U.S.Navy Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter Squadron in

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  1. Sophia Sophia says:

    I don't typically pick up military historical non fic or modern historical fiction so please forgive me if my review is lacking the usual points that readers are looking for in their military reading reviewsFirst of all sadly I know little about the Vietnam conflict and I was pleased to read a little about the Naval facet of the Navy SEAL work and the formation of the Seawolves Helicopter Suadron who became the direct air support for the SEAL operation in the Delta leading into the Tet OffensiveThe book is an interesting blend of non fiction facts and details along with a bit of fiction to make a cohesive storyline where details were few permission for specifics weren't available or facts had to be guessed at I felt the author wove all this well Now that said this doesn't read like a story The book zooms in on details about the SEAL team in operation from their task on the mission to what gear and weaponry they employed to do their work the terrain and the details like the boats copters bases and even a bit about the Vietnamese setting and people of south and northThe plot begins with an exciting SEAL team operation that showed why loss was high and something was needed to be put in place better than was there if the SEALs were to be effective Hence a Navy pilot from the Korean War used his acumen and experience to form the Seawolves Their training was thorough and uniue and then their work brought immediate results as to giving the SEAL teams the support they neededI had a good time meeting the members of a SEAL team stationed there in the Saigon area and the Seawolf detachment supporting them Some were uite the characters like 'Animal' who was an instinctive point man on the team or Soto who flew into danger without batting his eyeWhile I thoroughly enjoyed all that I learned and was riveted to the military conflicts sprinkled through the book I wouldn't recommend this one to those looking for an exciting military story though there is a bit of that mixed with the explanations In my opinion the audience are those looking to get a bit of story with intimate detailed overview of this facet of the Vietnam War

  2. Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor says:

    Many of my mentors and seniors were pilots or crew of HAL 3 We worked with the SEAL teams and Patrol Boat Crews throughout my time while I was with HC 1 and HS 12 It was a great read on the HAL 3 development and operations If this book is just a speck of what they went through and their performance they are True American Heros All of them I give them all a Heartfelt Hand Salute Job well done Thank you for your service HAL 3 and the men that made it what it was

  3. Stefan Stefan says:

    This book is not a sophisticated analysis of the Vietnam War or a general scope memoir US Navy Seawolves is about one naval attack helicopter unit during the Vietnam War and the important assistant role in had in supporting the Navy SEALs special boat suadron and river rat units in the Delta region of Vietnam Often I felt the writer was trying to make the story sound like a novel by using far to much mental imagery which meant his book had less scope on the unit because it focused on a few specific incidences Worth reading to gain a better picture on the unheralded role of the helicopter attack units that supported the infamous Navy SEALS

  4. Lew Lew says:

    This is a very good book on the Vietnam War focused on the commissioning and operations of the US Navy Seawolves the Navy's Helicopter Attack Light HAL 3 Suadron Mr Kelly does a good job of describing several combined operations between SEAL teams and HAL 3 units His final chapters describes how the Seawolves were able to keep numerous Saigon locations from being over run by NVA on the first night of the TET Offensive I couldn't put the book down while reading the TET chapters

  5. Mike S Mike S says:

    Outstanding battle seuences especially the Battle of Saigon Vivid and exciting

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U.S.Navy Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam [Read] ➳ U.S.Navy Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam By Daniel E. Kelly – Thomashillier.co.uk There were no dry runs for Seawolves in Vietnam They put their lives on the line—every timeIn the Viet Cong infested Mekong Delta where small SEAL teams were always outgunned and outnumbered discove There were no dry runs for The Elite PDF ✓ Seawolves in Vietnam They put their lives on the line—every timeIn the Viet Cong infested Mekong Delta where small SEAL teams were always outgunned and outnumbered U.S.Navy Seawolves: MOBI :↠ discovery brought swift deadly conseuences— and a radio call for backup from the United States Navy’s very best the Seawolves The whir of approaching rotor blades signaled their arrival as they tore through Seawolves: The Elite PDF/EPUB é the jungle at treetop level gunners hanging off the skids shooting M s raining down their lethal mix of high explosives and incendiary deathSeawolf Dan Kelly describes the origins of this extraordinary outfit Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter PDF/EPUB ² Put through a training program unlike any other these men emerged to perform unparalleled feats of courage The stories of these elite warriors capture America’s real heroes in all their guts and glory and demonstrate why the Seawolves are known as the most successful and most decorated unit in the Vietnam War.

  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • U.S.Navy Seawolves: The Elite HAL-3 Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam
  • Daniel E. Kelly
  • English
  • 09 November 2015
  • 9780345455109