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The Phantom Forest ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Phantom Forest By Liz Kerin ✎ – Every tree in the sacred Forest of Laida houses a soul Though each of those souls will return to the mortal world for many future lives, not all of them deserve to.Seycia s father told her this story Every tree in the sacred Forest of Laida houses a soul Though each of those souls will return to the mortal world for many future lives, not all of them deserve toSeycia s father told her this story as a child a story of the most holy place in the Underworld, The Forest of Laida, where all souls go to rest before embarking on a new life But Seycia s father is dead now, and his killer has put a target on her backAfter being chosen for her The Phantom ePUB ½ village s human sacrifice ritual, Seycia is transported to the Underworld and must join forces with Haben, the demon to whom she was sacrificed, to protect the family she left behind from beyond the grave In this story of love, survival, and what it means to be human, Seycia and Haben discover that the Underworld is riddled with secrets that can only be unlocked through complete trust and devotion, not only to their mission, but also to one another.

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    I want to thank NetGalley for sending me an advanced digital copy of this book. Wow Okay, focus Phew.Two hundred years ago, humans discovered something they were not supposed to find out what happens to our souls when we die After the apocalyptic war that followed this event destroyed the majority of the planet, a bunch of survivors had rebuilt a society, controlled by a tyrannical government Once a year they select a victim for a sacrifice to the Underworld, but when Seycia, a 19 year old orphan who takes care of her younger brother, gets involved, things don t go as planned Who is the Savage What really happens in the Underworld And what is so special in the weapon she inherited for her father, that looks just like an animal fang Phantom Forest is a wonderful, dark and incredibly rich dystopian fantasy novel, so well built and fast paced that I wasn t able to put it down till I reached the end I was absolutely captivated by the atmosphere, the characters and yes, even the slow burn romance This novel submerges the reader in a landscape so imaginative and detailed that the information of the world building, as complex as it is, never feels forced, and is never difficult to understand or picture in one s mind.The characters are well rounded, developed and realistic for the most part The female protagonist is a lovely young adult, strong, independent and responsible but without ever being cocky The male characters are less developed and, in general, clich , but I absolutely adored the love interest, his personality and his background story The characters of this book all feel plausible, all have a mission in life and their perspective in the book are all equally interesting And oh, the creatures, the creatures I don t know what else to say about this book, if not that it s one of the best young adult new adult novels I ever read And I can t wait for the sequel

  2. Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ says:

    Kerin s debut novel was full of action and nebulous adventure The author easily won me over with her world building, her plot heavily influenced by religious mythology, her intriguing and broken characters, and everything else that exploded from this book and made me a fan Between learning about the well developed characters and never knowing what would happen next, I was on the edge of my seat for this journey from beginning to end The path proved treacherous and I enjoyed every spine tingling minute of it This story centers around and is told mostly by three principle characters Seycia she s a clever, courageous, fearless, and extremely headstrong Alone during her formative years, after witnessing her parents death in her war torn country, she s learned to survive and protect her little brother Her love for her sibling is what really drew me to her, because big sisters love like no other No one can touch, talk, or even think about our little ones She s willing to do anything for him and ends up making the biggest sacrifice of all Haben once a human who lived centuries ago, now a demon slave to the ruler of the Underworld He has been turned into the Savage, a demon who comes to Earth twice a year to eat human sacrifices He hates what he has become but feels his punishment matches his crime You ll spend much of the book trying to figure out what he did to deserve this Once Seycia finds herself in the Underworld, Haben does everything he can to help her survive He becomes friend and maybe , educator, and support when Seycia needs it most FYI to the author Haben IS this story and I need of this man ASAP Miko Seycia s younger brother who ends up being the the Light for the people of his land He s twelve and finds that his age doesn t diminish his strength or the fortitude required to do something about what is happening to his people While he mourns his sister, he finds purpose and joins others in toppling the autocracy that his dominated his people for years He s brave and intelligent, but still a bit naive and childish His story arc intrigues me almost as much as Haben s does.Other characters play a decidedly major role although they had minor parts General Simeon he was the brutal ruler of Khronasa, with no love for its people or its traditions He had an intense need to wipe out Seycia and her brother for wrongs done to him and lacked compunction for any of the evil he perpetrated He was answerable and fearful of Emperor Caius, who had forced the people into subservience Dhov ruler of the Underworld He doled out pain and punishment on a whim He was creepy, scary, and I would never want to meet him He was right there, at every turn, during Haben and Seycia s mission to the Great Forest He had spies everywhere and nowhere was safe from his wrath.There were a ton of other characters we come to know Some to love and some to hate along with everyone else With her first novel, Kerin has established herself as a must read author for the genre She gave me everything I crave in a YA story and left me hungry for Now, at the end of this chapter of the tale, I m tense and anxious to find out where this story will lead me next I NEED a book two PRONTO Click here for the full review Blog FB Twitter IG Tumblr Pinterest BookBub

