarol Olivia Clementine Lives With Mama Rose Mama Rose Is Tender And Sweet Everything A Child Could Wish For In A Parent But She Is Also As Stern And Demanding As Any Good Parent Should Be In The Midst Of Their Happy Home, Carol Olivia Clementine Misses Her Mother And Father While She Longs To Be With Them, She Also Learns To Embrace The Love That Is Present Mama Rose Becomes Her Home And Carol Olivia Clementine Concludes That She Loves Mama Rose Just Like A Mama This Sweet Read Aloud Is, On The Surface, All About The Everyday Home Life A Caregiver Makes For Her Young Charge Mama Rose Teaches Carol Olivia Clementine How To Ride A Bike, Clean Her Room, Tell Time A Deeper Look Reveals The Patience, Intention, And Care A Child Receives In The Arms Of A Mother Whose Blood Is Not Her Blood, But Whose Bond Is So Deep, So Unconditional, That It Creates The Perfect Conditions For A Child To Feel Safe, Successful, And Deeply Loved

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    I was fortunate enough to get an early read of this BEAUTIFUL picture book about a child in an adoptive situation The reader isn t told whether she is actually adopted, or whether Mama Rose is her grandmother But the reader will certainly understand that Mama Rose is just like a mama to Carol Olivia Clementine A lovely book.

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    This picture book is a beautiful look at what family really means The main character lives away from her parents and with a guardian by the name of Mama Rose Mama Rose treats her the same way that she would treat any child of her own It really emphasizes and celebrates fictive kin If you re not aware fictive kin are ties that are based on kinship or social ties It s a great way to describe relationships that develop between children and guardians when parents are absent I haven t read many adoption stories in picture book form, but after reading this one I definitely want to take time to seek them out It really touched me not only because it is a story about adoption, but also because it discusses the beauty of relationships that form when family members step in to help raise children I still remember when my great grandmother stepped to help raise me when my mom was working hard to get us a better life She was like my second mother and it broke my spirit when she passed away a year ago If you ever need a story that focuses on the beauty of adoption, fictive kin, or family members that step in to help raise children I would definitely recommend picking up this book.

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    A beautifully written and illustrated story about the loving bond between a young girl and her foster mother.

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    Excellent picture book about what it really means to be a family Mama Rose is just like a mama to little girl because her parents don t live close to them.

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    This is a necessary book for many kids todayMama Rose has taken a young girl named Carol Olivia Clementine into her heart and home Why The young girl s parents are currently miles away and she wishes that one day they will be reunited Carol knows that she is very fortunate because every day Mama Rose demonstrates just how much she loves her, even though Mama Rose is ostensibly a parent surrogate and not a blood relative though this is never revealed in the story Mama Rose fixes her hair and shows Carol how to do things like bake cookies and make her bed, ride a bike and do her chores, always singing her praises for a job well done Though Carol would like to be reunited with her parents, she is happy being with Mama Rose for the time being because Mama Rose is my home.Alice Faye Duncan s gentle story is filled with words that are reassuring perfect to hear at a time that may be very unsettling for a child who is separated from their parents Sentences are short and uncomplicated, with no extra words thrown in She has created two very likeable characters, giving them appropriate actions Mama Rose who selflessly gives an endless stream of love and security to this child, while also providing for her needs so she can grow up to be a happy, well adjusted adult and Carol who willingly accepts her love and returns it, as she is resigned to the fact that her parents are not there to provide the love she needs at this time.Debut illustrator Charnelle Pinkney Barlow s watercolor, gouache, color pencil, and gel pen artwork is well matched with the text There is sweetness and richness in each image, yet a pure simplicity at the same time The color palette she has selected is bright and cheerful a happy one that underscores the positive vibes found in Mama Rose s home Carol s face shows a wide range of emotion throughout the story, with Mama Rose always there to reassure her A promising start for this talented artist.Backmatter includes a note from the author that includes background on why she wrote this story It is very touching and insightful.This book fills a huge gap offering the opportunity for many children whose parents are absent to see themselves in a book This will be excellent to use as a discussion starter for counselors, therapists, and other professionals working with children.Highly Recommended for PreSchool grade 2.

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    Age Preschool KindergartenFamily Granddaughter and grandmaIdentity, Author African AmericanIdentity, Illustrator African AmericanWe need books like these beautiful, unique family dynamics that exist in our world Such a beautiful celebration of Carol s relationship with her grandma without ignoring her feelings about the hard separation that Carol has away from her mom and dad A beautiful spread shows multiple illustrations of Carol feeling sad with a slouched body and crossed arms but she transitions to reassured and jubilant as she grasps her grandmother s hand A short read but packed with a lot to relate to and discuss for readers.

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    An beautiful ode to created relationships

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    This book really hit home When I say kids ask me can they call mama I never once stop them I just tell them to add my name at the end Mama Charity Blood doesn t make you family time does

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    Carol misses their mother and father, but loves their Mama Rose who cares for them.

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