Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy Practice

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  1. Bre Bre says:

    I think anyone everyone should read this book Wicca is a great alternative for anyone who doesn't buy into the ancient stories of the bible Christianity but still has a strong sense of spirituality faith in a universal force However the reason I say everyone including Christians should read about Wicca is so that they can educate themselves on what Wicca Paganism is truly about stop spreading falsehoods about something that has been taken so completely out of context Also one of the great things I like about Wicca is that the individual Wiccan has no strict rules about what they can can't believe like just about every other religion While there is a definite overall belief system about nature morality the Wiccan craft is really whatever you want to make it Some Wiccans are totally into the magic part of it or ceremonial practices while others can just benefit by the great messages about appreciating the everyday miracles in life nature ourselves Plus the way I see it the casting of spells chants rituals are just a form of prayerputting a lot of positive energy into something you want or giving thanks about something you appreciate

  2. jade jade says:

    Wicca for Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy Practice is probably one of the best introductory books to Wicca that I’ve ever come across Heavily interested in the subject of this nature religion I’ve leafed and read through many a beginners and advanced book over the years but this has to be one of the most complete and unbiased ones I’ve encountered up to this pointAuthor Thea Sabin covers basic principles ethics instruments such as grounding and visualization with very useful exercises included circles the relationship with the elements and the gods actual tools like the athame and altars celebrations and briefly magick She isn’t afraid to delve a bit deeply into the material and openly and philosophically discusses the Wiccan Rede and the Rule of Three She also mentions cultural appropriation in her chapter on a Wicca’s relationship with thetheir gods which I was glad about since it’s a subject which I consider to be severely overlooked in the paganWiccan communityI also very much support Sabin’s views that a Wicca should be able to practice her religion without any tools but her own mind and body and this is shown in the way Sabin’s book is built up Exercises without tools come first and the tools themselves are only introduced pretty far into the book This makes the material also far accessible and easy to start with if you’re only just looking into Wicca still deciding whether this is something for you or not and not ready yet to spend a lot of moneytime buying andor looking for your ritualistic tools You can immediately start working with the exercises and information that Sabin provides if you want toHer style of writing is also easy to get into and at times humorous in her references or anecdotes Though not exceptionally special I had fun reading and was able to go through her material rather fastBest thing about this book for me is its emphasis on the beliefs behind Wicca as a religion as opposed to all the rituals and the tools but this is of course a personal preference I do however think that the philosophy that lies behind the religion is often overlooked by beginners pulled in by the awesome spells ritualistic and mysterious imagery etc which definitely makes this book a little gemRecommended for its exact intended audience beginners andor interested individuals

  3. Erica Schwer Erica Schwer says:

    Wicca for Beginners is a great book for exactly that beginners It is an introduction to a way of life and spirituality that is very commonly mistaken and stereotyped Sabin covers all basic aspects of Wicca including what it is Wiccan beliefs and where it came from These three aspects make up the introduction so the reader has a good amount of information and should know by this point if they would like to continue down a Wiccan path Aside from these basic aspects beginning Wiccan practices and meditations are covered which makes this book historical philosophical as well as instructional Because it covers so many areas of Wicca that the reader may be curious about it is a perfect beginner's guide for those who are curious but unsure of what it is all about

  4. Anniken Haga Anniken Haga says:

    I did a lot of research into Wicca when I was a teen and have been thinking of myself as a none practitioner Wiccan since then These last 2 months I've been stuck in bed because of my health and so I thought I might look a little into Wicca I've always liked the idea of casting my own spells and the like but I've never taken that step So without talking any about myself and my relationship to the religion here goes my thoughts on this book One of my biggest problem researching Wicca when I was a kid was the lack of information in the library There were two books and rather poor ones at that if I don't remember wrongly Since then I've been left with some uestions that I never took the time to research closer Without really asking those uestions I was really happy to see them all answered in this book Sabin does a good job of explaining the many different belief systems under the Wicca umbrella term and giving them the respect they deserve Although the book focuses on her form of Wicca she is still able to give all the information needed without pushing their own view which was refreshing as I don't share it The writing was easy enough to read which is important to me with my mind as foggy as it is Compared to many books about the subject it was an easy read and I felt I flew through it every time I picked it up I was supposed to read one chapter a day but ended up reading multiple today because I had the time and the other book I tried to start wasn't good at all Which is a good sign because it mean I could read about 100 pages without getting foggy and confused That's a good thing Regarding the content of the book As someone that already knew a little of the religion this book was a good reminder on many of those things It explains as said the many variations that exist within the religion how individual it is and how every witch even within the same traditions practices differentlyIt explains the things all witches have in common though the ethics and philosophies of the religion that are so important It also help the new reader know about the godgoddess the other godgoddesses the tools the sabbaths how to make rituals and a multitude of other things If you are curious about the way of Wicca I think this would be a good place to start if you are serious about it

