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10 thoughts on “Let's EatA Comer My Family Mi familia

  1. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Great way to learn some new Spanish words

  2. Courtney Maxwell Courtney Maxwell says:

    Great bilingual book The english text is on the right whereas the spanish text is either underneath or to the left I loved the message about the appreciation of food and family

  3. Mackenzie Duda Mackenzie Duda says:

    this book is written in both Spanish and English so it's great for bilingual classes students international cuisine Mexican cuisine family structure role of each family member thanksgiving gratefulness giving thanks for younger elementary students

  4. Melinda Melinda says:

    Sweet little story about feeling grateful for what you have especially your family Already in English and Spanish so very easy read

  5. Anthony Anthony says:

    The story about a family that shares a meal and through fellowship count their many blessings

  6. Tracey Tracey says:

    diverse bilingual SpanishEnglish picture book toddlerpreschool ages 2 5Great representation unfortunately the story was drab

  7. MarineCAT MarineCAT says:

    What a fun story to read I only know a little Spanish but I could not help but look at the translation to improve my Spanish Anything by Pat Mora should be included any classroom that has any ELL students This could be used in the reverse order as well anybody like me that wants to learn Spanish this would be a great tool to use

  8. Juanita Serna Juanita Serna says:

    Let's Eat A Comer is a bilingual short children's book It has the English words on the right side and the Spanish translation on the left or underneath This book is developmentally appropriate for elementary aged children The illustrations are very good and they go along with the story This book shows the food that the family is eating which includes beans grated cheese chili tortillas and a green salad It also has a good ending when the girls says Look at all the food We're rich aren't we dad? and the dad answers yes we're rich It is a very cute ending which demonstrates that by being at home with family at the dinner table she feels rich Maybe not monetarily rich but rich with love and happiness I chose this book because it dives into the Hispanic culture and is written in both English and Spanish The genre of this book is realistic fiction I would recommend this book to a pre k and kindergarten classroom and also to a beginner Spanish classGenre Realistic Fiction

  9. Jenna Jenna says:

    I love this book because it comes in two versions both English and Spanish and that’s always a great thing to have with our consistently changing population It also has loads of Spanish cultural practices and words with in the English version which makes for a very fun read aloud large group time This type of book makes kids feel comfortable whether they can relate to it or not and it’s also beneficial for non Spanish speakers because they are learning about an new culture and new words It focuses on appreciation of food and family which are two things I think anyone can relate to

  10. Crystal Crystal says:

    This is a fairly simple story about a family coming to the table to eat together It is a bilingual book in English and Spanish I typically enjoy having those I do like it though when the placement of each language is predictable either above and below or on either page This was not predictable Sometimes the languages were on separate pages and sometimes not I think that makes it difficult for beginning readers Otherwise I enjoyed the positive message about family and togetherness around the table

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Let's EatA Comer My Family Mi familia ➾ Let's EatA Comer My Family Mi familia Free ➵ Author Pat Mora – Thomashillier.co.uk It's dinnertime Look at all the foodEs la hora de cenar ¡Cuánta comidaThere are beans tortillasHay frijoles tortillascheese and even a green saladueso y hasta una ensalada de lechugaEnough for the w It's dinnertime Look at all the foodEs Comer My Kindle Õ la hora de cenar ¡Cuánta comidaThere are beans tortillasHay frijoles tortillascheese and even a green saladueso y hasta una ensalada de lechugaEnough for the whole familySuficiente para toda la familiaLet's sit down and enjoy it togetherVamos a sentarnos y disfrutarla juntosLet's eat¡A comerThis first book in the new bilingual Let's EatA ePUB ½ My FamilyMi familia series will charm readers with its close knit family—a family that is grateful for its many blessingsÉste es el primer libro de la nueva serie My Family Mi familia Los lectores uedarán encantados con esta familia unida ue se siente agradecida por todas sus bendiciones.