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Irrevocable The Exiled Eight MC Book 1 ❮Download❯ ➿ Irrevocable The Exiled Eight MC Book 1 ➺ Author Addison Jane – Our pasts were a part of us Definitively Irrevocably Mine hijacked my dreams every night drowning me in guilt and staining my hands red It wasn’t just a part of me it stole a piece of me—the piece Exiled Eight PDF/EPUB ë Our pasts were a part of us Definitively Irrevocably Mine hijacked my dreams every night drowning me in guilt and staining my hands red It wasn’t just a part of me it stole a piece of me—the piece that stopped me from letting people get too close The Exiled Eight MC Book Epub / And I’d become pretty damn good at playing the untouchable asshole Irrevocable The MOBI :↠ card just to keep them away But apparently Dakota Samuels didn’t get that memo From the moment she accidentally walked in on me naked she began to demolish any and every wall I’d ever built She was sexy and tenacious And I was addicted to the way she looked at me To the way she fought for me To The Exiled Eight PDF/EPUB ê the way her body felt beneath mine We were both done with running from the demons of our pasts They were going to find us They were going to try and destroy us And they may have won before but like hell I was going to let them take her from me too Because if they tried this time The Exiled Eight MC Book Epub / the blood I saw in my dreams would be theirs.

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  1. Caro Richard Caro Richard says:

    Couldn't wait to get this story after we were given a taster in Ham and Meyah's book And a new series to boot The first chapter in this book had me 'I’d been cockstruck' And that my friends was all it took I love this author I love her writing her characters and her books With this 1 line I knew that this book was for me Dakota and Ripley had been skating around their chemistry for a long time And like a ticking bomb it was about to go off And it went OFF This book was like crack couldn't put it down This woman knows how to write MC

  2. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) says:

    I was in complete and utter shock I'd been cockstruck I was excited to learn that one of my favorite authors was starting a new MC Romance series and once I started reading I was even excited to find some of my favorite characters as well Yes I'm happy to report there are some Brothers by Blood MC members present in this storyI suggest that you gather everything you'll need for a long while before you start reading because once you start you won't want to stop Your attention will be caught in the very first chapter and you'll be spellbound from that point forward The sparks fly between the two main characters whom the author chose not to name in the synopsis so I won't either But let me just say that the saying that there is a fine line between love and hate is true in their case They bickered like they hated each other but nobody was fooled except them They were both loaded down with baggage their painful pasts affecting their outlook on life in a negative way But neither unable to resist the pull they feel toward each other So their solution was to push each other's buttons constantly arguing and annoying as much as possible Yeah you guessed it The sexual tension is off the charts Fuck fuck fuck It was like she could see every goddamn secret I was trying to hide It was as if she just fucking knew like she could not only read my mind but read my soul The author amped up my adrenaline by creating a secretive and suspenseful situation that the character shared with me but not with everyone So of course I was a worried mess as the danger increased and the possible fall out loomed too close for comfort If it wasn't the club enemies it was the scorching sex scenes that had my pulse racing and my eyes glued to the pages I loved all of it and I can't wait for the next installment in The Exiled Eight MC series The line forms here

  3. Nerdy Dirty & Flirty Nerdy Dirty & Flirty says:

    If you're looking for an MC romance that will grab you from the beginning and take you for a great ride then this should be your next read Addison Jane is a new to me author but after what I just read I'm kind of kicking myself that it took me so long to start reading her books Not only is this book one of my favorite romance sub genres but she writes it so very well This is the kind of book you think about when you can't read and pick back up every moment you can The writing style is the kind that flows so easily The pace is perfect to hold your interest There's just enough of a dark edge in the plot twists and turns to keep it thrilling The characters are the ones that get under your skin and you want to see them in future books and want every one of their friends to get their own book And you're going to want to read all of those books because you want to revisit this world as often as possible That is what you get when reading Irrevocable I'm so happy that I did and I cannot wait to read everything I can get my hands on by this author

  4. A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog says:

    This is the first book in a series This was a really good book with great characters Dakota and Ripley have tons of chemistry and fireworks than the fourth of July The villain is so evil I wanted to reach through the book and knock him upside the head with a cast iron pan This is one of the best MC books I've read in a while too I am very much looking forward to the next book in the seriesReviewed by Clare M

  5. Karen Mc Karen Mc says:

    Oh my pounding heart What a thrilling twisted tantalizingly hot and tender tale Addison Jane weaves IRREVOCABLE is a BANG UP BOOK that blazes and burns everywhere It BUZZES with excitement So INTENSE and INTOXICATING Irrevocable was my DRUG and I could not take enough hits of this HEADY HIGH My heart raced the whole time reading I was UTTERLY ADDICTED I was OBSESSED with this romance I LOVED IT Irrevocable is the story of a handsome and hardened anti hero of an MC biker and a beautiful and bold woman—forged together from unforgettable pasts—who embark on a heart hitting adventure to slay demons from both the past and present Rip is a ruggedly handsome and deliciously dirty a bad to the bone hero with a hidden heart one who stole my heart Paired with beautiful and bold heroine Dakota their romance dances in dark and dangerous territory making their bond even passionate and powerful ”I see you kitty cat with your angry stare Now let’s see if we can make you purr” A spine tingling soul searing sensual and suspenseful roller coaster Irrevocable will have you glued to the edge of your seat ENTICING and EXPLOSIVE with a pulse and heart beat of its own this romance ENTHRALLS and EXCITES from beginning to end It’s the perfect fusion of sexual tension and thrills It’s a story of strength and salvation A romance that is so raw that it felt real Irrevocable is one MC adventure I won’t forget ”You know my demons so why don’t you show me yours?” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 emotionally explosive stars A MUST MEET MC ROMANCE ➡️ Group Twitter

