Salome Under the Hill Oscar WildeAubrey Beardsley Creation

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Salome Under the Hill Oscar WildeAubrey Beardsley Creation Classics
  • Oscar Wilde
  • English
  • 01 August 2014
  • 9781871592122

6 thoughts on “Salome Under the Hill Oscar WildeAubrey Beardsley Creation Classics

  1. Laura Deger Laura Deger says:

    4 stars for Salome 1 star for Under the Hill which I absolutely hated

  2. Marsha Marsha says:

    Both works are set in the fin de siècle world of late 19th century Europe and each plots its own spin on the sensibilities of that time The former is a play is awash with the frustrated passion as various characters yearn for things out of their reach While they look on hopelessly at the objects of their desires it is one virgin’s desperate longing that spirals into viciousness and plummets the characters into a scene of horror and denied love Mr Wilde decided to pen his play in French which he himself spoke only imperfectly giving it a stilted formality that renders his characters at once distant strange and oddly broken Translation back into English loses none of this rigidity but at the same time brims with the heat that comes only from passions penned up and rejectedMr Beardsley’s unfinished work is decidedly different; his characters suffer no sense of restraint or sexual denial They are dolled up in what seems to be extravagant 17th century dress even as they cavort in a world of pre Christianity decadence Fantastical beings many unhuman in nature gambol freely and give way to every excess of appetite physical and sexual The language is lewd without being obscene or coarse Being that they act without shame the actions sometimes come off as humorous and comical rather than lusty When Tannhäuser calls a bunch of boys to play with him in his morning bath there is no sickening sense of pedophilia but the rambunctious attitude of boys at playBoth pieces show European artists as masters of their craft who yet manage to insert sly feelings of fun into their works They are enlivened by the delicate yet sinful drawings of Beardsley making this a small treasure for the 19th century Symbolist enthusiast

  3. Michael Zendejas Michael Zendejas says:

    It was great Wilde's Salome is a hypnotic dark and twisted play But to me Aubrey Beardsley's Under The Hill was the true highlight of the work An erotic novel it captures the uintessence of decadence and portrays acts of debauchery that are almost overwhelming to the reader Though it is unfinished I can say it rivals Huysmans Against Nature in terms of portraying an anti hero locked in a dome of pleasure I read the entire novel including Salome in one evening It's captivating a masterpiece

  4. Isaac Lambert Isaac Lambert says:

    Salome a short tragedy by Oscar Wilde The material is crazy Where would you come up with this? Oh its in the Bible Wish I could see the Pacino version liveUnder the Hill an erotic fantasy by Aubrey Beardsley his illustrations run both stories Such sexuality is such beautifully written I couldn't get it all but you won't soon forget Venus and her unicorn Adolphe

  5. Kate Kate says:

    My dear fellow he said with his usual drawling emphasis when I see a monstrous tulip with four wonderful petals in someone else's garden I am impelled to grow a monstrous tulip with five wonderful petals but that is no reason why someone should grow a tulip with only three petals

  6. Barbie Barbie says:

    This is my favorite Oscar Wilde play It is hypnotic dark revolting beautiful Beardsley's 'Under the Hill' which is included in this edition is worth reading just for its sheer absurdity

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Salome Under the Hill Oscar WildeAubrey Beardsley Creation Classics➦ [Ebook] ➡ Salome Under the Hill Oscar WildeAubrey Beardsley Creation Classics By Oscar Wilde ➱ – This joint centennial edition of Salome and Under the Hill united by seventeen of Beardsley's unsurpassable drawings is a timely rehabilitation of these two all too often ignored fin de siecle texts a This joint centennial edition the Hill eBook ☆ of Salome and Under the Hill united by seventeen of Beardsley's unsurpassable drawings is a timely rehabilitation of these two all too often ignored fin de siecle texts and constitues a volume of unadulterated Decadent Erotica which must surely stand as the apogee of its kind Censored banned and ridiculed upon publication Oscar Wilde's Salome written in in the French language must now be viewed as one Salome Under Kindle - of the greatest of all Decadent texts; an aesthetic masterwork which has seldom been accorded due respect Salome is an evocation of biblical horror in which blasphemies abound More than this its atmosphere seethes with a dangerous erotic charge from the very outset Relentless hypnotic repetitions in the words arranged in fugue candences the tale unfolds with the inexorable acceleration of an orgasmic nightmare Aubrey Beardsley's Under the Hill a short work commenced Under the Hill Kindle Ñ in but left unfinished at the time of Beardsley's Under the Hill Oscar WildeAubrey PDF/EPUB or premature demise nonetheless achieves the uintessence of Decadence an evocation of a synaesthetic pleasure dome A uniue and indispensable text for any who seek the uttermost extremes of the manifest imagination.

About the Author: Oscar Wilde

Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills the Hill eBook ☆ Wilde was an Irish playwright poet and author of numerous short stories and one novel Known for his biting wit and a plentitude of aphorisms he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London and one of the greatest celebrities of his day Several of his plays continue to be widely performed especially The Importance of Being.