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X-Men Magneto Emma Frost Mystique Juggernaut Mojo Apocalyspe The X Men Have Gone Head To Head With A Lot Of Foes Over The Years Some Truly Evil, Some Just Crossing That Vital Line That Moves Them From Ally To Enemy From The Cold Vacuum Of Space To The Jungles Of The Savage Land, From Dominating The Inner Sanctum Of A Secret Society To Crashing Through All Walls In Their Way, These Tales Show What Makes The X Men S Opponents The Most Formidable In The Universe COLLECTING X MEN BLACK EMMA FROST , X MEN BLACK MYSTIQUE , X MEN BLACK JUGGERNAUT , X MEN BLACK MOJO

  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • X-Men
  • Chris Claremont
  • 15 September 2019
  • 9781302915537

About the Author: Chris Claremont

Chris Claremont is a writer of American comic books, best known for his 16 year 1975 1991 stint on Uncanny X Men, during which the series became one of the comic book industry s most successful properties.Claremont has written many stories for other publishers including the Star Trek Debt of Honor graphic novel, his creator owned Sovereign Seven for DC Comics and Aliens vs Predator for Dark Hors

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    1 Magneto 4 stars2 Mojo 5 stars3 Mystique 4 stars4 Juggernaut 3 stars5 Emma Frost 3 stars6 Apocalypse 3 starsOverall 4 stars rounding up

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    A little uneven, as these sorts of anthologies tend to go The Magneto and Mystique stories were probably the best of the bunch.

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    Un volumen muy regular Las mejores historias son las de Emma Frost y Magneto, en ese orden En el caso de Emma se explica muy bien c mo lleg a ser El rey negro del Hellfire club, con ayuda de los propios X Men, es importante pues en las series de Uncanny X Men ya la vemos instalada en esa posici n En el caso de Magneto una de las tantas historias de segregaci n mutante con un buen final Luego est n las historias de Mystique, Mojo y Juggernaut, malas.

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    While the X Men are away, the villains will play with X Men Blue, Red, and Gold all going on, some of the villains are feeling a bit neglected, and they decided to band together and get their own series of one shots instead so you don t forget who they are Or something like that Who knows We open with a Magneto story by Chris Claremont and Dalibor Talajic, which I thought was going to be extremely wordy and frustrating, but it was actually pretty good It s very light on the Magneto and focuses on the Eric side of things, and manages to show the state of his mind right now after everything that he s been through recently in X Men Blue without beating you over the head with continuity.Scott Auckerman, Nick Bradshaw, and Andr Araujo tackle a Mojo story, which is mostly just played for laughs It draws a little on the X Men Blue Gold crossover Mojo Worldwide, but it s nothing you really need Mojo s a pretty one note character, and although this goes a little way towards making him a bit comprehensive, it ll all soon be forgotten, I m sure.Seanan Maguire and Marco Failla s Mystique story is one of the stronger entries, with some very interesting insights into how Raven s mind works, and how sometimes she can straddle the line between good and evil, and how other times she tips very sharply one way or the other There s a lot of good set up and pay off in this short issue that shows great understanding not just of Mystique as a character but how to use comic real estate in the best way possible.Robbie Thompson and Shawn Crystal s Juggernaut story is the worst of the bunch I think It mostly takes place inside Cain s head, but it doesn t give us anything new that Juggernaut hasn t already been through before, although the ending does intrigue me if it s picked up on, my interest might be piqued a little .Emma Frost, by Leah Williams and Chris Bachalo, is probably my favourite although not just because Emma s my fave out of the six characters This one really does pick up the pieces from the end of X Men Blue as well as re position Emma right where she needs to be at the top, and Williams does it while sucking the reader into Emma s plan just as much as the X Men, which makes her inevitable in hindsight betrayal even delicious Plus Bachalo art is always good.Finally, each of these issues included an 8 page Apocalypse back up which is collected all at once in the end of the trade This is only slightly better than the Juggernaut story it s far too long, overwrought in its monologue, and just not that interesting at all.For a change, I can actually rank these stories usually I m not able to do that because ranking things gives me anxiety, but this time it was a very clear hierarchy.Emma FrostMystiqueMagnetoMojoApocalypseJuggernautSo, as with all anthology books, your mileage may vary But 3 great stories, one middling one, and then two poor ones, is a pretty good mix, I d say.

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    X Men Black was a collection of short stories about various members of the X Men series As such the strength of the volume is a direct result of the quality of the stories To me it was rather a hit or miss proposition The Magneto story It was a meh story which exists to virtue signal pretentious SJW tropes The Mojo story also suffers from the same brand of stupidity Seriously Mojo is in love with some stupid hipster girl yeah What s worse is the hipster girl likes the bloated yellow alien thing with no lower body yeah sighs I was starting to think that this would be a terrible volume.But then things began to improve as some better stories appeared The story about Mystique breaking into Trask Industries was actually decent the Juggernaut story had potential but never really achieves it fully The Emma Frost story was slightly better, but they saved the best for last the Apocolypse story about evolution was actually quite good.Thus when looked at as a total package this was a 2 star volume Most of the stories are borderline detritus but a couple of decent and one good story rescue the book Sort of 2 stars.

