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Ghost Ship A Cape Cod Story ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Ghost Ship A Cape Cod Story Author Mary Higgins Clark – I am so pleased to have written my first children's book and to have my dear friend Wendell Minor illustrate it I thought it would be a daunting project but with six grandchildren and eleven stepgrand I am so pleased to have written my A Cape PDF Î first children's book and to have my dear friend Wendell Minor illustrate it I thought it would be a daunting project but with six grandchildren and eleven stepgrandchildren I've been telling stories to children for a long time Mary Higgins Clark Thomas loved his summer visits to his grandmother's on Cape Cod He spent hours wondering about the sailing ships of the past and imagining their stories He dreamed of being on a sailing ship himself One afternoon after a night of Ghost Ship Epub / terrible thunderstorms Thomas finds deep in the sand a weathered old fashioned belt buckle When he picks it up a boy his own age Silas Rich who was a cabin boy on a ship called the Monomoy that sailed almost years ago appears Suddenly the world of sailing ships is very near as Silas tells his tale Beloved and bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark tells a story of mystery and adventure that will transport readers to a time and place beyond their imaginings in her first book for children Wendell Ship A Cape PDF/EPUB Â Minor's inspired paintings make a time long ago very real.

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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    On Cape Cod for the summer to visit his grandmother young Thomas loves to dream of the great sailing ships that once voyaged past the beach on which his grandmother's house stands When he finds an old belt buckle washed up on the beach after a storm the ghost of the buckle's owner Silas Rich a young boy from the 1760s appears and tells him a tale of those seafaring days Captain Haskell who originally built the house that Thomas' grandmother now owns features in the exciting story of fire mooncussers and a narrow escape from shipwreck as does Silas who went on to become the captain's cabin boyBetter known as a best selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark made her children's book debut with Ghost Ship A Cape Cod Story An engaging work of historical fiction presented through the mechanism of a ghostly storyteller it is the second picture book I have read from Clark following upon her holiday story The Magical Christmas Horse I enjoyed the narrative here which reminded me of how I too would dream as a young girl about the past events that might have occurred in the places I was visiting The accompanying artwork by Wendell Minor who apparently also did the cover art for a number of Clark's adult books is lovely capturing the natural beauty of Cape Cod and the suspense of Silas' tale Recommended to young dreamers who like to imagine what the past was like

  2. Cosette Cosette says:

    I'm not sure what I was looking for with this book Maybe I've been spoiled by all her other books but this just didn't live up to my standards of Mary Higgins Clark

  3. Terri Lynn Terri Lynn says:

    This is a lovely children's book by mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark about a little boy who encounters a boy who lived years earlier a ghost ship and a terrible fire It is a picture book but is interesting enough even for an adult like myself and the artwork is just exuisite I would have bought this for the art alone Don't let the words picture book make you think this is for babies It is not

  4. Joelisa Aparicio Joelisa Aparicio says:

    Some there a past ago in history 1960 and there's ghost boy died and he tell to him story about boat

  5. ☯ DαякєηRнαℓ ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜ ☯ DαякєηRнαℓ ❛ ᶜʳᵒᵘᶜʰᶤᶰᵍ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ; ʰᶤᵈᵈᵉᶰ ᵗᶤᵗᵃᶰ ❜ says:

    Book Name Ghost ShipBook Series NoneBook Series Number 1#Author Name Mary Higgins Clark Illustrated by Wendell MinorPublished By Simon and Schuster ISBN Number 978 1 84738 086 9Time Taken To Read Altogether About Twenty Minutes 30th November 2015 Time Spent Not Reading NoneTotal Reading Time About Twenty MinutesFinal Rating Three Stars ★★★ Book Smell Rich New Gossamer Smell DisclaimerThis is an honest review brought to you by Daniélle The following review is an honest perspective of my thoughts feelings and experience reading the book specified It was in no way shape or form coerced or forced in any fashion I do not accept bribes for good reviews or even bad ones nor do I bring in any perspective but my own I will not say do not read this book just as I will not say do read this book Whether you the reader of this review chooses to read the following book or not is completely up to you Also whether you like or hate it share or disagree with my opinion is also completely up to you Again this is a review of nothing but what I felt thought and perceived Hence it is an honest review of my personal opinion Please enjoyPremiseYoung Thomas is visiting his grandmother on Cape Cod Walking the beach one day Thomas discovers something in the sand something washed ashore after a terrible storm And then a great magical story unfoldsWritingDue to this book being a children’s book the writing is fairly simple and large on the pages It is easy to read follow and take in It’s also uick and not every single page features writing Most pages you find one side is written on and the other is simply a beautiful picture as this book is illustrated I’d say that one wouldn’t even need to be able to read the story to actually follow it as the pictures themselves alone does the job wonderfully too A light read perhaps a uick bedtime story or an afternoons’ little adventure A nice little story too with a message behind it A message about good deeds and magic Definitely a read for all little ones ImpressionsMy impressions are this The story is a nice uick little read I wasn’t wowed by it no but I didn’t want to not read it either Hence why I say it is just a nice little simple read It’s average basically Not to be hated but not exactly loved either I don’t know perhaps it’s because I am older But other than a nice simplistic yet magical story there isn’t much else I mean I liked it It didn’t exactly evoke a ton of emotions from me but I did like it So the story itself follows young Thomas Fleming visiting his grandmother on Cape Cod One day he finds something akin to a stone in the sand after a terrible storm the evening before And before Thomas knows it he’s no longer alone on the beach He’s joined by another young lad Silas Rich Silas proceeds to tell Thomas about the time when Silas himself was a boy living in Cape Cod Some 250 years ago that is He explains the story of where he had gotten his belt buckleThe seemingly dirty crusty ‘stone’ which Thomas had found deep in the sand earlier Thomas sits mesmerized listening as Silas explains that back in the day there was a man named Andrew Hallett a sea captain due back home His wife Mistress Hallett lived in the same house which Thomas’s grandmother now lives in But there was someone else in the story A man by the name of Samuel Lewis A man who was a no good mooncusser A man who lit lanterns along the beach making sea captains wrongly believe that they were in the harbour When they then tried mooring their boat it would wreck Mooncussers would then steal up lost cargo Something Samuel Lewis did on the night when Captain Hallett entered the bay Silas explains that Samuel was jealous of the Captain and had become a mooncusser to destroy the Captain’s ship the Monomoy So he had lit the beach with lanterns and Silas explains he saw the Monomoy coming in the wrong way However there was no way to call out to the Captain to inform him of this The men of the village were gone leaving only the elderly and the women and children behind Silas knowing there were many a child though ran through the village seeking help from his friend Joshua and other children Together they built a fire and set the wooden steps to the house ablaze The house on top of the hill where Thomas’s grandmother now lives And after seeing the shadow of his house thanks to the rising flames Captain Hallett managed to turn the Monomoy around Later Silas says it was he Captain Hallett who gave him his belt buckle in thanks Silas then tells of how he sailed with the Captain since how the Captain retired and Silas himself became a faring sea Captain too How he had also been in a wreck in which thankfully no one was hurt But in swimming to shore he had to take of his shoes and belt buckle losing them Thomas returns Silas’s belt And so the story ends two new friends say goodbye and Thomas returns to the house where his grandmother is calling him Once inside he sees a painting which had just been returned from being cleaned The painting is of none other than Captain Hallett Wearing a belt buckle strangely similar to Silas’sCharacters Thomas Fleming A young lad who is visiting his grandmother on Cape Cod I thought of Thomas as a pleasant and kind little boy who did the right thing by returning Silas’s buckle Also he shows intelligence at having initially guessed that a ‘mooncusser’ was something bad Silas Rich Silas is a boy who appears when Thomas finds Silas’s missing belt buckle He then tells of his childhood and adventures in Cape Cod 250 years prior that is Silas I found was a nice young lad as well Certainly brave and loyal Also a ghost Captain Andrew Hallett A sea Captain who sailed on the Monomoy A kind man who later took Silas under his wing and sailed the seas with him Later he retired after a long life at sea Samuel Lewis A no good dirty scoundrel who was so jealous of Captain Hallett he was willing to put not only the Captain’s life in danger but those of his crew as well Luckily he was thwarted by SilasFinal WordI just need to say this again Silas is a ghost One who appears as a boy yet grew into a man in his story Also we never do find out whatever happened to that low life Samuel Lewis A small but pleasant book overall which tells of friendship being brave and that you must respect the ocean And not be an evil creep I do believe that’s all folks Until the next book And remember always carry a lifejacket lol

  6. Kristie J. Kristie J. says:

    Beautifully illustrated children's book with an exciting historical story set in Cape Cod I really liked the sharpness and beautiful colors of the illustrations They definitely added to the story The story was also fun with a 9 year old boy meeting a 10 year old ghost boy on the beach near his grandmother's house which was originally built by a sea captain in 1752 The ghost boy who was from the year 1761 told a story of how he and his friends saved the captain's ship from running aground in the shallow waters Short and well suited for children

  7. Tami Tami says:

    This to me was not really a children's book There was way too much text on a page for a child to be interested in reading this There is language that a child will get bored with as well Even as an adult this story just didn't do it for me Ms Clark needs to stick to adult mysteries

  8. Tracy Tracy says:


  9. Kalley the Chipmunk Kalley the Chipmunk says:

    I didn't like this book

  10. Zoey the Squirrel Zoey the Squirrel says:

    I really liked the paintings in this book I liked the fire and the sea The pictures were very pretty

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