  6. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    Irrevocable by Addison Jane is the first book in The Exiled Eight MC Series This is the story of Dakota and Ripley Dakota and Ripley have a love hate relationship it would seem Dakota being Ripley's sister best friend have always been back and forth with snide comments But their sexual tension is starting to take over making it impossible for them to ignore their growing feelings But past and present issue start to come forward making them start to work through their feelings Exciting read and a great start to a great series

  7. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    This was my first Addison Jane read and I loved itDakota is no wilting violet Ripley is no gentleman These two love to push each others buttons The electricity bouncing between them can be felt by everyone but they choose to ignore ituntil they can't Both of these characters are built of broken pieces but their pieces fit together When danger surrounds her friends and family will Dakota make the ultimate sacrifice? Will Ripley realize what is right in front of him before it is too late?There were twists and turns left and right and keep me turning the pages as fast as I could read Can't wait for the next in the series

  8. Kodie Mackay Kodie Mackay says:

    Let's just give Addison Jane a round of applause for the way she holds her female characters high despite them living in a 'mans world' I am all about that life A sorta forbidden frenemies romance with all the bells and whistles This author just has a way of drawing you in from day dot This story is definitely no different and kicks off uite literally with a bang Not the kind your thinking though you perv ; He looked dangerous Like someone I should stay the hell away from I should have followed those instincts You just going to stand there? Or you gonna get on your knees? That was the slap in the face I needed I almost choked on my own saliva Excuse me Sir jerks a lot?Yes it's an opening you really won't forget I um I stumbled something I didn't often do I always had a witty comeback some kind of off the cuff remark in awkward situations but this one I was just in complete and utter shock I'd been cockstruck I was crying In laughterIt took me a minute to recollect whom the hero was But uickly it came back to me and boy was I excited to see where this went Dakota is a fright train coming at you and my favourite kind of heroine Strong resilient sassy fierce she uite literally is a force of nature I admired her fire and refusal to back down even in the worst of circumstancesOur hero is a top dickhead He's that hero you love to hate with a chip on his shoulder and a Fuck You attitude that surrounds him like a shield I expected that brash outward spoken uickly fuelled temper and lack of fucks given from him I did not expect the broken past that continuously haunted him I didn't expect the sweet and soft under that facade he throws up to hide the hurt He had me all kinds of messed up and lord am I a sucker for a broken hero The chemistry That shit was there from the start and just kept adding fuel to the fire until it was no longer containable and uite literally erupted in their face's The anticipation was just unbearable Tantalisingly teasing because you just knew it was coming but you weren't sure when The build up was freaking real The connection is instantaneous between them You could literally feel it through the pages It's not a sweet hearts and roses gentle lovings kind of romance It's raw suspenseful climactic heartbreaking funny sexy and on a few rare moments gentle It's not the perfect love story but it's them The characters are as usual outstanding They draw you in making you believe their story connect to the journey and relate to their struggles You don't forget them ever because they all have something to give For better or worse they have eachothers backs without judgement despite their past present or future They all have depth and continuously grow throughout making you feel like you've known them a lifetime like it's not a book or fiction but a real persons So much goodness rolled into one story I can't even It's a rollercoaster but so worth the journey You know a books worth and a writers talent when you can see the story in your mind feel the emotion like it's all real and by the end be ready to read it all over again xo

  9. Britt The Red Hatter Book Blog Britt The Red Hatter Book Blog says:

    This This is what I long for when I reach for a new MC read Addison Jane brings everything I love about a bada biker to life in Irrevocable No sugary sweet or watered down biker here with Ripley Nope A rough gritty hole that you some how can’t help but love Don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s no heart here because there is There’s so much heart in this book and the raw and real way it’s brought to life makes it that much beautiful to experience Ripley and Dakota are definitely enemies to lovers here These two fling wicked and occasionally hilarious one liners back and forth like it’s a sport All of the back and forth between them only serves to up the heat of the sparks that are flying everywhere when they’re together These two have the kind of chemistry that you can really feel coming off the pages as you read With so many walls around Ripley’s heart and Dakota’s fierce and sassy personality it was an explosive combination with the attraction these two felt With things heating up around the club they’re eually heating up between the two of them I adored Dakota She’s exactly the kind of woman a man like Ripley needs She doesn’t take anything from anyone and is flat out fearless and steadfastly loyal Between her strength and his these two will be an unstoppable force Full of hot and sexy romance with the perfect amount of raw real feelings nail biting suspense and action that has you gasping Irrevocable had me flying through the pages

  10. Pelusa Rivera Pelusa Rivera says:

    Rcvd an ARC at no cost to authorRipley and Dakota have a love to hate relationship or so they think everyone around them knows that they have a deep attraction that they deal with by bickering Dakota is Ripley's long lost sisters best friend and when Ripley and Dakota meet it was not a great beginning for them Ripley and Dakota have in common that they realized and as they start spending time together they find that they are each others soul mate Dakota is pretty loyal and you don't think that when you are reading the story you get scared that she is going to do the club wrong because she is being blackmailed by a dirty copy I kind of wish she would have ended up with his brother to be honest with you and who knows maybe we would get that chanceI know I know not rightsorryThese two have a difficult time with other forces trying to keep them apart and here is where Ripley disappointed me on than one occasion I would tell you but then I will be giving you spoilers and I am trying not to so read it and give it a chance the only other thing that I would have liked was Dakota holding out on him just for a little but I do get how the situation they went thru would maker her put it behind herCan't wait til the next one

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