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    I m intrigued by this villains anti heroes anthology It s kind of a mixed bag for me Chris Claremont s Magneto story didn t really break any new ground for that character, but whatever, I m not mad about of Magneto s reflections about injustice.I liked the Mystique and Emma Frost stories The Mojo one was funny written by Scott Aukerman so it should be but also kind of gross not just because of Mojo s whole deal but also the way he was rewarded for his terrible behavior with a cute geek girlfriend ughh I didn t care for the Juggernaut or Apocalypse stories at alllllll.Does my judgment of these stories also line up exactly with how much I like these characters in general or less yes _ _

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    The X Men are full of superb gray characters, many of whom started out as pure villains but gained nuance and redemption at the hands of great characters Unfortunately, most of them have been re blackened in recent years at the hands of much less proficient craftsmen This is the story of several of those interesting, once gray characters Also Mojo, who s never been the least bit interesting.The Magneto story has the nuance and graying that you d hope for this character, which perhaps shouldn t be a surprise, as it s written by Chris Claremont, who introduced nuance to Magneto way back in the 80s The Mojo story is shockingly funny, and I say that as someone who usually hates Mojo stories The Mystique portrays her, very typically, as a sociopathic killer, but has a lot of fun putting together a caper, pretty successfully The Juggernaut story is an absolute waste of space, as it s a long delusional dream sequence test The Emma Frost story spends some effort trying to repair the character assassination of the Death of X miniseries, and maybe sort of does, but I m not convinced this is the Emma Frost anyone wants to read about at this point we ll see Finally, the Apocalypse story, which was spread out over the other five issues, has about half an issue worth of good insight into Apocalypse, then four and a half issues of pointless shaggy dog story.Overall, this book had good stories than bad, but I m not convinced it s of any importance.

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    Read as individual issues.I love the concept but any collection of shorts by various creators is going to be a mix of high points, low points and averageness That said, overall, I enjoyed this collection and highly recommend it Normally, I wouldn t badmouth something but the low point for me of this collection is the Apocalypse story He s one of my favorite X characters and the story didn t really work for me The art was gorgeous, which is the only other bad mark I ll give The Emma Frost story didn t have a consistent artist and it showed Stop doing this Marvel Plan ahead, give your artist plenty of time before press.

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    X Men Black is a series of 6 stories featuring typical X villains and what is going on with them in their current continuity Summaries Magneto Befriending a diner waitress, Erik shows her there is no need to fear mutants Unfortunately, between some unruly townspeople and an attack from O.N.E., Magneto does little to change the minds of all yet is still an ultimate badassMojo Stuck on Earth, Mojo is getting lonely When he is able to see how New York can accept others via Glob of the X Men , he finally works up the courage to ask Ann out But which side will Mojo be on when the Half Sentinel attacks Mystique Raven is on a mission to save new mutant Whitney James Though the motives are pure, she goes about it in a truly amazing way, as only a shapeshifter can.Juggernaut In a very meta and supernatural story, Juggernaut must prove he is still worthy of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, taking on a cult and Cyttorak himself Will he still be Unstoppable when he psyche is somewhat fragmented.Emma Frost Emma comes to the X Men meeting them at a version of Walmart LOL with a plan to overthrow and stop the Hellfire Club s mistreatment of mutants Thinking she will be getting rid of the organization, she instead overthrows it and takes the title of Black King herself, essentially now the head of the whole Hellfire Club.Apocalypse In trying to find a body to increase his lifespan again, his Celestial tech malfunctions, and he ends up in either Earth s past or an alternate timeline Devolving back to a primate state, he is still able to overcome and not only regains his new body, but takes out quite a few enemies along the way This whole story I kept waiting for him to get a Green Lantern ring due to the sheer will he extruded All in all, than likely a blip on the radar in the continuity except for Emma s , but all well written and nice to see a story from their points of view Strong recommend.

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    These are a series of vignettes that plays with the villains of the X team rooster that are morally ambiguous and have been on both sides of the X men s team The artists and the writers vary greatly, and aside from being part of the end of the three colored X titles Gold, Blue, Red , it seems both refreshing and slight Chris Claremont and Dalibor Talajic take on Magneto, which does use some of the X men blue continuity, has normal verbosity of Claremont and doesn t move the plot along, but does explore Magneto s psychology in a viable way It s Claremont, it should Scott Auckerman, Nick Bradshaw, and Andr Araujo to a very slight and humorous take on Mojo is fun but doesn t do much to for anything It feels like a side plot from early X Factor book Seanan Maguire and Marco Failla s Mystique story is solid her moral ambiguity and slippery identity are explored in a way that makes it clear why she is not an X men consistently but why she is often on the side of right momentarily Robbie Thompson and Shawn Crystal s Juggernaut is mostly internal and convoluted, which there some interesting ground, the psychological elements aren t new Leah Williams and Chris Bachalo s returning Emma Frost to Hellfire club as the Black King and having her betray the X men in a convincing way that doesn t violate her character growth under Whedon and Bendis is solid It is a return to form like the Claremont Magneto story but, unlike the Magneto entry, actually does have plot implications Then lastly there is an 8 page Apocalypse serial compiled together which somewhat adds to Apocalypses origins, but is quite uneventful ultimately This is interesting and several chapters are quite good, but it doesn t seem to be much consequence and is wildly inconsistent.

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