  5. Loran (Inked with Curiosity) Loran (Inked with Curiosity) says:

    I absolutely loved this book It touched on everything someone without any prior knowledge of Wicca would ever be interested in and at the same time was easy to follow well written and at times even funny The author was very helpful at laying out all the basic beliefs holidays practices tools and elements of Wicca and even gave examples on how to put these into practice yourself She made sure she was entirely unbiased towards any one tradition even her own and gave brief but thorough overviews of every subject she included in the book I learned a lot from this little book and I plan to use it as a springboard for looking deeper into Wicca It really helped solidify my interest in Wicca and gave a lot of useful resources in the back of the book to help me pursue learning I would recommend this to anybody who is interested in Wicca whether it is in passing or you are seriously considering becoming a practitioner

  6. Alexia Moon Alexia Moon says:

    But remember reading is not enough Wicca is not a “religion of the book” It is about engaging with life and it reuires active participation and practice over time So do the exercises in this and other basic Wicca books Begin assembling your own Wiccan practice Explore the Wiccan ideas that sing to you and create some rituals for yourself Build an altar Talk to the gods Start a book of shadows Most of all open yourself up to the transformation and self discovery that walking the Wiccan path can inspire I must admit this is an excellent beginners book one of the best I've read in lately The author goes into depth about several important topics gives an extensive view of Ethics and the religion aspect of Wicca which is much appreciated Shows several points of views for the different reasons for debate among the communities The author doesn't dumb the topic of Wicca but also doesn't make it extremely complex it's just right for anyone interested in Wicca to learn about it I will definitely start to recommend this book as a great beginners guide and I'm pleasantly surprised about it

  7. Lena Nour Lena Nour says:

    My favorite Wicca 101 book Sabin's writing is not presumptuous very friendly It feels like a cool aunt is talking to you She gives a lot of information and interesting activities

  8. Sam W. Sam W. says:

    I bought this book not because I was seriously considering becoming a Wiccan but because I was very curious about what Wicca actually is and what their traditions and beliefs are like since it's so widely misunderstood and misrepresented in media I was going in with no prior knowledge no cultural context virtually no exposure to Wicca before picking up this book and I was absolutely blown away by it This book is incredibly helpful informative and easy to read It's written in an engaging style that makes it a fun experience not at all stuffy preach y or academic which are all things I worry about with books about religion In fact I didn't want to put it down and I finished the whole thing in two days Thea Sabin does a wonderful job of explaining the basics of Wicca in a way that even total newbies like me can easily wrap our heads around and she ends the book by providing sources for anyone who wishes to continue their spiritual journey on the Wiccan path Even though I am not planning to walk the path myself I was still able to find things in this book that spoke to me and that I plan to incorporate into my own spiritual practices This book is a wonderful foundation to build your Wiccanpaganmagick knowledge off of and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is considering the Wiccan faith or who is simply interested in learning about a different religious tradition or curious about what Wiccans actually believe

  9. Lauren (Luna) Lauren (Luna) says:

    I read this book many years ago and after recently recommending it to a friend I thought I'd like to review itI've been exploring Paganism and Wicca for about 10 years exploring from Beginner to Experienced as my mood suits And this book is by far one of the absolute best on the subject Thea Sabin's writing is clean easy and I found myself laughing out loud many times in a good way She teaches you in a way that feels like she is talking to you and not talking at you like some other authors I've come across on this subject She knows what she is talking about she knows her subject and she knows that the curious come from many different backgrounds and yet somehow manages to relate to everyone I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who is looking to explore Wicca or Paganism in general

  10. Rose Heartfilia Rose Heartfilia says:

    I wanted to be a Witch since I was ten Partly thanks to watching Charmed with my Da and reading Harry Potter but the Wiccan culture has always been interesting for me It is not something you simply do it is what you become and I want to read a lot about it before I really plung into it but it has always been so interesting Like I just said a few words ago I have a lot of books that relate to it and I bought them when I was sixteen or something which is already five years ago So I decided to read them all before I leave to South Africa Nervous much

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Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy Practice For Beginners [PDF / Epub] ★ Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy Practice For Beginners Author Thea Sabin – Thomashillier.co.uk Due to the sheer number of Wicca 101 books on the market many newcomers to the Craft find themselves piecing together their Wiccan education by reading a chapter from one book a few pages from another Beginners Fundamentals PDF ↠ Due to the sheer number of Wicca books on the market Wicca For PDF \ many newcomers to the Craft find themselves piecing together their Wiccan education by For Beginners Fundamentals MOBI ô reading a chapter from one book a few pages from another Rather than For Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy Epub / depending on snippets For Beginners Fundamentals of Philosophy Epub / of wisdom to build a new faith Wicca for Beginners provides a solid foundation to Wicca without limiting the reader to one tradition or pathEmbracing both the spiritual and the practical Wicca for Beginners is a primer on the philosophies culture and beliefs behind the religion without losing the mystery that draws many students to want to learn Detailing practices such as grounding raising energy visualization and meditation this book offers exercises for core techniues before launching into complicated rituals and spellworkFinalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best WiccanPagan BookIn her first book length work Sabin presents a first rate fresh and thorough addition to the burgeoning field of earth based spiritual practice volumeswritten in a light informative style that magically mines depth breadth and brevity Publishers Weekly starred review.