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    3.5 Creeback Stars18 year old Seycia and her younger brother, Miko 11 years old have grown up in a world of sacrifices to the Savage, twice a year, children and all Seycia catches sight of the eyes of the Savage during one of the sacrificial rituals, and soon finds herself face to face with those eyes once and so a journey beginsHaben Savage has a long history of dealing with a deathly hunger, because of a curse that was placed on him by Dohv, Lord of the Underworld Haben feasts on the sacrifices given to him by General Simeon, a man from the coalition, run by Imperial Majesty Emperor, Caiusand then he catches sight of SeyciaThis was a fun read, with hints of romance, some darker undertones, and Underworld adventure Great debut from a new author Thank you to the publisher for an ARC copy of this book.This releases July 16th, 2019

  4. ♠️ TABI ♠️ ♠️ TABI ♠️ says:

    We do not know what will change the rhythm of the universe We only know that it is coming Mkay so while this was a great concept, it ultimately fell so, so flat Which makes me sad because I read so many books with amazing ideas and concepts that just aren t given the brilliance they deserve if time, in depth editing, and coaxing out their potential For instance, the world building basics in here were absolutely fascinating but seemed rushed and under developed. The same applied to the characters and plot And while I loved what happened with Haben and Sycia, even then things just didn t seem to be written to their true, magnificent potential and thus I am a good bit heartbroken because the ideas and concepts behind this book are simply brilliant but just not written well enough. I received a digital ARC from Inkshares via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

  5. Stephen Robert Collins Stephen Robert Collins says:

    This across between Dante s Inferno Jeannette Ng s Under the Pendulum Sun It is difficult to chose, is it fantasy it starts like one ,but we have guns ,cars photograph concrete cellar along with talk of apocalyptic Wars then we have final twist Demons mainly The Savage a demon with split personality as he also Haben the hater of Dohv the King of the Underworld.Liz Kerin has created a book that grasps at religion shadows the darker side of heaven hell every much as John Bunion s The Pilgrim s Progress does as Seycia plays a feminist Pilgrim I love evil dark General Simeon who reads like Mathew Hopkins The Witchfinder General.As you progress into this book it is not main characters but sidle characters that add the extra spice to the plot It is the villains the violence of the fights that are vividly described in Bloody detail.

