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Dead or Alive ❴KINDLE❵ ✿ Dead or Alive Author Michael McGarrity – Thomashillier.co.uk Fans of Cormac MaCarthy’s No Country for Old Men and Tony Hillerman’s Navajo County mysteries will find Michael McGarrity’s Dead or Alive a powerful story of the manhunt for a deranged killer in Fans of Cormac MaCarthy’s No Country for Old Men and Tony Hillerman’s Navajo County mysteries will find Michael McGarrity’s Dead or Alive a powerful story of the manhunt for a deranged killer in the American Southwest Living in London while his wife serves as a military attaché at the American Embassy recently retired Santa Dead or PDF or Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney gets an early morning phone call that changes everything and sends him hurrying home to his New Mexico ranch Riley Burke his partner in a horsetraining enterprise has been mowed down on Kerney’s doorstep by an escaped prisoner cutting a murderous swath through New Mexico As the killings mount Kerney teams up with his half Apache son Lieutenant Clayton Istee of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department to hunt for a psychotic murderer with a growing appetite for blood who has no intention to be taken alive.

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  1. Doug Clark Doug Clark says:

    Dead or Alive by Michael McGarrity is the 12th novel in his series about New Mexican law officer Kevin Kearney I was first told of these novels by a friend who knew I liked the Navajo mysteries of Tony Hillerman I stared reading the series in the late 1990s The first of the series Tularosa was published in 1996 and I liked it uite a bit so I’ve been along for the ride Dead or Alive was published originally in late 2008 and I just now read it First the bad news is that Kevin Kerney is basically a minor character in this novel He has retired as Chief of the Santa Fe Police Department and is now living in London with his Army wife Sara a Colonel and military attaché for the US embassy in Great Britain and their son PatrickKerney returns to New Mexico to help solve the crimes of Craig Larson a murderer who is accidentally sent to a minimum security prison and escapes before arriving Leaving a swath of death and destruction in his path he winds up killing Kerney’s business partner at Kerney’s ranch in his escape This is the only reason Kerney has for returning to help Taking the lead on the investigation is Kerney’s Native American son Clayton Ishtee Kerney and Ishtee work together in finding and bringing Larson to justiceAlthough the book is readable I found it not as riveting as previous novels in the series especially the earlier ones It seems as if McGarrity has run out of steam andor places to take this character In many ways the son Clayton Ishtee is now the main character And that’s fine as long as McGarrity is able to create interesting crimes and scenarios for the character This book just sort of felt worn out And that saddens me I was hoping that it would provide a way for Kerney to return to active duty but no at the end he’s headed back to LondonMcGarrity himself seems to support my contention of character exhaustion This book was published in 2008 He has not written another Kerney novel since In fact his latest novel Hard Country published in 2012 is of an epic Western along the lines of Larry McMurty roughly covering the years 1875 until 1918 Since I do like McMurty I will buy and read Hard Country in the hopes that it achieves the level of one of McMurty’s epics So in conclusion Dead or Alive is only a moderately successful crime novel The reader although somewhat intrigued in what happens can’t fully invest him or herself into the characters Yes we see who is evil and who is bad but so what?

  2. Ryan Mishap Ryan Mishap says:

    Long time mystery writers seem to trend towards writing thrillers as their series continue This is the worst thing a mystery writer can do Knowing the bad guy right away takes the whodunit fun out of the genre most mysterycrime books aren't trying to say anything important or be great literature so the most important aspect is the mystery Take that away and all you have is an adventure or suspense book This one has little suspense A convicted embezzler escapes and then goes on a killing and raping spree No character development no reason for why he all of a sudden decided to up his crime uotient No mystery just a manhunt Really bad and the violence especially against women is written from the killer's point of view which makes it creepy and fucked up Not handled well at all For a better example of this genre check out Scarecrow by Connelly

  3. Barb in Maryland Barb in Maryland says:

    Not one of McGarrity's best The plot is a manhunt story You know from the beginning who the bad guy is McGarrity spends a lot of ink showing us just how bad a baddie he is rather too much ink I thought And the baddie is not very clever the police are always nipping at his heels The excitement doesn't really kick in until the baddie and the cops are stalking each other through the wilderness

  4. Vannessa Anderson Vannessa Anderson says:

    Retired Police Chief Kevin Kerney and his son Lieutenant Clayton Istee have their hands full trying to track a psychotic murderer This one is personal for Kerney and Istee The killer killed Kerney’s friend and business partner and Istee’s friend and police partner The father and son police team track the killer from state to state and through mountain terrain Michael McGarrity takes us on an edge of your seat chase

  5. Philip Reiter Philip Reiter says:

    For me who is an aficionado of finely created violence McGarrity is way over the top to the point of turning me off I have not read him for some time I enjoyed 'Tularoosa' and several of the early books in the series but am not sure what the purpose of this volume was It certainly is not intellectually stimulating or socially uplifting The story is not worth discussing here Read if you wish

  6. Terri Terri says:

    I usually enjoy Michael McGarrity's books and was glad to see a new one out However it seems like the murders in this book went beyond what was needed for a good story I get that the villian was really a very very bad man but it's like the different murders are just put in to extend the bookhope his next one is back on track with the rest of the series

  7. K K says:

    Although I typically thoroughly enjoy this series I must say I was disappointed with this book Too much senseless killing by the bad guy The author was undoubtedly trying to establish Larson as a psychopath and narcissist but I thought it was clumsily done and gratuitous Hopefully this was a one off poor effort and not a trend in the series

  8. Tim Tim says:

    This story is about a serial murderer being chased by the police It has a few well thought out characters and a twin brother who should have been fleshed out especially at the end when the opportunity is wasted on minor types 7 of 10 stars

  9. Neil Henning Neil Henning says:

    A uick read It could have used character development

  10. Kirk Kirk says:

    Probably a 25 effort Very little suspense with just one murder after another until our heroes track him down Ho hum

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