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Extermination Cyclops Iceman Angel Beast Marvel Girl The Original Team Of Teen Mutants Brought Together By Professor Charles Xavier Many Years Ago Have Been Shunted Through Time To Find A World They Barely Recognized But Were Determined To Help Now, Finding Themselves Targeted For Death, The Future Of Mutantkind Ays Squarely In The Hands Of Its Past Writer Ed Brisson OLD MAN LOGAN, CABLE And Artist Pepe Larraz UNCANNY AVENGERS, AVENGERS NO SURRENDER Answer The Biggest Question Of All Can The Fate Of The X Men Be Changed COLLECTING EXTERMINATION

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    The original X Men are headed back to the past whether they like it or not Having the teenage versions of the X Men in the present drug on for far many years than it should have Ed Brisson came up with a great premise for this mini I loved how there were two different people after the X Men at cross purposes It moves at a breathtaking pace and sets up some new changes I loved that last page.

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    I absolutely loved this mini series It provided a satisfying end to the adventures of the time tossed teenaged troupe, it was heart wrenching, it was exciting and it was all wrapped in some seriously gorgeous artwork.Oh, and that ending I haven t stopped doing my happy dance yet.

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    Cool ending for the displaced X Men, I think this was my favorite X Men book in a long time, the original five were always the best team for me and it was about time we got them back where they belong, can t say much without spoiling the fun Artwise, its a stunning book, with Mark Brooks doing his magic on the covers.A must read for all X fans.

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    The original 5 are finally heading back to their time, but is it done well So somebody has come to kill the original five If they do it will change the history and completely change the events of the future However, there s also someone going around kidnapping the original five as well Two players going after the originals, while the rest of the X Men group is protecting them all, or least trying Good The twist on who was kidnapping the x men was pretty cool and could end up having some cool moments The tension and pacing is good, never slowing, and never boring The art is solid and there s some excellent fight scenes Bad The ending is kind of a simple reset button that feels done too many times, especially in X Men How easily the X Men kept getting their asses kicked seemed odd Overall, brisk pacing, and fun action scenes, this is a decent little mini event to say goodbye to the original five A 3 out of 5.

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    Jajaja el mejor final aunque igual me deja muchas dudas S lo por eso le doy 5.La historia en s es buena y cierra muchas cosas Por ello para m es importante El ciclo que empez en el 2012 con la idea del escritor Bendis de traer a los X Men originales del pasado al presente Y este volumen da cuenta de su fin de alguna manera po tica Hasta ahora recuerdo lo que me gust en su mayor a las series de All New X Men y Uncanny X Men de Bendis que dej al final y que de esta manera se cierra este ciclo.La premisa es bien interesante, el malvado Ahab caza mutantes del futuro de la realidad de Rachel Grey vuelve para atormentarla, sin embargo va a ser obstaculizado por un incre blemente joven Cable que se unir al gran equipo de X Men para evitar su extinci n.Nunca pens que terminar a el a o con esta lectura y mucho menos el gran final que es un gran regalo de este 2018 que se va.

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    All good things must come to an end, and for Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, and Beast, that time has come When simultaneous threats drive them back towards their own time period, they must reunite and protect each other or face Extermination You know what I didn t expect much of this It s basically an editorially mandated end to the Original Five time displaced X Men s story in the present day Marvel Universe But you know what else I m so glad to be wrong.This final story prompts the O5 to finally bring their trip to the present to an end as Ahab and a young version of Cable arrive to try and kill and or return their to their original places It s a simple story, but it pulls in pretty much all the X Men as well as some surprising additions Hi Mimic There s somehow time to bring all these characters stories to a resolution although the final volume of X Men Blue is a good companion piece to this story for that reason too , and even introduce some new characters and than a few explosive set pieces for good measure.The only thing I didn t really like was the unceremonious murder of one of the O5 s supporting cast, but they wouldn t have really served much of a role without them around it still could have been executed a little better, but I ll live, I guess.On the art front, Pepe Larraz s career has really been taking off recently, and his art on this series is a prime example why he s giving me Oliver Coipel vibes, and it s just great Marte Gracia s colours make everything pop, and even the issue where Larraz has to step back to just do layouts and the actual pencils are by Ario Anindito looks amazing As a sidebar, I m surprised The Exterminated one shot which acts as an epilogue for the series isn t collected here Although it had a Chris Claremont story in it, so that s probably why too many words.Extermination has no right to be as good as it is, and yet here we are The O5 s adventures come to an extremely action packed and satisfying conclusion with amazing artwork.

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    Bye, bye X Kids Thanks for visiting It never really bothered me that you were herebut its time to get you back where you belong.Fun little event Very fast paced, art was on point and some interesting twists that will ripple in the X Verse for some time to come.I wasn t planning on reading the new X Force book by Ed Brisson but immediately after finishing this series I went onto ComiXology and bought the first 5 issues Ya got me, Marvel _ _

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    Enjoyed this I wasn t against the concept of bringing the original 5 X men into the modern day, but I do think it ran on longer than it probably should have This puts them back into their own time via a cool story and nice art.

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    Recommended only if you have been following some of the recent stories about the young X Men A little confusing, but no one knew how to conclude this story, and they uh did their best Art by Larraz is really great.

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    For the record, I always hated the idea of bringing the original X Men into the current time It didn t fit the character of the Beast, time travel has become too easy and it should be limited in its use, and I think it was just a chance for Bendis to write teens Extermination tells the final story of the original group in our time I won t get into how or why but the story is basically non stop action with only a few brief moments of why they were brought here In other words, no lessons learned or self examination On one hand, this mini series resolves their presence which makes me happy, but on the other hand, it s handled briskly, wiping the table clean so the next customers can sit down Perhaps that s fitting since it seemed the initial idea was conceptualized and without much thought Regardless of my thoughts on this particular story, Marvel does seem to be cleaning up the X verse, bringing it back to its core roots, and this is one step along the way.Read this for completion sake, to finally close this chapter in X Men history.

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