  6. Kal ★ Reader Voracious Kal ★ Reader Voracious says:

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Kerin about her debut novel as part of my Novel19 Class you can read it on Reader Voracious Blog Friends, I loved reading this debut fantasy novel so much The Phantom Forest has all the ingredients that I live for in a good story rich worldbuilding with an emphasis on religion and lyrical writing that sucked me in on the first page This is a dark, gruesome, and bloody story that won t be for everyone so please do check the content warnings at the bottom of the review In this place meant for the dead, she finally felt the weight of life, of connection, of eternity Nothing was ever lost I had so many questions while reading this book, but not in a bad way if that makes sense The world the Kerin crafted for us is so intricately disturbing that it is like a car wreck that we cannot look away from Who are these people What are they being punished for The worldbuilding is both slow and all at once as the reader is thrust into the deep end of the world but never given too much at any given time I was hungry for much like the Savage hungers.The Phantom Forest is told mostly in the three alternating third person perspectives of Seycia, Miko, and Haben, with the addition of a couple chapters from General Simeon s perspective Seycia is a brave and selfless nineteen year old who s seen her fair share of heartache over the last seven years With both her parents dead, her father killed by General Simeon during the initial occupation, she s been taking care of her brother as best as she can The love that she feels for Miko is palpable and I appreciate how so much of this story centers on their sibling love and willingness to sacrifice themselves for the other Miko is full of the naivete and rigid belief of right prevailing that one can expect from a twelve year old He s a child who s lost everything and everyone, who wants to take matters into his own hands While headstrong characters who do whatever they want without thinking first typically drive me bonkers, these characteristics really endeared Miko to me and I was rooting for him But I was also glad that he wasn t an instant sharpshooter Haben is a demon known as The Savage, Dhov s messenger whose purpose is to scare humans so they continue to fear the Underworld The book opens with his perspective and I was honestly drawn to him right away he hasn t retained much of his humanity since taking Dhov s curse and his character arc is by far my favorite I love Haben and he must be protected at all costs.We all know that I struggle a bit with multiple POV narratives and I will admit that it took a bit of time for me to adjust The first 20% of the book was solely told from Seycia s and Haben s perspectives as their paths inevitably converge, after which we have two storylines one in the Underworld and following the family that Seycia left behind Miko By this point I was fully invested in Seycia and her story, so it did take some time for me to warm up to Miko s own journey but once I did I was hooked and finished the rest of the book in one sitting.This is an action packed story and there is so much within its 300 pages I felt most connected with Haben and his character development I feel like Miko and Seycia s arcs and stories are just getting started in comparison I still adore them both and am incredibly invested in what happens next for them Discovery of the afterlife had had irreparable consequences, so the Coalition abolished the notion of gods, fate, and prayer, worldwide And yet, people worshiped the emperor now Their proverb promoted the very thing they had destroyed blind faith The Phantom Forest is definitely a philosophical exploration into the afterlife, but it also explores the power dynamics of an oppressive conquering regime, the erosion of cultural practices, and the glimmer of hope at the sight of rebellion The book takes place seven years after The Coalition came into power and religious practices were outlawed expect in Khronasa where General Simeon kept up the annual sacrifice to the Savage ritual going as a means of control But Simeon s control is weakening as the status quo is challenged.But this is also a story about love and sacrifice, about good and evil, about redemption A thread in much of the story is whether or not a soul starts life with a tabula rasa or if a bad soul can atone in the next life Who becomes worthy of second chances and who gets to make those decisions She glanced over the edge of the boat at the misty river and swallowed a shriek as she watched a translucent hand emerge from the water to nudge the boat along I really connected with Kerin s writing style, her descriptions are so detailed and vivid that I was able to picture everything without it feeling too cumbersome You can definitely tell that she is a storyteller and I look forward to watching her continue to hone her craft People who struggle with purple prose and heavy imagery may have a tough time with this book, but it really worked for me.I was left wanting to know a bit about how the sacrifices were chosen by Simeon, his motives, and his history We got a couple of chapters from his perspective but I didn t find that they really added to the story in a meaningful way for me Although we got some crucial information by one of these chapters that explains a lot but also leaves me with some questions His villainy never really felt fully realized to me.Overall, The Phantom Forest delivered on what I was expecting and I really enjoyed my time reading it barring those rough couple of chapters I love stories that explore concepts of the afterlife and encourage me to wax poetic, this book weaves its own mythology so vast that it s impressive it s all packed into 300 pages If you like epic adventures, redemption arcs, mythology, and vivid imagery then I encourage you to give this book a try CONTENT WARNINGS from author s website ritual human sacrifice, suicidal ideation, metaphors about disordered eating, brief threat of sexual violence, cannibalism, child abduction, genocide, dead parents, gun violence Many thanks to Inkshares for sending me an ARC for my honest review Quotations are taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in final publication. 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  7. Cari Cari says:

    Liz Kerin s debut is a haunting, creepy tale set in a fantastical world Seycia is a young woman of the town of Khronasa, a village on an Earth that was destroyed by war years ago Ever since the town was raided and her parents were killed, Seycia has been in charge of her little brother, Miko They keep to themselves, surviving quietly, keeping out of the way But the evil General Simeon, who bears a scar made by Seycia s father, has other plans for them The Savage, a beast who lies beyond the veil to the underworld, will take sacrifices from time to time, and Seycia is set to be his next meal.This is only the beginning of a complicated story that will take Seycia into the depths of the underworld, helping her to explore the very essence of her humanity There are layers of evil and corruption here, and Simeon is not the only villain The god Dohv, who rules the underworld, becomes a frightening and overpowering presence There s also the Savage to contend with, who experiences a fascinating character arc of his own We also watch Miko as he struggles on Earth without his sister, trying to evade Simeon I was riveted by the descriptions of the underworld I could picture Seycia, like she was in one of those worlds from Legend or The Dark Crystal The story is cinematic, which speaks to Kerin s background in film And although it s not a total cliffhanger, there is definitely room for here We have some questions that are not completely answered I d love to see what is next.

