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Intervention ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ Intervention Author Julian May – All over the world the metapsychics are honing their skills learning to stretch their incredible minds far beyond the ken of ordinary humans Most are dedicated to the harmony of the human soul But som All over the world the metapsychics are honing their skills learning to stretch their incredible minds far beyond the ken of ordinary humans Most are dedicated to the harmony of the human soul But some have darker intentionsIf the metapsychics succeed in uniting Earth's minds to take the next step up in human evolution a place awaits humanity among the alien peoples of the fabulous Galactic Milieu But if evil minds prevail in their bid for power Earth will be cut offand mankind forever doomed.

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  1. Michael Battaglia Michael Battaglia says:

    If you haven't read the first part of this yet then it might be a good idea to go back and get that done unless you're one of those people that like to read the conclusions of novels first Although even here that's not going to help you since the ending is really just setting us up for the trilogy to follow and doesn't conclude so much as get us to where we need to be It's still entertaining thoughAs literally the second half of a novel that was split in two you could read the first part and stop but it wouldn't be very satisfying this in theory should be like all those young adult series adaptations where the last book somehow suddenly has a story too big for one movie and must be split into two which generally means that the first book contains all the setup and the second all the action packed resolutions Since May is a better writer than most young adult novelists and the book was structured to be split in two this isn't uite as big a problem as you'd think since the first book had plenty of interesting seuences but there was also a sense that it was holding back slightly so that the big scenes would come laterThat's mostly the case Rogi is still narrating the story in parts specifically the parts involving his family and their increasing roles in world affairs but the plot still whips around the globe and features the other characters The difference is here that the two evil characters his nephew Victor and the ruthlessly persuasive Kieran O'Connor take center stage as they try to influence events to give themselves power and keep the other operants all the people with mental powers from figuring out what they're doing and attempting to stop them In the meantime the world is gradually coming apart as various pockets of unrest both home and aboard start to get explosive causing lines to be unwillingly be drawn between regular people and operants eerily the scenes of Middle Eastern extremist terrorism and the various US based get the psychic read foreigners out groups have uncomfortable parallels to events going on today despite the book being written in the eighties making you wish that people with fantastic mental powers would swoop in to save us or at least simply our problems immenselyFor the most part May moves things along nicely although the book does suffer somewhat from not being able to regale us with the shock of the new taking the mental break in the middle of the story probably doesn't help even though I read one after the other it still feels like two separate books With the powers or less established she can't really find new uses for them although she gets a lot of decent mileage out of the coercive abilities of both Victor and O'Connor especially the latter's tendency to bond his compatriots to his own mind which really boils down to a creepy form of brainwashing We do get the concept of the metaconcert which while it sounds like a Neil Young esue exercise in rock and roll irony tends to point the way toward her version of Arthur C Clarke's Childhood's End And since you know that we're moving into another trilogy after this one its not like the machinations of the dastardly characters are cause for tension beyond which characters will survive the book and since there's a detailed family tree at the end with birth and death dates even that takes some of the suspense out Fortunately for her the main characters are detailed enough and the potential for the epic historical sweep interesting enough that she makes you want to stick around to at least see how this chunk of it turns out and her intense interest in focusing on both the big picture political and the intimacies of family drama and where they intersect gives you an idea on how of little changes can make a big difference in either directionBut you definitely feel like the second volume is being carried by the concept than anything else While the villains are clever and diabolical we never really get a sense of Victor's manipulations beyond Rogi telling us how he takes over the family one by one and while O'Connnor gets far disturbing scenes including where he messes with his only daughter he also gets saddled with a crazy version of nihilism that makes him sound like a less elouent Thanos at times only without the fabulous sparkly glove of power When May wants to be effective she's certainly than capable of it and a couple scenes stand out as real corkers for my money a bold assassination attempt that ends poorly for almost everyone involved nearly takes the cake as well as a farewell note told with an aching desire to sketch around the edgesTo some extent the aliens once again hold the story back slightly even when you discount the blatant meddling on the part of one of them with Rogi either essentially telling him what to do or interfering to ensure the plot heads where its supposed to it makes you wonder why he even bothers at times the times they do appear they sort of dawdle about and chat and seem to exist merely to pad the page count Their presences may be crucial for those moving onto the next series but for the most part here they distract from the hot mind zapping action going on everywhere else I will say this though the chapter where two aliens come down to get a feel for the mood is one of the most effective scenes in the book managing to convey hope and curiosity and horror and despair in a very short space and in a way that feels very relevant to todayWhich is good because when the climax does come it basically ends where other climaxes would start and marks the book as essentially a two volume prelude to the Galactic Milieu series It has plenty of moments that work fine on their own but as a standalone novel its clear that most of its real power is derived from its proximity for what comes afterwards There's enough to whet your appetite but if you decide to stop here you're probably missing out to an extent in fact its probably safe to say you're missing out enough that it isn't worth starting in the first place

  2. Chris Branch Chris Branch says:

    Elegant and engaging this is a confident continuation of the Remillard saga told by Rogi but focusing on Denis the first true mental giant in the line and an appropriately cool and studious character It's also the story of Kieran and Shannon O'Connor fascinating and relatable characters in spite of their darker natures and Victor a less relatable but certainly believable villain Once again May tells a masterful near future story written in '87 but extending through 2013 plenty of elements ring true including the speculation of increasing Islamist violence in the Middle East She overextends her predictions of advances in transportation and space technology while underestimating those in communications but that's easily forgiven The world she depicts is clearly recognizable as our own or what it could be with mental powers growing among the population The climax comes up rather abruptly after the fairly leisurely pace of the rest of the story but it's well crafted and satisfying An enjoyable read moving on to the next one soon

  3. John Devlin John Devlin says:

    Simply the best space opera and the best series of novels I've ever read This is the first of the nine and while the last three show signs of fatigue these novels capture a cast of characters and one in Marc Remillard that are truly memorable From the worlds and milieu May imagines to her evocative themes the novels capture humanity with all its foibles and promise and if you stick around for #6 you'll get the best plot twist in all of bookdom

  4. Michael Michael says:

    I think I am being generous with a two star review Absolutely nothing happens until the last twenty pages of this book Everything else is nothing but political discussions regarding the manifestation of mental powers in people around the world Mind numbingly boring is all you really need to know about this book

  5. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    Rogi Remillard is the entire reason for reading all of Julian May's saga of the Remillard family Very few other characters are likable at all but Rogi makes it all fall together and somehow always saves the day

  6. Fatbaldguy60 Fatbaldguy60 says:

    Good series that gives a lot background to the prior series

  7. Jacob Jacob says:

    An enjoyable part of the Galactic Milieu seriesor perhaps part 2 of the preuel to that

  8. AndrewP AndrewP says:

    Continues the story of build up to Earth's first contact as seen through the eyes of Rogatien Remillard More and psychic operands are emerging and various factions both good and evil try to organize and control them Most of this book and the preceding book if read as the split 2 book edition is social and political and was slow reading at times Nevertheless I never stopped wanting to read on In the last 60 or so pages it turned into a real page turner and I had to finish it in one sitting No spoilers but there is a stunning revelation at the very end of the bookNow I have read this link between the two sets of books it's on to the Galactic Milieu trilogy

  9. tatterpunk tatterpunk says:

    Whatever genius guides the majority of May's work is just not here DNF

  10. Connie Connie says:

    I love coming across a series of books that I can get all wrapped up in This series has done that for me Certainly a keeper in my library to be read again Welcome to a new earth

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