  8. Faith (BookSelf ~ You Are What You Read) Faith (BookSelf ~ You Are What You Read) says:

    I received this eARC from Inkshares via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of this book in any way.DNF at 19%I know I said I d try to read a few chapters or even finish the chapter I was on tbh , but this book literally puts me to sleep, and I just can t lie to myself or to NetGalley any longer I will not be finishing this.This book feels like a mish mash of everything that was popular in 2008 2011 It s got the demons from another realm from Angelfall and City of Bones It s got the postapocalypse from The Hunger Games and Angelfall again It s got the girl searching for her sibling from Angelfall again It s got the angsty love interest with a tortured past from every single Beauty and the Beast retelling ever, of which YA is currently saturated.In other words, it was generic af and offered me nothing I hadn t seen before, done infinitely better or at least marginally entertaining I couldn t stand the repetitive and passive writing The action sequences were dull and the sentence structure lacked pretty much any variety until I felt like a literal robot wrote this book.The inciting incident, if you can call it that, was so hokey that I was actually baffled that it was in the book at all Basically, MC Seycia and her brother are at the ritual sacrifice thing and almost get robbed but, while the entire community is chanting the ritual thing around her, this girl beats the crap out of the would be thief, and then is like wow, I wOnDeR iF AnYOnE NoTIcEd And I also couldn t stand literally any of the characters, except maybe the Missing Sibling Miko, and only really because I got his perspective right before I decided to drop the book and he didn t have a chance to bore me to death yet.The villain is laughably black and white, with only a little bit of depth that s quickly overshadowed by his cartoonishly evil actions and appearance.But what bothers me the most is that the average rating is so high, and that the parts I found to be the worst are many people s favorites It really makes me wonder if we read the same book.

  9. Jackie Jackie says:

    My highly anticipated books for 2019 have been bumming me out and then this guy shows up out of nowhere and completely blew me away The Phantom Forest drags us into the Underworld when a sacrifice manages to survive and finds herself face to face with a demon who feds on those sent to him by the General in order to maintain power With her fall, Seycia fights to save her brother from a similar fate and restore order to a world that has succumbed to the darkness I took a chance on this book and I m so glad I did it starts off with a bang and doesn t let up the entire way through The blending of different point of views was one of my favorite things as each character had their moment to shine and though this is a short book and rather quick read I feel as though we learned a lot about who these characters are and what each of their roles were in this world I adored the entire mythology around The Savage and how he came to be and what he wished to become His struggle was one that was so well written because we had those moments of terror as well as those of understanding as we learn what happened to the world to make it what it is and the rewards and consequences of trying to protect or honor your family I m not sure if there needed to be a romance element and I m willing to ignore it especially as it s so minimal but the dynamic between our two leads was one of my favorites because of how innocent it was despite the circumstances of their meeting and everything that followed and I can t wait to see where it goes should the series continue This was such a great read and perfect for fans of Peadar Guil n who may want a little bite out of their books special thanks to the publishers and netgalley for providing an arc in exchange for a fair and honest review

  10. Gemma F Gemma F says:

    The Phantom Forest was a novel I read within a span of six hours and was drawn in from the start I liked how it consisted of well developed characters with a setting that was a mix between the fantasy and dystopian genre The concept that souls were made of trees is something I d never heard of which made it even wonderful for me.From the first page till the last, I was left on the edge of my seat feeling for the characters and wondering what the next page brought The world building and setting was fantastic and I liked how the underworld was portrayed in a dark, yet moody and atmospheric world.The storyline of the other characters such as Seycia s brother lent so much to the story as we knew it particularly in the eyes of a young boy.I loved Haben s chapters a lot and we got to see his side of the story from the Underworld and how things went from his perspective I felt compassion for him and enjoyed how the author developed his character.Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for sending me an Electronic ARC of The Phantom Forest by Liz Kerin Jul 1, 2019 This book was everything I never knew I needed Loved every bit of it

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